Sunday, September 5, 2010

Politics and inerrancy

Peter Francia made an interesting comment that opinions about the bible were highly determinant of voting. He classed voters into the groups:
  • Fundamentalists -- who believed in biblical inerrancy
  • Moderates -- who believed the bible was the word of God but could not be understood literally
  • Minimalists -- who believe the bible was of human origin

Blue State Red State
Fundamentalist 28%50%
Moderates 53% 38%
Minimalists 18% 12%

What is fascinating is the correlation with politics an inerrancy didn't just hold up on issue like abortion. But for example issues like tax cuts vs. balancing the budget (Fundamentalists favored an unbalanced budget), environment vs. military (minimalists favored large military cuts and increases on environment spending), etc...

Books like Authoritarianism and Polarization in American Politics that go broader. For example the correlations between spanking and support for Republican candidates:

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