Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leaving list

The following is a list of links for people leaving various religious organizations.

Informational sites
Recovering from spiritual abuse
  • Detoxing from Church -- An article series about the dechurched (people who keep their faith but leave the church system)
  • Letters from Leavers -- A site of letters from people who have decided to leave their churches.
  • Christian Recovery -- A spiritual abuse support group. Not recommended.
  • eX Christian -- A support group for people who decided to leave the faith all together
  • de-conversion -- Information for people who decide to leave the faith
For particular denominations / substreams
Please feel free to list additional suggestions in the comments


Cynthia Kunsman said...

Thanks for including my site on this list. I've got a few interesting pages with Links for both the general subject of spiritual abuse, and Links specific to the modern practice of "Patriarchy" in Evangelical Churches. In addition, I have summary information on "Spiritual Abuse" in general. I update the site at least once per month. I also have a good book list of Must-Reads listed in the Rt hand column on my BLOG.

If you are interested in Doug Phillips, I just posted a newly updated article comparing Doug Phillips' practices with other Christian cults.

Anonymous said...

Awesome web site, I had not noticed church-discipline.blogspot.com previously in my searches!
Keep up the excellent work!