Monday, August 31, 2009

Coolest intelligent design protest of the year

OK we have winner for 2009 (yes it is early and if someone else wins even better). The winner is.... The Raëlian movement(wikipedia article). The protest was for intelligent design. It was on Venice Beach in California, the women went topless the men wore bras. The religion teaches about the revelations received by a French journalist who covers the race car circuit over a period of 6 days by aliens who are the biblical Elohim.


Icy Mt. said...

I expected that video to stir up some more comments/controversy given the recent discussion topics around here. Save the Boobies!

CD-Host said...

I hadn't heard about the cancer controversy until you mentioned it and then I googled. It may just be local. I don't think the Raëlians are too worried about mainstream politically correctness though :-)