Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How the denominations see each other

Got this indirectly from Thomas the Doubter's blog,  Think it is a great example of a picture is worth 1000 words.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Amanda Knox is free

Wonderful wonderful news, Amanda Knox is free.  I feel fantastic being able to have a purely positive post.  This was an example where a popular pressure was able to create effective political change.

We've been hearing for years how we should ignore the evidence, ignore police misconduct, ignore the fabrication of evidence.  But thankfully large groups of people said "no" and justice won out. Its very nice to see the good guys win for a change and I hope Amanda all the best and happiness.

I don't know if she will ever again be the joyful girl we saw pictured but the tears of joy or relief show her coming back to life.  We can hope and wish it for her.  To everyone I met involved in this case, you saved a life, you did good!  And for Italy we can wish and hope that they use this as an opportunity to overhaul their judiciary.  To make sure that judges do not again fill in holes in cases with wild conjecture and the words, "it is probable".

The court ruled today that the "crime" of the staged break in never happened.  Which is clear evidence of how truly silly the original verdict was, a theory based on a minor crime whose very existence is now disproven. In Italy there are 2 levels of not guilty: reasonable doubt and proven innocent, "per non aver commesso il fatto"; and as a result of the court looking at the evidence and not speculating she met the higher burden of proven innocent on the murder charge.  I'm hoping that comes from using the autopsy, the medical examiner's timeline that the first court casually dismissed because it didn't agree with Mignini's theory. The people of Italy should not have to live under a law where judges freely fabricate evidence because they can't fill in the wholes with the evidence they have.