Friday, September 7, 2007


SDAKinship is a an international group to help homosexual members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church stay in the church. It has no official relationship with the church Kinship believes that LGBT people are created as God intended and should not be subjected to mistreatment or discrimination. The affirm that the 6 verses frequently cited to claim homosexuality is a sin are incorrectly translated. Further they note that Ellen White refused to tie the destruction of Sodom to homosexual acts further weakening the claims that homosexuality is sinful.

From a more broad based persepctive SDAKinship won a california lawsuit affirming the rights of groups that claim to be within a religion to use the name. That is the Seventh Day Adventist church had sued SDAKinship and lost on first amendment grounds which sets a precedent for other groups which are outside the mainstream of their denomination.

Their outreach is quite beautiful:
We understand what it is like to be a Seventh-day Adventist struggling with issues of sexual orientation, because we each had similar experiences. And we also know that this struggle is often painful, frightening and discouraging. Kinship is here to help and to provide support.

If you are feeling lonely, depressed or suicidal, or if you need a professional counselor who is supportive of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender concerns, chances are we know someone in your area who may help. Be assured that we are sensitive to your need for confidentiality. If you wish, we can also refer you to an understanding SDA pastor, teacher or other professional we know who is sensitive and informed about sexual orientation issues.

Above all, please know we care. We understand that you need to think through what your sexuality means, what to do about it, what it may mean to your loved ones, and whether it is possible to be gay and a Seventh-day Adventist. We will not try to determine your conclusions if you reach out to us. We will endeavor to understand and help you while you make those important decisions about who you are and God's plan for your life.

We want to respond in the most helpful way. We are people of diverse ages and backgrounds, so please let us know the type of person to whom you feel most comfortable talking. For example, a woman rather than a man, someone who came out while being married, or someone with a similar background or profession. You may also be more comfortable talking to someone who speaks your native language.

If you are a pastor, teacher, counselor or parent, please know that we welcome all inquiries and that we also respect and honor your need for confidentiality.

The group maintains a myspace page. GLAadventist endorses SDAKinship. I'll close with something from GLAadventist:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

What does it mean to be “poor in spirit”? Poor in spirit does not refer to nice, church-going people who realize they need “more of Jesus.” It describes people who are morally, spiritually, emotionally empty, people with zero spiritual assets, people who are spiritually bankrupt. Jesus announces the amazing news that these people are blessed. ...
Many homosexuals who’ve shared their stories with me have carried a profound sense of unworthiness. They are profoundly dissatisfied with themselves. They feel condemned and unwanted by God. Sometimes they are isolated from their parents and siblings. Frequently they are unwanted at church. They feel desperately poor in spirit. And Jesus’ first word to them is: You are blessed; the kingdom of heaven belongs to you.


ken edwards said...

Where in the Bible does it promise that following Jesus: you'll never feel lonely, depressed or suicidal? Do homosexual believers think they have cornered the market on these feelings? We all have issues of sin that we, as believers, are called to struggle against and sexual sin desires are high on the list for many. Don't let your sexual desires be your god because that god can't save you.

CD-Host said...

So what are you asserting here that gays can't be saved? What distinguishes say persistent homosexual sin from say:

persistent lust
persistent gluttony
persistent wrath

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