Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NET Bible upgrade

The NET bible, which is my recommendation for all around best evangelical bible has just done a nice interface upgrade.  If you haven't tried them yet or have and like them take a look at the new interface.



T.C. Robinson said...

For some reason, the NET Bible doesn't cut it for me.

Harvey said...

I like the NET Bible.

My daughter studied Greek at university, I will link her to NET Bible.

Matthew's reference to Hosea 11:1 is tender:

"When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I have called my son."

I think of the chaos in Cairo today. Go to "Prophecy Today" website to find Christian view on what Egypt crisis February 2011 may mean for Israel's future and the world, perhaps end times accelerating.

Israel wants Mubarak stability to continue versus extreme Islamist state where Hamas will be recognized, sanctions removed, and then Egypt attacks Israel. Let them run out of oil, God has hidden oil in Israel, they're drilling now. Let the U.S. figure out a car that can run on water, hydrogen. End of oil czars, back to goatherds.

I guess we knew it was too good to be true, the Iraq war drawing away the Muslim extremists from Israel.

Remember when almost every week for five or six years in early 2000's our U.S. headlines were "suicide bomber strikes in Tel Aviv", "suicide bomber kills 14wounds 24 near cafe in Jerusalem". The Jewish priests were out there in the streets picking up every little piece of flesh and body parts. Israel was overwhelmed. A lot of Israelis had PTSD from the explosions even though not wounded.

In 2004 Bush moved, WMD scare, boom Iraq war put U.S. soldiers in Baghdad, the suicide bombers ceased in Israel. How long has it been since you heard of a suicide bomber in Israel? Since 2004, right? The crazies went to Iraq, like flies to Cola. Maybe this war was God's relief for Israel (a type of the church), at U.S. expense. Just as Israel had drawn a deep breath, now this Egypt uprising.

What a waste of modern technology, using it to rabble rouse flashmobs. On the other hand, I was impressed to read that Egyptian local youths formed human shield to stop looters at the Egyptian National Museum (home of King Tut gold mask). Looters cut heads off two mummies and broke some antiquities but not much. Pyramids at Giza were shut down by guards, Temple at Luxor closed. Museum in Cairo the biggest moneymaker was secured unless the darn burning building beside it (Mubarak's political party HQ) collapses on top of the museum which is right next door.

Today's Cairo mobs, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

In some ways I don't blame the Egyptians for being sick of the past and all its fancied glories of death and dust. They want something new and alive. Where is Egypt in prophecy? I don't know.

The Coptic Christians if there are any left in Egypt are my main concern.

Hosea 11:11--"They shall tremble as a bird out of Egypt...."

CD-Host said...

Hey TC! You decided to change your icon I see. Wow didn't know you were still reading!

Anyway I know you were never a big fan of the NET. You were successful in getting me to look more carefully at the TNIV and the many places it improved on the NIV. Right around the time that Zondervan threw it under the bus. You a NIV2011 guy now? I notice much less flame this time around but... I should probably do a response to CBMW's review.

I can get why you haven't been posting, most of this has been about an italian murder. I would have figured the Mac the Knife post you would have liked. I should drop by and see what New Leven has been up to? Any recent excitement on your side?

CD-Host said...

Harvey --

My daughter studied Greek at university, I will link her to NET Bible.

She might like it quite a bit. Definitely good for the evangelical who is looking for a translation.

If you don't mind me making a suggestion, if she knows Greek she'd likely love their digot. You can get their digot plus they will throw in a leather NET or Readers NET (NET with very few notes) cheap. Its a nice presentation of the NA27, image.

The NET also has nice offline HTML versions and I'm trying to work through how to TeX this up into a typset version you can get for free.