Saturday, July 12, 2008

6 principles of Christian debate

Tom over at NeoFundamentalist had a great list of points which I think are terrific for any Christian debate. So I'm reposting them here (slightly decontextualized):
  1. Disagreement with you or your theology does not equal disagreement with God. Quit treating those who don’t accept your arguments as if they have rejected the gospel.
  2. Quit assuming things in your arguments that you refuse to affirm in their propositional form
  3. Admit it, you really don’t understand this as well as your confidence seems to indicate
  4. If what you are trying to articulate has contradictions (no human answer), admit it up front and don’t try to white wash that truth
  5. Don’t retreat to the theological hail mary, unless you are willing to let your opponent use the same shtick
  6. If you find yourself agitated and incredulous, go read 2 Timothy 2:19-25 with special attention to verse 24

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