Friday, July 24, 2009

KJVonly interview starting

I'll be starting a new interview series with a KJVonlyist presenting the case from a historical and liberal to neo-evangelical position. This will be one of my formal interviews (i.e. he gets to edit the final to make sure it reflects his views).

If you would like me to ask any questions or make sure any topics get discussed please feel free to comment here.


Qohelet said...

Wow, sounds like a great interview topic. I'd like to hear his responses to Jim Lippard's criticisms of KJV-only arguments. Also, what about non-English speaking Christians? Are their salvation in danger for not learning english and reading the KJV? As a non-native english speaker myself, I struggle at times with the archaic text, but as an atheist, I don't think I count. :)

J. L. Watts said...

The historical questions -

1.) Which KJV bible? 1611, 1769? With or without the Apocrypha? The Oxford or the Cambridge?

2.) Where was the bible before the perfect bible?

3.) Where is the biblical mandate for the KJV?

Will Kinney said...

Hi all. Although I have not yet received an answer to my acceptance of the invitation to address the vital question of the inerrancy of the Bible and specifically the King James Holy Bible, I assume at this point that it is I who will be defending the King James Bible as being the only true, complete, inspired, preserved and infallible words of God.

That is definitely what I and many others believe and welcome the opportunity to address the questions I see posted here so far.

Looking forward to the discussion.

Accepted in the Beloved - Ephesians 1:6

Will Kinney

CD-Host said...

Hi everyone. Glad to see you are all talking, have at it.

Qohelet and Will welcome to the blog. Will, yes, this post was about you. Now that I know you are in, I'm constructing a plan for the interview which is why I haven't responded yet. I promise to do so soon.

Just so everyone is clear, feel free to use this thread to discuss KJVonlyism. The interview itself will be a separate thread(s).

Kevin Sam said...

CD, I'm looking forward to the defense of it.