Friday, August 31, 2007

Blueboy, Every Nation / Morning Star International

The Blueboy story doesn't concern anyone particular famous. It also is borderline in terms of church discipline. The man involved volunterily quits the church and they later take action against him in a secular context. The church involved is Morning Star International which is now known as Every Nation.

Major points of interest:
  • The very explicit teachings regarding how this organization believes the mind is distorted and one should reason with their heart.
  • Blueboy discuss his ideas of love bombing vs. friendship and recruitment. The ideas aren't fully developed but he does provide examples.
  • Very explicit discussion of the God is a republican theme
  • The writer has a behaviorist perspective on the conversion experience, that behavior induces belief. While many Christians believe this with regard to morality its unusual to see it with respect to conversion from a still active Christian.
Blueboy is active in Factnet discussions. I will also invite him to join us here.


Patty said...

Thanks for followup CD. I often read Factnet.
Sadly there are dynamics in play in many of these churches which are similar. I recognize it now and stay away from them.
It is discouraging to hear when christians get misinformation and application about God's word from people who have no business being in the positions they are in. Aside from proper doctrinal interpretation the skill sets just aren't there to help people in other areas of their life.

True followers of Jesus who are shepherds look for the sheep that is lost or has been driven away.

CD-Host said...

Patty --

That's a good point about shepherding churches and being completely disinterested in the lost. In fact they seem to pride themselves on avoiding "low commitment" Christians.