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Deborah Boschman

I'm not really even sure what to say about this case, also here. I heard about it from another blog. A woman by the name of Deborah Boschman was excommunicated from Bethel Christian Assembly either for attack the city of for being really weird. The pastor of the church has a prayer meeting with the mayor and the city council (sort of a semi official function).

The cbc (which is like the BBC but for Canada) goes for the political persecution angle on this (which is a pretty high end source)
The church censored its guest book of all the references to the controversy.

Both blogs carry this counter claim about a horn being blown:
I happen to attend this church. The situation with this lady has been happening for a while. She was approached by church officials a few times about how she conducts herself in service. (One example of an issue that they confronted her about is: She was blowing a horn, the kind you take to a hockey game, in the middle of the song service. It was becoming very distracting and irritating to most people in the congregation. The pastor kindly asked her to not do that anymore, and she made a huge fuss. I clearly recall one service where she was blowing the horn, and a child in front of her was crying because it was so loud, she was oblivious to the fact she was making a young child cry).
There isn't much on her. And the facts are muddy. I don't have much to say.


(Follow up) 2 years after this was written Deborah told her side of the story below in the comments.

(Follow up#2 written Feb 2010): After about 500 posts in this thread the evidence finally broke. Deborah Boschman was excommunicated for writing a fairly typical letter to her local paper asking for standard municipal actions, which resulted in her get excluded from her church for embarrassing the pastor. We may never know if this was poor judgement or abuse of office but we do know that had proper procedure been followed Boschman would have remained a member of Bethel. If anything the CBC understated the extent to which Pastor Davis' actions were questionable.


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Deborah Boschman said...

My name is Deborah Boschman and these statements are a COMPLETE LIE. I absolutely NEVER made a child cry that I was EVER aware of. SEVERAL individuals from this church have BLATANTLY LIED. The REAL truth is that the former Administrator's husband of this church WAS A TOTAL CROOK. These lies could be from "friends" of these fraudulent individuals. He sold me his character home and it will require TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of repairs. He was doing MANY fraudulent things in my community, in the church, etc. and I found out about these things. I spoke to the Pastor about these. This couple was FRIENDS with the Pastor, gave alot of money to this church. The Mayor is friends with this Pastor. Mayor's Campaign Mgr. and MOST of his campaign team were from this church. Immediately after this I also lost my job at the Brandon School Division. Substituted there for like 10 yrs. Head of the MTS was from this church. Next, a member of this church TOLD ME how she helped my neighbor TAKE AWAY my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy that her father gave to her. My daughter RARELY gets to see her daddy. Drove 8 hours to bring puppy back. My daughter cried for HALF A YEAR. Daughter of neighbor supposedly worked at Animal Pound. Adopted daughter's puppy out to neighbor WHO LIVES DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM US. We've been THROUGH HELL in this City. ALL of these organizations are run by the City of Brandon and OVERSEEN by the Mayor's office. I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY, as a single parent of 3 children, to fight ALL of these crooks. My next plan is to go on You Tube with my story. The TRUTH must get out there. Please HELP ME, if you can. Deborah Boschman, 520-14th Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4T8 1-204-727-5230, Went to another church and was told that I COULD attend church there but NOT the home Bible study until I MADE IT RIGHT with Pastor from Bethel! I DIDN'T do anything; HE REFUSES to have anything further to do with me.

Deborah Boschman said...

This is Deborah Boschman again. This person who made this claim is James Rosco, whom I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Where in the name of God is this young man getting his information from? Supposedly he played an instrument in one of the groups that lead the music at this church. Pastor Mike Davies called me LAUGHING about this incident and he told me that the Music group felt that my hockey horn WAS NOT a musical instrument. I told him okay. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO FUSS, NOTHING. END OF STORY. NEVER brought horn again. WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE LIES COMING FROM? Letter from Pastor Mike that MADE THE PAPER WAS NOT GIVEN TO THE BRANDON SUN BY MYSELF AND I TOLD PASTOR MIKE DAVIES THIS RIGHT AWAY. It was given to The Brandon Sun by ANOTHER MAYORAL CANDIDATE. This church had the Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament's picture and website information on it's church web page or link JUST PRIOR to the letter that Pastor Mike sent me, making it on the FRONT PAGE of our local paper, which was a COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT to me also. Next, the new Administrator, friends with the old one, began telling untruths to people that I didn't even know, who called in to complain about this letter that I was sent. Next, this OTHER UNTRUTH shows up on the Internet about me. I ASKED SEVERAL TIMES TO MEET WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO WERE LAYING THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ME. I was NEVER responded to. FALSE CHARGES were laid against me by my NEIGHBOR WHO LIVES DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME AND WHO WANTED MY DAUGHTER'S PUPPY. Why in the name of God did this SUPPOSED FRIEND OF MINE FROM THIS SAME CHURCH THEN HELP MY NEIGHBOR TO TAKE OUR DEAR PEACHES AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER? I'M TELLING YOU, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE HERE. I TOLD THE TRUTH AND THERE ARE HUGE STRONGHOLDS OVER THIS CITY. The Mayor's lawyer/brother and friends are buying up land, building developments for WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN. A Promenade Project which COULD HAVE CREATED MUCH NEEDED AFFORDABLE HOUSING HERE WAS DENIED. I am fighting against a FREE MASONRY REIGN, a small town mentality and a TOTAL SUPPRESSION OF THE TRUTH IN THIS TOWN. This city has a HISTORY of this kind of stuff. I WROTE THE TRUTH AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. PLEASE HELP ME, IF YOU CAN. THEY ASKED ME TO LEAVE MY CHURCH, TOOK AWAY MY JOB AND THEN MY DAUGHTER'S PUPPY. I think that they are trying to run me out of town. I'm planning on running for Mayor in the Municipal election of 2010. I have NO MONEY, NO POWER, NO JOB now but I am GOING TO TRY TO FINALLY GET THE TRUTH OUT THERE ONCE AND FOR ALL! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY HARD FOR ME! I want to see GOD'S WILL done over this city and NOT man's will. When we pray the Our Father we say, 'THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.' This is where I am coming from. I REALLY CARE about what is REALLY going on over my city and I REALLY care that the people of this city are being ripped off time and time and time again. The leadership of this city is about personal gain, greed, greed, more greed, power and control. I AM FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY AND THE TRUTH! I have paid a GREAT PERSONAL PRICE FOR TRYING TO SPEAK THE TRUTH IN THIS CITY. PLEASE PRAY HARD FOR ME AND OTHERS LIKE ME. REMEMBER THIS IS A CITY IN CANADA NOW AND NOT Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

Deborah Boschman said...

Deborah Boschman again. I was NEVER APPROACHED BY CHURCH OFFICIALS SEVERAL TIMES. This is a BLATANT LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL. Pastor Mike Davies called me ONCE. He spoke to me ONCE about me blowing a hockey horn in church. I DIDN'T have a shofar so I brought my plastic horn. I happen to believe in TRUE WORSHIP. My hero in the Bible is DAVID. He was a WARRIOR! I have the SAME WARRIOR SPIRIT INSIDE OF ME! When we stand BEFORE GOD WE ARE GOING TO REALLY WORSHIP HIM! I WORSHIPPED GOD when I attended church there. I WASN'T LOOKING AROUND ME TO SEE WHO WAS DOING WHAT. I THOUGHT THAT YOU COULD COME TO CHURCH AND REALLY WORSHIP YOUR GOD. I mean we can go to hockey games and OTHER sporting events and YELL OUR FOOL HEADS OFF. I am worshipping the GUY WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS, THE MAN WHO CREATED THE WORLD AND ALL OF US AND WHO GAVE US LIFE. I COME TO CHURCH AND I WANT TO REALLY WORSHIP MY JESUS. I thought that you could do this at a church. I ABSOLUTELY HAD NO IDEA AT ALL THAT MY WORSHIP OF MY GOD WAS OFFENDING ANYONE AT ALL! I FELT TERRIBLE WHEN I READ THIS ON THE INTERNET. THIS WAS THE ABSOLUTE FIRST TIME THAT I HEARD OF ANY OF THIS! Well, perhaps these people are like the Pharisees and hung up on legalistic things. I don't know. The part that made me feel absolutely TERRIBLE was that I REALLY HAD NO IDEA. NOBODY EVER TOLD ME, except about the horn incident. Did Rosa Parks ask to speak to her Pastor BEFORE she refused to take a seat at the back of the bus? I DON'T THINK SO. I DO have a HUMAN RIGHT to my OWN PRIVATE AND PERSONAL OPINION. I WASN'T EVEN A MEMBER OF THIS CHURCH. I simply attended church there for five years. The Pastor is FRIENDS with the Mayor and perhaps he felt embarrassed because he saw his congregation as HIS sheep and one of his sheep made HIM feel embarrassed. City Hall allows the Pastors of the City to pray there and perhaps he felt that my comments MIGHT THREATEN this opportunity that they have enjoyed. Besides, THIS CHURCH AND ALOT OF CHRISTIANS IN THIS TOWN SUPPORT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA AND THIS MAYOR IS A CONSERVATIVE AND so I think that they blurred the line A LITTLE BIT BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE here in this instance. They have a cozy little relationship going and WHO KNOWS WHAT OTHER PERKS AND THIS PASTOR DIDN'T WANT THIS JEOPARDIZED. I simply DON'T CARE ABOUT A COZY LITTLE RELATIONSHIP. I am after the TRUTH for the MAJORITY ELECTORATE and the BEST INTERESTS FOR THIS MAJORITY ELECTORATE, that they have NOT YET enjoyed. THIS is where I am coming from. Also, I am a WOMAN and these Pentecostal men HAVE A HISTORY OF HAVING PROBLEMS with strong women. The man is SUPPOSED TO BE OVER THEM, etc. I think that THIS is what this is ALL ABOUT ALSO. God forbid, THAT HE MIGHT EVEN CHOOSE TO USE A WOMAN! He did it in the past but I think that some of these men just CAN'T HANDLE THE FACT that you didn't somehow consult them about your dreams, goals, aspirations, or something like that. God forbid that you MIGHT EVEN HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN AND A BRAIN AND BE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL AND PRIVATE OPINION WITHOUT CONSULTING THEM! Shame on me, I guess. Also, again, in our churches it is about power, control, cliques. There REALLY ISN'T TOO MUCH DIFFERENCE ANYMORE in MOST of these churches between the church and the world. I OFFENDED someone in this church and so I have PAID the price for this offense, I guess. I REALLY MISS ALL OF THE TRUE BELIEVERS that I was FRIENDS WITH AND THAT I CARED DEEPLY ABOUT but I sure DON'T MISS the MENTALITY of a few of the members of this church and some of the gossipy women who JUST COULDN'T MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS IF THEIR LIVES DEPENDED UPON IT. Often they spoke about the WOLVES IN THE WORLD. Well, I'd like them to start dealing with and tackling the WOLVES IN SOME OF OUR CHURCHES! 2 Chronicles 7:14 is what I'd like to see REALLY HAPPEN IN OUR CHURCHES! This is my prayer for our churches in Canada and around the world.

CD-Host said...

Hi Deborah welcome to the blog.

Why don't you start from the beginning in telling your story from your point of view. Outline who did what and when in an organized fashion. Right now this is rather scattered.

Deborah Boschman said...

I attended Bethel Christian Assembly Pentecostal church for approx. 5 years. I was NEVER a member of this church. I wrote a Letter to the Editor of our Brandon Sun newspaper which stated that The City Needed New Ideas. In this letter, I spoke about the boys' clubs that I saw over Brandon and I challenged City Council's decision to think that by simply changing the SIGN outside Brandon that they could somehow attract NEW VISITORS to our city. I shared my views of what I thought REALLY needed to be changed in our city. The Brandon Sun published my letter. Immediately after this letter was published, a woman from Bethel Christian Assembly approached me and said, "Well, I'm glad that you didn't mention Bethel when you wrote those comments. Our Mayor is a good Mayor." I then told her that I personally saw and spoke to Mayor Dave Burgess at Superstore and that I personally apologized to him because I wrote about the leadership of this city and the Editors of the paper changed my words to The Mayor. I told her that I HAD MADE IT RIGHT WITH THE MAYOR and I thought that was that. I then saw this particular woman, who I DIDN'T KNOW REALLY WELL, GO OVER AND WHISPER SOMETHING AND SPEAK TO PASTOR MIKE DAVIES. I was going to go over and speak to him also BUT I WAS IN A CHURCH AND I DIDN'T THINK THAT I HAD TO. I ABSOLUTELY HAD NO IDEA AS TO WHAT SHE MIGHT HAVE SAID TO HIM. She MUST HAVE told him a lie because it was IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS, that I received this letter from Bethel Christian Assembly telling me that my letter was an "embarrassment" to this Pastor and that I should find another church to worship in. I showed another Mayoral candidate this letter. I gave him a copy of this letter and HE took this letter to The Brandon Sun. When they called me, I couldn't deny it, they ALREADY HAD A COPY OF IT. They published that letter ON THE FRONT PAGE OF OUR PAPER! The CBC asked me for an interview on TV and on the radio and people started phoning into this church. I was PRETTY EMBARRASSED about this also because your personal stuff that you are going through is on the front page of your paper! I sent Pastor Mike Davies a letter telling him that I NEVER took this letter to The Brandon Sun and I apologized to him for the embarrassment that this had caused him because I was embarrassed also. Immediately after this, I applied to Substitute teach again at The Brandon School Division, where I had substitute taught for 10 years previously, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS THAT I HAD EVER BEEN MADE AWARE OF. I was then sent two consecutive letters stating that my substituting services WERE NO LONGER REQUIRED. The head of the Manitoba Teacher's Society is from Bethel Christian Assembly. A teacher from the Brandon School Division ripped me off on the private sale of my home to her. She made $55,000.00 profit when she turned around and re-sold my home. I DIDN'T EVEN GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE WHAT I HAD PAID FOR IT. I went to my lawyer who is also a City Councillor here and I told him that I'M NOT SIGNING THESE PAPERS. SHE CHEATED ME OUT OF MONEY. He then told me that IF I DIDN'T SIGN THESE PAPERS THAT I WOULD HAVE TO GET ANOTHER LAWYER TO REPRESENT ME. My father was dying of cancer. This man was my father's lawyer and this was AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT I believed in. I KNEW that this woman had cheated me but I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I REGRETFULLY and UNDER MUCH DURESS, signed these papers. This teacher had come to my home and done the same thing to me. Next, and lastly, another member of this church helped my neighbor take my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy away from us.

Deborah Boschman said...

I am not finished yet. We drove 8 hours to bring home this puppy that my daughter's father gave to her. I could only get a job at a pizza place doing shift work and I had asked my neighbor to help me train this puppy and ALSO SHE HAD OFFERED to train it for us. Behind our back, she had gotten Peaches fixed, without my daughter's consent. We have the papers to prove this. This neighbor kept asking me to see Peaches' papers. When I went to pick up Peaches, our puppy, this woman said to me, "Well, I've gotten attached to Peaches. As far as I'm concerned, Peaches is mine now. You'll have to get a lawyer to get her back." I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING. She went to slam the door on me. I put my foot in the door. I grabbed Peaches and she grabbed Peaches. She slapped me VERY hard across the face, told her other dog to bite me, she hit me, kicked and punched me. I NEVER TOUCHED THIS WOMAN, NOT ONCE, NOT EVER. I simply pulled our puppy away from her. My children, who were watching from the balcony, saw the red slap mark on my face. Then this neighbor told me that she was going to charge me kennel fees per day, etc. I SAID AND DID NOTHING except bring our puppy home. Then this neighbor phoned the Brandon City Police and told them that I had assaulted her, when pictures taken at the Brandon Police station, clearly show that SHE was the one that had assaulted me. She is a granny and plays the granny act REALLY well and they BELIEVED HER. Next, she TOLD MY NEIGHBORS ALL OF THESE LIES, SHOWED THEM BRUISES THAT I NEVER GAVE HER and I took our puppy two blocks away to this woman that I knew from Bethel. Behind my back, this woman from Bethel, was allowing this neighbor to see Peaches, she was befriending her. This neighbor then told another granny neighbor some more lies and her son came up to my daughter drunk and harassed her. This woman from Bethel then decided that she wanted Peaches and I just thought THIS IS ABSOLUTE AND MADNESS! I took Peaches away from there and put her in our yard. Well, they stalked our yard, they sat outside on the steps of my neighbor, who lives DIRECTLY across the street from us. The plotted, they planned. They came and took Peaches out of our yard. This woman from Bethel told me the whole story. She told me how this neighbor brought Peaches over to her house and how TOGETHER they had called the Animal Pound. I could NOT afford to pick up Peaches UNTIL I got paid, which was in two weeks. This neighbor was phoning there EVERY DAY. Her daughter supposedly worked at the Animal Pound and one of the neighbor's nephews is an Animal ByLaw officer, from what we gathered. They then adopted Peaches out to our neighbor, WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION OR CONSENT. I saw her daughter taking Peaches over to her mother's house. SHE LIVES DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM US. She already had a dog and two cats. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO A LITTLE GIRL WHO HAD RECEIVED A PET FROM HER FATHER, WHO LIVES 8 HOURS AWAY AND WHOM SHE RARELY GETS TO SEE? HER VERY FIRST PET FROM HER DADDY THAT SHE SLEPT WITH AND LOVED SO MUCH? How could a woman who calls herself a Christian from my former church be involved in this? I later found out that she is friends with this first woman who had initially lied to Pastor Mike Davies. I guess that these women were WELL KNOWN for their gossiping and trouble making abilities in this church and had been sent several letters regarding this behavior. This all sounded and felt like witchcraft to me. Every time I have tried to get our puppy back, this neighbor has charged me with assault and Legal Aid said that a dog is NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH for them to spend money on a lawyer to fight on my behalf. My neighbor STILL has my daughter's puppy and SHE LIVES DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM US. HOW COULD the City of Brandon DO THIS TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE? THIS IS EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL FOR US and this neighbor has done EVERYTHING TO HARASS US YET.

Deborah Boschman said...

We put our house up for sale. The neighbor phoned the By Law officer and said that our moving van was parked too long on our street. I rather liked it there because it blocked my view of either of their houses. I had borrowed a car from a friend. They phoned a By Law officer and admitted this to my son and told them that this car was parked too long on our street and HAD NOT BEEN MOVED. I then received what could have been an $80.00 fine. It snowed and I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE TICKET. We have had dog poop on our lawn on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS, garbage, things torn down from the front of our home, you name it. I keep reporting it to our Brandon City Police and they DO NOTHING because they CANNOT PROVE that it was these women who lied, cheated and stole my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy. I CANNOT AFFORD CAMERAS and if I could, these would have PROVEN what they did to us in the FIRST place. This neighbor has come outside with Peaches when my daughter was sitting outside on our steps to show the other neighbor's granddaughter my daughter's puppy. My daughter has come into the house crying, screaming, yelling, "Mom, please do something." This neighbor has a HISTORY of calling the police on her husband, when he was alive. The police were OFTEN at her house. I TRULY think that she suffers from mental health issues because HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO A LITTLE GIRL WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE A DOG AND TWO CATS OF YOUR OWN? Perhaps this IS a SETUP with the hopes that I will take the law into my own hands one day and thus I have eliminated myself from EVER running against this Mayor and REVEALING THE TRUTH, as I know it to be, in this city. I don't know. All I know is that THIS IS TRUE MADNESS FOR US! A friend of ours felt sorry for us and she gave my daughter another puppy. Now these neighbors have called the Animal By Law officers twice to say that our dog was barking and twice they have come to see for themselves that SHE WAS NOT BARKING. These neighbors obviously want us to move but WE CANNOT AFFORD TO MOVE. Perhaps they SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE THEY LIED, BORE FALSE WITNESS AGAINST ME AND DID WHAT THEY DID. Perhaps their consciences are twinging a bit and it is making them feel uncomfortable, at times. I ABSOLUTELY DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR BRANDON CITY POLICE. EVERYONE IN THIS TOWN WANTS TO LOOK GOOD. NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT THAT THEY EVER MADE A MISTAKE, THAT THEY WERE WRONG, I GUESS. This is about egos, looking GOOD AT ALL COSTS, etc. This is NOT about the truth at all. This is a facade and cover up and ALL I KNOW IS THAT MY FORMER CHURCH AND THE CITY OF BRANDON ARE INVOLVED EACH TIME IN EACH INCIDENT AND I DESPERATELY NEED A GOOD LAWYER IN ORDER TO EXPOSE THIS to the electorate. It is VERY HARD for me to ACTUALLY BELIEVE that this could happen to a person in Canada. This is NOT Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran. This is Canada and ALL of these things have happened to me and to us. I feel EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED AND VERY DEFEATED MANY TIMES.

CD-Host said...

Deborah --

Thank you for sharing the story.
I'll start by saying I don't know Canadian law. If you weren't a member then weren't excommunicated. The original articles were using the wrong terms.

However what you are describing is systematic religious harassment in terms of things like the job loss and the puppy transfer. You are absolutely right it is illegal. It is very hard case to prove and the amount of damages is going to be small. The situation with the house you signed, the situation with the puppy the damages would be small.

I don't know if you have a state structure but if you could get several other people who was defrauded by the former administrator to sign depositions then you could probably complain to the provincial government that the local isn't looking into this fraud case.

Why not talk to the reporter who did the original story as a follow up? Describe the harassment that followed. Describe the police inattention to the harassment. Start building the case yourself. Be ready to offer a truce but you have terms (like you get a teaching job).

Also buy a gun and learn to shoot and make sure they know it.

good luck.

Deborah said...

Please google my name, Deborah Boschman, and go to page 3, and please SIGN this petition!

I've sent it to our Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who is also the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I'm hoping that this will be seen around the world.

I have exhausted ALL other conventional avenues trying to get justice for myself and my daughter.

Should I have to wait until I am dead and standing before God to get justice? What good will justice do me then?

When we pray the Our Father, we say, "Thy Will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven."

I want to see some of this now, on this earth, while I am still alive!

Also, the bible states, "Hell hath NO FURY like a woman's scorn."

Well, I am a woman scorned!



CD-Host said...

Here is a link to the petition Deborah talked about -- petition link

Deborah said...

I want you to know that SOMEBODY'S LAWYER HAD THIS PETITION REMOVED from my Google page yesterday!

THIS is what I am talking about. A systematic and recurrent push to KEEP ME QUIET, SUPPRESS THE TRUTH, MAKE EVERYONE LOOK GOOD and hide the REAL TRUTH from getting out there.


I did try to contact the Human Rights Dept., political leaders, ALOT of the media.

THIS is what I am talking about over my city of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; located in the centre of Canada!


Some of these POWERFUL FORCES WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to SUPPRESS, OPPRESS, you name it, the REAL TRUTH from getting out there.



They had to HIDE this petition on their website, I just found out, and so I'm NOT SURE IF YOU CAN STILL ACCESS IT.


CD-Host said...

Deborah --

The link from this page still works fine.

Deborah said...

It's a miracle! is BACK on my google web page! Alleluia! Amazing how that all happened!

THANK YOU if ANY of you were involved or responsible for that!

I feel like a very small David up against a VERY BIG GIANT of coverups, lies, deceit, "wickedness in high places", etc.

I REALLY have been persecuted for trying to speak the truth and speaking up because I REALLY CARE about my community and I want to see things CHANGE and IMPROVE for the better and for everyone.

Please continue to pray for me and pray that God will somehow BREAK THROUGH ALL OF THIS MESS and EXPOSE all of this nonsense and that SOMEHOW he can use all of this for HIS HONOR AND HIS GLORY!

Thank you VERY MUCH!

Deborah said...

I went to a School Board meeting tonight to speak up for the majority electorate.

The Brandon School Board decided that we need a French mileau school WITHOUT properly discussing fully or consulting MANY of the schools or the majority electorate and those who will be the most effected by this decision. They just made their decision and basically just pushed this through, no matter what anybody really had to say about it.

This decision will misplace MANY, MANY students at the expense of a few. MANY of these students are disadvantaged and at the lower end of the social scale.

I spoke up for them tonight and I also asked that my Substitute Teaching responsibilities be REINSTATED!

Let's see IF anything GOOD or POSITIVE will come out of this!

SOMEONE has to speak up for those who are powerless and disenfranchized. Many others tried also.

I REALLY prayed before this meeting that God would HELP ME, KEEP ME CALM and give me the RIGHT WORDS to say.

The Superintendent of The Brandon School Division was present at this meeting when I made my request.

She is the one who had told me that, "If you ever go to the media, you will NEVER teach with The Brandon School Division again," after TRYING to discuss with them how to handle the situation regarding this unscrupulous and dishonest teacher.

I had gone to them asking for help as to how to deal with this situation, and this teacher had lied to this School Division and I was the one who lost their job.

The Bible says, "In the last days, what is right will be wrong and what is wrong will be right."

I have continually prayed and asked God to PLEASE GIVE ME BACK EVERYTHING THAT WAS STOLEN FROM ME.

I am NOT going to give up and I'm NOT going to quit.

I remember reading the story in the Bible about the widow woman who WORE OUT the unjust judge and this judge just gave in and GRANTED HER REQUEST just to get her off of his back.

I want to be this widow woman!

Let's see what happens next.

Deborah said...

I am asking you now to PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAUGHTER BRITTANY. She is suffering TERRIBLY after this neighbor stole her puppy and she lives DIRECTLY across the street from us!

My daughter who is 12 now, suffers TERRIBLY from an EATING DISORDER. I guess that this is how she has coped with this tragedy.

I am going to have to take her for Counselling and help and I am going to have to get her on a diet or a program. I will go on this with her.

She is VERY UPSET about having gained SO MUCH weight and she has been crying again.

This is VERY HARD on me as a single parent, when you see your children so STRESSED.

I am desperately TRYING to do the best that I can under VERY DIFFICULT circumstances.

Please pray for her, if you wouldn't mind.

Thank you.

Deborah said...



I need you to email or fax 1-204-727-7189.

I TRIED to apply to Substitute teach here and there is a sign up saying THAT I CANNOT EVEN APPLY.

Can you imagine?

They NEED Substitute teachers but I am NOT ALLOWED to apply for what reason?

I need JUSTICE now.

I also need you to go to or or 1-800-282-8069 and ask them to INVESTIGATE The Brandon City Police or HELP ME to find a lawyer to fight these FALSE CHARGES and FALSE ACCUSATIONS by this neighbor who stole my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy.

She then bore FALSE WITNESS to the Brandon City Police, to her lawyer, to the courts, to a judge, etc.

I will find out the email for the City of Brandon also.




When we pray the Our Father, we say, "THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN."

This is what I want to see now!

We are making NATIONAL HEADLINES this morning because another teacher, who was forced to retire, CHAINED HIMSELF TO A TREE to protest them cutting down some of our huge trees here in Brandon.

I just thought that his protest was also VERY SYMBOLIC of the CHANGE that is REQUIRED IN THIS CITY in the spirit realm!


If you know anybody who is a lawyer and who could help us, PLEASE have them contact us.

I am an unemployed teacher, and a single parent of 3 children. When you have NO money, you have NO power and you DO NOT get justice.

I have prayed and prayed and prayed about this. I have asked God to help me to FORGIVE all of these individuals but what about ACCOUNTABILITY?

When is God going to move?

I don't understand WHY I have had to go through ANY of this. Do you?

PLEASE HELP ME, IF YOU CAN BY AT LEAST emailing these individuals, faxing them or calling them.

I feel DESPERATE now for change to occur!

THANK YOU if you are able to give me ANY assistance!


Deborah said...

Please PRAY HARD for me. I am going to go to the School Board Meeting at the END of September to tell the School Board WHY I FEEL THAT THIS SUPERINTENDENT MUST GO NOW.

I am going to tell them the truth about her. I am going to tell them EVERYTHING!

Please pray hard for me. I will need LOTS OF COURAGE to do this.

I was thinking about protesting in front of the School Division office with a sign but I'm NOT SURE about the legal ramifications of that.

God knows that I DON'T WANT any more legal troubles.

I contacted the agency that investigates the police and I asked them TO PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!



I want the TRUTH to get out there. I want to be able to substitute teach in my hometown.

The email for the City of Brandon, which overruns ALL of these agencies is:

The Mayor OVERSEES ALL of these Departments.

Our Mayor is probably a good Mayor. We just want MORE CHANGES for Brandon. We want MORE TRANSPARENCY, OPENNESS, we want to become ALL that we were destined to be!

We just don't want the "old ways" of doing things anymore; the old boys' club ways. We want to do things in a "new" way.

I want to see Jesus become Lord over Brandon and have the churches and the Christians REALLY being the hands and feet of Jesus in this city!

I want us to REALLY start having church here on the weekends.

I want to see the Christians take their message OUT OF THEIR BUILDINGS AND INTO THE STREETS OF BRANDON!

I want to see them praying for people, for people to be healed, restored, delivered, you name it.

This is NOT about me but rather about LETTING GOD BE GOD OVER OUR CITY.

I want to see the Christians raising money to HELP our disadvantaged kids. I want to see them ENGAGED and involved more in the everyday aspects of our city in a VERY PRACTICAL WAY.

This is my heart for this city.


I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah said...

Our municipal election is now only one year away. I need you to please help me! Do you know any philanthropists who might be willing to contribute financially to my campaign?

I need to raise at least $100,000.00!

Please spread this message around and if anybody out there could do ANYTHING to help me, I would appreciate this eternally!

My name and address are:

Deborah Boschman
520-14th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 4T8

I want to see God move in UNPRECEDENTED WAYS and for HIS WILL to be accomplished in, over, around and through this city! I want to see us TAKE OFF as a city!

I believe that we are on the CUSP of great and exciting things over our city IF we get the RIGHT leadership in power over our city!

Somehow, this rift that I have had with Bethel Christian Assembly needs to be mended, restored and healed!

I feel that this must occur.

I have asked God to please forgive me for harboring resentment towards them and others, just like that Bible verse states, "God forgive them for they know not what they are doing."

I have been crying out for years now, to God, for TRUTH, for JUSTICE, HEALING, RESTORATION, etc.

If you know of any agencies, associations or organizations that might be able to assist me in ANY way in obtaining these funds, please forward this information to me, ASAP or pass this request onto them. I give you my permission to do this.

This election is now only a year away and I would like to make a respectable and formidable run against this current Mayor.

Please pass this message along to anyone who you think MIGHT be able to give me some financial assistance or help in any way.

I appreciate this VERY MUCH!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Deborah Boschman said...

I am DESPERATE to get the truth out there to the majority electorate before the next election. Today I went down to our Brandon Sun newspaper and I asked for a PRO BONO LAWYER.

I asked the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada to PLEASE HELP ME to get the truth out in this city!

I want the majority electorate to know that after I wrote a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper that I was asked to leave my church, I lost my job with The Brandon School Division and then my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy was taken away from her.

In EACH instance, a member of my former church, Bethel Christian Assembly, was involved.

The Mayor's campaign team even tried to get charges laid against another Mayoral candidate, Mike Abbey in the last election.

This current Mayor is in DENIAL about MANY VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES within our city and has the CHURCH fooled.

This Mayor gets MUCH of his support from folks in the churches but MOST people have NO idea as to what has REALLY been going on within one particular church, Bethel Christian Assembly, to ensure that he keeps getting in.

I want to inform them.

I feel that this Mayor has been raping this electorate from MANY opportunities that we could have had as a city and I want the opportunity to prove this.

I am up against a HUGE STRONGHOLD and the church is involved EACH STEP OF THE WAY because they BLINDLY support this Mayor because he is the Mayor and they believe that God has put him in this position.

They do NOT KNOW however, what has REALLY been going on though and I WANT TO INFORM THEM because I CARE A GREAT DEAL ABOUT THE PEOPLE AND THIS CITY.

This is a HUGE BATTLE and it will cost A LOT OF MONEY!

This is about a church that is largely Conservative and a Conservative Mayor.

This is about religion and politics.

This is NOT about what is in the best interests of our city. This is about re-electing a Mayor because he BELONGS to the SAME political party as you belong to.

This Mayor has a STRANGLEHOLD over our City in MANY, MANY AREAS. This Mayor and his LACK of leadership is what is PREVENTING US FROM TAKING OFF AS A CITY AND BECOMING ALL THAT WE COULD BE!

This Pastor from Bethel is his good friend and he is HELPING HIM to get in year after year after year.

This is about power, power, whose got the power and about politics.


It is about what is in the BEST INTERESTS of this Mayor and some of these Pastors who support him because they ALL belong to the SAME political party.



I just want God to BREAK THROUGH AND EXPOSE THIS WHOLE, ENTIRE FIASCO to this majority electorate.

I feel that they have a RIGHT to know what's REALLY GOING ON before they head to the polls in the next election.

They also need to hear what happened to me because I DARED TO SPEAK UP and declare that WE NEEDED CHANGE!

We DESPERATELY NEED CHANGE here and so PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, if you wouldn't mind.

I have been in a GREAT BATTLE!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL BREAK THROUGH IN OUR CITY and that the hidden things will be revealed.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY that the TRUTH will FINALLY get out there to this majority electorate so that they can TRULY make an informed decision.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY for me that I won't faint and lose heart. I have been fighting this thing for SO LONG!

I have prayed and prayed and prayed UNTIL I AM BLUE IN THE FACE!

Now, I am asking for GOD TO INTERVENE and to BREAK THROUGH!



I feel SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deborah Boschman said...

I went to our local ebrandon site and I was KICKED OFF THERE because I tried to expose the truth.



Please HELP ME get it out there!


Deborah Boschman said...

I also want you to know that this unscrupulous teacher and her husband were in a Halloween lineup a few years back. Myself and my children were standing a few trick or treaters behind them.

They kept turning around and STARING AT ME AND LAUGHING. I mean THEY JUST WOULDN'T STOP. They were harassing us terribly.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I yelled at them and then took my two crying children out of the lineup and went home.

This unscrupulous teacher harassed me something terribly at the school where I substitute taught most of the time. She was employed full time with them there.

Is this how you behave when you are a professional? Is it do as I say but NOT as I do?

They KNEW what they had GOTTEN AWAY WITH and they were GLOATING OVER it!

She pulled this stuff off on me ALL THE TIME and it seemed to be working for her.

The new Human Resources Director with the Brandon School Division ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO MEET WITH ME AT ALL. She absolutely REFUSED.

I have NO IDEA what lies this unscrupulous teacher must have told the School Division as well.

She is STILL employed with them full time. Full time teachers have a STRONG UNION behind them.

I have been cheated out of a copius amount of money on the private sale of my home to them and now she also has my job! HOW COULD THIS BE?

I guess that what's right is wrong and what's wrong is right, now.

I called the Mayor's office asking for help regarding my daughter's puppy and the Mayor's Secretary said, "Oh, your poor neighbors!" Omg! No, my POOR daughter!

What happened at my church became a runaway train in this town. Gossip has been repeated as fact and as truth.

This all started because someone told a lie. These lies spread, hysteria broke out with idle, gossiping women in this church, more stories, lies, etc.

MANY individuals took advantage of the situation that I found myself in after I dared to speak the truth in this Conservative Party town.

MANY individuals in this city have LEARNED THE HARD WAY that there are CONSEQUENCES, REPERCUSSIONS when you speak up in this city. Many have told me that they also experienced similar things.

Well, there is a Conservative STRONGHOLD over my city and I feel that this Mayor and this STRONGHOLD are PREVENTING us from becoming ALL that we could be as a city.

There are MANY DOCUMENTED INSTANCES of other such atrocies but everyone appears POWERLESS to do something about these and to affect CHANGE in this city.

The Christian majority in this town SUPPORTS this Mayor because he belongs to the SAME POLITICAL PARTY AS THEY DO and vice versa.

They ALL appear to have this cozy little relationship going on and they don't appear to want ANYONE to disrupt their little tea party.

I hope that this will all CHANGE soon IF the truth can EVER get out there to this majority electorate!

NO ONE should EVER have to go through what my family and I have been through simply because I TOLD THE TRUTH and exercised my BASIC HUMAN RIGHT, for goodness sakes, to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


Please pray that a lawyer will take on this case or that these other political parties will HELP me out.


How in the name of God could I possibly be in ALL of this trouble?


Things need to CHANGE in this city ONCE AND FOR ALL.

We absolutely CANNOT ALLOW this pattern of behavior to continue in this city ANY LONGER!

I mean you can support your church and you can support your political party but when the two appear to be entangled and intermingled; it appears to be like bloody warfare!

God does say in His Word that there will be, "Wickedness in high places," and that, "All the hidden things will one day be revealed."

I HOPE that this is ONE of those times.

Deborah Boschman said...

I have had to call TWO AMBULANCES now because I am so grieved that ALL of this has taken place.

I had NO WATER for TWO years in my house because I was SO UPSET with being SO VIOLATED AND WRONGED and BEING LIED ABOUT, FALSE WITNESS BEING BORNE AGAINST ME, LIES, FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND CHARGES, etc. that I stayed AWAY from my house and I had forgotten to turn off the water and my pipes froze and burst and I COULD NOT AFFORD to pay to have them replaced.

I hauled water into my home and I am a single parent with three children!

FINALLY, after two years, I was able to afford a plumber and we were able to have HOT WATER again.

My poor teenage son had to PUT UP WITH THIS! IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT for him and for ALL of us!

I still owe like almost $2,000.00 on one of the plumbing bills. I had to get a brand new hot water tank, a new water meter from the City, all new sinks and taps, etc.

SO MUCH got ruined because I live in an old character home.

I noticed that there is still ONE pipe dripping downstairs and I will have to have my ENTIRE sewer pipe replaced. It is leaking now. That is several thousands of dollars which I do NOT HAVE.

We have a Mayor who is in HUGE DENIAL about the crime that is taking place in our city.

This City should have purchased Fleming School and had their Milieu School there.

I went to a Prayer Meeting on Tuesday evening and one woman prayed, "Lord, we are SO TIRED OF THE SAME OLD, SAME OLD."


How about this? A teacher from India, Darren Coelho, I believe is the spelling of his last name, contacted me by email.

This is what he wrote: "Jesus was born through a woman and was raised by a woman. The last person standing at the cross was a woman. The reseurrection was declared to a woman and in your city, the next Mayor will be a WOMAN; A WOMAN OF GOD!"

Isn't this COOL! IF anyone NEEDS to verify this prophecy, please contact Mr. Darren Coelho AT 011-91-942-467-7775. Darren is also on Facebook. I THINK that this is the proper spelling of his name.

I think that we are on the CUSP of MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS in my city of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Things simply MUST CHANGE. Things simply CANNOT CONTINUE the way that they have been.


The OLD WAYS OR STYLE of doing things just simply ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE. Our leadership is NOT willing to ADAPT or CHANGE and this is simply UNACCEPTABLE to many of us now.



Deborah Boschman said...

This Brandon School Division wants to build two (2) brand new gymnasiums at a cost of AT LEAST 2.5 million dollars EACH to the taxpayer for a milieu school that the majority electorate DOES NOT WANT!

The Brandon School Board REFUSES to listen to the parents, students, teachers; to the majority electorate.


We just had another Letter to the Editor in our Brandon Sun newspaper today regarding incompetence and inconsistencies within the Engineering Dept. at the City of Brandon.



Just prior to ALL OF THIS our City Manager's home was up for public auction because HE DID NOT PAY HIS TAXES FOR THREE YEARS!

This is the City Manager of our city! He runs our city.


We need a REVOLUTION OF RIGHTEOUSNESS within the inner sanctuaries of my city of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.


Things have almost become a joke in there.

Please pray for GOD TO MOVE IN THIS CITY!


Deborah Boschman said...

I sent my former Pastor a letter from a house inspector, a real estate agent just to PROVE that my claims and allegations were truthful and legitimate. This was right after signing the papers and NOT getting a building inspector to inspect this house that I bought from the church Administrator's husband.

I received a letter back from my former Pastor stating, "Any further correspondence from you regarding this matter will be deleted and/or ignored."

I could have taken this letter to the Brandon Sun but I did not.

So much for making these individuals responsible and accountable for their actions!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow, I just read that whole thing. I do think that you honestly believe all that you wrote there. I also believe that you've got some very wrong thinking. I'm not trying to sound belittling or being mocking. But I honestly think you need some help. And in all honesty you have not been truthful here, you know that. For the sake of your family I do hope that you get some help

Deborah Boschman said...

I absolutely DO NOT KNOW who this anonymous is but I think it is the woman who HELPED my neighbor take my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy out of our yard and then told me all about how herself and my neighbor did this and how they did it.

This woman is a member of Bethel Christian Assembly and ONE of the GOSSIPING TROUBLEMAKERS within this church.

I was told by her CLOSE FRIEND that she had to be ESCORTED OUT OF HER LAST PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT by two Security officers in order to get her out of there.

All of her 3 children were taken away from her by Child and Family Services and she lives off of $1000.00 per month that her mother has to send to her every month.

I drove this woman around for three years and I tried to help her.

This is the kind of stuff that I am talking about that is going on within this church.

Why don't you identify yourself?

This woman is a trouble-making gossip and has caused HUGE TROUBLE wherever she has lived.

I should have NEVER let this woman in the door of my home the first time that she came around.

Perhaps Pastor Mike and the rest of the leadership of Bethel could DISCIPLINE HER rather than worrying about who is writing what Letter to the Editor.

God needs to do a REAL WORK in some of these churches, I tell you.


EVERYTHING that I have said in my previous posts IS THE TOTAL TRUTH and I want to expose this MENTALITY AND UTTER NONSENCE that is coming from individuals such as this.

This is what I am up against and this is what I am talking about that has occurred over and over again within our City.

Funny how this woman wants to control my life when she CANNOT EVEN CONTROL her own. It's funny how that works.


A woman such as this is the one THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN TROUBLE AT MY CHURCH AND NOT MYSELF but that's how things go within this church.

I know that there are some REAL CHRISTIANS within this church but there are a few JUST LIKE THIS WOMAN in there and it is NO WONDER MANY INDIVIDUALS want NOTHING to do with our churches when you have individuals such as this woman in them.


She is the one who SHOULD BE EXPOSED for who she REALLY IS.

Perhaps she will be. Time will tell, I guess.

Deborah Boschman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

you're kinda looking for something that isn't there. Neither anon post is from this former neighbor or former friends, nor anything else you mentioned. you just wrote an extreamly long comment begining with thinking that Anonymous is your neighbor and moving to actually believing that they're your neighbor. Its really unbelievable and sad what you're doing or trying to do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that she has been ranting about the pastor for 2 years on this blog and has been calling him Mike Davies, when in fact his name is Mike Davis. A small oversight, but if I was being "tormented & tortured" by someone I would probably learn their name...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I do choose not to leave my name because of your tendency to haul people off to court on ridiculous presumptions. One just has to look at the MB court registry (its online, viewable by anyone) to see the people you've already harassed with court cases. Aside from the church you took to court, there is also the school division, the pound, etc...
Seriously Deborah, this isn't a bash against you, i'm sure you believe these things to be true. But honestly you need to get some form of help. I can't imagine living this way, its got to be horrible.

Deborah Boschman said...

I really don't know if you should be allowed to post comments if you don't have the guts to identify yourself.

I'm NOT a wing nut at all. Perhaps the anonymous is speaking about themselves.

EVERYTHING that I have said is ABSOLUTELY THE ENTIRE TRUTH and that is why I would like to find a lawyer to PROVE THIS to this electorate.

I have witnesses and paperwork to back up EACH and ALL of these claims and incidences.

THIS is the kind of stuff that I am talking about.

THIS is what you are up against when you are TRYING TO BREAK THROUGH A STRONGHOLD which I believe this is, within our city.

A friend of mine told me that his Scottish grandmother always used to say, "When you tell the TRUTH, you NEVER have to remember what you said."

I hope that soon THESE TRUTHS WILL BE EXPOSED AND REVEALED TO THIS MAJORITY ELECTORATE who are DESPERATELY seeking new leadership within Brandon!

This reminds me of Bush and the Republican Party and we all know how that eventually turned out.

We need this SAME TRANSFORMATION within our city also.

It is TIME!

This is why my running will cause the MOST UPROAR because I am telling the TRUTH and the individuals who CONTROL THINGS within Brandon and have ALWAYS controlled things within Brandon, DON'T WANT THE TRUTH TO BE REVEALED AND EXPOSED.

Everything I have stated is fact and I would like the opportunity to PROVE THIS; in another arena.

We are talking about breaking through STRONGHOLDS and the Conservative Party has had a STRONGHOLD over this city FOREVER.

It's TIME to try to BREAK THROUGH THIS STRANGLING STRONGHOLD OVER OUR CITY so that we can actually TAKE OFF as a city and become ALL that we were destined to be.

That is my HOPE and my prayer for Brandon.

I want to run so that I can SERVE the citizens of Brandon and Westman to the BEST of my ability.

I see the opportunities that we have and I see ALL OF THE LOST OPPORTUNITIES that we have allowed to slip past us.

I care about the future of our children and grandchildren and the future of this city and region.


All of this other stuff is "collateral damage" that I incurred after the first time that I ran.

I see that this is happening again.

Incidentally, the last time that I ran I NEVER went to one door. I NEVER handed out ANY literature. I was living in Miniota at the time.

I had false charges laid against me.

I was teaching three different grades and I am a single parent of three children.

IF I can afford to get some literature out this time and IF I can get door to door, I should do MUCH BETTER this time around.

Is this how "Christians" behave IF in fact you are one?

Whoever you are, you have received VERY ERRONEOUS information but this is one of the TACTICS of this Conservative Party, to ANNIHILATE their opposition with SMEAR CAMPAIGNS, hysteria, idle gossip, runaway train stories that are NOT fact at all, etc.

This kind of stuff has worked for them in the past quite successfully.

I just hope that THIS TIME we get NEW LEADERSHIP in over this city because we are BEING STRANGLED within this city with our current leadership.

I think that SOME of these Christians could be blurring the line between their religion and their political party stance.

Everyone deserves the RIGHT to be able to express their political views and opinions, in the hopes of making Brandon a MUCH BETTER place WITHOUT this kind of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME.

This is all getting a little tiresome now and hopefully the majority electorate will have grown weary of this also.

There is a line in a movie that Jack Nicholson's character says to Tom Cruise's character. He says, "The truth! I don't think that you can handle the truth."

This is where I feel we are at within my city also.

We haven't heard the TRUTH for so long that we don't know WHAT TO DO WITH IT, when we DO hear it.

God bless everyone reading this!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Deborah Boschman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CD-Host said...

Hi all. I don't allow for personal squabbles on the blog. I'm deleting several rounds of comments.

Anonymous said...

Yet you're A-Okay with printing false claims and crazy rants? To each their own i guess.

CD-Host said...

No not really. But this blog post was on Deborah so since she is a principle I think it is useful / informative to cover her POV regarding her case. In other words I'll cut her some slack.

If you are also a principle feel free to identify yourself and post.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe what Deborah is saying about the events that have taken place. However, We cannot know for sure the peoples motivations and thoughts. I think if these things happened to anyone they would also be upset. Times when we are upset we cannot think straight and say things that we wouldn't have on a better day.The dog thing is really sad. The pound should have some way to be sure the owners are not away and don't want their dogs back. I have heard of owners being away before, coming home to find their pet escaped and they lost it because the pound adopted it out. The pound having not been able to get in contact with the owners.
As for the letter in the paper, Deborah states she was embarrassed that it ended up in the Brandon Sun as she did not give it to the paper. This sounds like it hasn't ended so I don't know what will be the out come. It is to bad the caring church family has to kick it's wounded. They should be helping the needy, and down trodden. Where is the good Samaritan? He is not always found in the church building.

Deborah Boschman said...

Thank you to this last anonymous person who posted this previous comment.

You sound like you have common sense and a sound, rational, clear thinking mind.

This blog was just a place for me to vent to SOMEONE about what I have been through.

I felt that if I got it out that perhaps this would help me to heal.

This blog was actually NOT meant for the public.

This blog was intended as a place where I could share my own experiences of being in conflict with a church.

It was intended to be like a private diary of sorts.

I have told the truth and this truth exposes some of our weaknesses within each institution and NOBODY in this town wants to acknowledge or deal with some of their realities or weaknesses. In their minds, they have none.

I think that my reality just exposes how awful things can really become when they do break down significantly.

Within many communities gossip, heresay, slander, half truths, etc. are told, shared, repeated and soon they become truths and I think that this is what has happened here.

There is NO reason that I should not be able to substitute teach within The Brandon School Division.

It appears that I have earned a reputation that is without merit or credibility and this has been used to repeatedly defame me and to deny me of employment within my profession.

I am trying to move on from this and I don't expect to get any legal assistance from anyone.

My intent was to try to expose these realities with the intent of IMPROVING our communication, etc. so that NOTHING LIKE THIS could EVER happen to anyone else in the future.

If we are constantly in DENIAL that we have a problem, then things can never be fixed or improved upon.

Thank you to this last poster for believing me and understanding how incredibly frustrated I was.

I am trying to move on from this now but I am still upset that even though the province has declared that we have a teacher shortage within the province, that I am still being denied employment as a Substitute Teacher within The Brandon School Division.

I can try again which is what I will do.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deborah Boschman said...

Administrator of this site, this last comment sounds like something I would receive from the husband of the teacher who cheated me on the private sale of my home to them.

This is exactly what I put up with from them.

He is of the same calibre as this last poster.

Could you please save this on a file somewhere off of this screen and contact me.

If it is, I would like this sent to The Brandon School Division so that they can see for themselves some of what I have had to put up with, with this husband.

If not, I would still like to find a way to deal with this.

My personal email is

I have already enclosed the email of The Brandon School Division.

This is the kind of stuff that I am up against and having to deal with.

People should be so proud of themselves within my city for posting such atrocities.

Can you have this last post traced?

Please let me know.

BigJ said...

I believe what you are saying about them all.... they are trying to hide to much we need to expose them now!!!

CD-Host said...

No Deborah I can't trace it. It is just an anonymous post. I'd agree you are getting harassed here. I've turned on comment moderation for this thread.

Anonymous said...

can you not see how rediculous this is? Every single time some one disagree's with you, you think its some one from the church who's out to get you. While most likely its some annonymous person who doesn't know you and doesn't attend said church. If you actually believe everything you're writing, I find that very heart breaking.

Tracy said...

I'm sorry but i've read all the posts and comments, and i have to say, this is quite one sided. You are heavily relying on Ms. Boschman's side of the story as a gospel truth of the event without giving thought to even checking at all whether or not its true. Both the admin and Ms. Boschman should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know the entire story, but i do know that certain points of her stories are not at all the truth. And the administrator, you're providing a platform for someone to slander and spread falsities. I think both of you need to look at what's going on here and made some amends. You both (one for saying it, the other for allowing it/giving a platform) are trying to drag some awfully good people through the mud on this one. shame on you.

CD-Host said...

Hello Tracy --

Since this was directed at me I'll respond. First off I have no clue what is true in this story. Read the original post where I outlined my attitude. I essentially cite another blog and the CBC. I do consider the CBC to be a credible source, with the understanding this was for them a minor human interest story so they didn't fact check very carefully. when I decided to post this in 2007 one of the obligations I believe I took on was to allow Ms. Boschman to express on the issues. She is doing that, in her own rather distinctive manner.

As for Ms Boschman's side of the story. Yeah I allow any principle involved in a church discipline case to post. If any of the principles involved from the other side want to post here they are welcome to do so. I am blocking mean comments from anonymous 3rd parties that don' add anything. If there "another side" then what is it?

For example was there a prayer meeting regarding Miss Boschman with the mayor where civil penalties were handled out for a religious offense? Is her church involved in a conspiracy of harassment? The behavior I've seen here is fully consistent with her claim in that regard.

Anonymous said...

moderator I can answer with 100% certainty "no" to both your questions.

Deborah Boschman said...

Thank you Big J.

There is SO MUCH going on here within Brandon that it is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.

We have a Superintendent who hired a Private Investigator to hand deliver a note from a lawyer to a former employee. This letter told the former employee to stop writing letters to School Board members.

The Private Investigator told him that they were watching him. Call him up and ask him. His name is Mr. Fred Nickerson.

I asked Mr. Nickerson what he did. He said that he got a lawyer and sent them a letter right back.

An EA from the BSD went to speak to this BSD about a teacher that she was concerned about and they fired her.

There is ALOT going on within this city.

The Brandon Sun was NOT able to write about ALL that was said and went on at the last Town Hall Meeting, held by the parents re: this milieu school.

SEVERAL teachers spoke up.

ALL is NOT well within our Brandon School Division at all.

Many teachers are NOT happy with Dr. Michaels and ESPECIALLY since this milieu decision but they KNOW that they absolutely CANNOT speak up because they will be transferred or their jobs will be threatened.

Some parents and teachers feel that there is a dictatorship of sorts going on within the BSD but there appears to be NO LEADER to straighten things out.

Dr. Michaels threatened to sue the School Board that last time that they tried to fire her.

The teachers in Calgary told me that they had a HUGE DRUG PROBLEM within their schools in Calgary and that Dr. Michaels went on television there and said that they had NO DRUG PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.

This happens ALL OVER THE PLACE.

One of my friends is a Principal.

He said that a Phys. Ed. teacher in Wpg. SAW A DRUG DEAL GOING DOWN. He called the Principal in for a meeting.

The Principal came into the meeting and said to these teachers, I know why you called this meeting.

Listen, there is NO DRUG PROBLEM HERE. If you insist that there is, then you won't have a position here in the fall.

Then he assigned the Phys. Ed. teacher to teach FRENCH the next semester and the French teacher had to leave the school.

This kind of stuff goes on ALL OVER THE PLACE! This all needs to change.

My girlfriend is a teacher. She was teaching in Northern Alberta. She found CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on the Principal and the Superintendent's computer. SHE ERASED IT ALL.

She said that they BOTH used to come in EVERY NIGHT and work REALLY LATE into the evening.

I asked her why she never reported them. She said to me, well, you know how it is. If you report them, then you get BLACKBALLED and they won't allow you to teach ANYWHERE.

That is the sad, BUT TRUE reality, my friends.

They ended up NOT renewing her contract anyway.

The School Board members here KNOW about what went on with Mr. Fred Nickerson, myself and a few others.

The City could replace Dr. Michaels.

Mr. Mike Malazdrewicz would be just fine as Superintendent. He is from here.

Why do these leaders have NO confidence in the skills and abilities of those who live right here?

CD-Host said...

Anonymous --

It might be helpful if you add some sort of sig to the bottom of your posts even if you don't want to login to separate yourself from the other anonymous posters. If you are certain that neither of things is happening, then what is the real story?

Deborah Boschman said...

I want to see things IMPROVE within our City. The ONLY way I see things improving is when there is some ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that there is a problem.

We need to acknowledge that we could perhaps do better.

We need to discuss the unpleasant stuff, dig it up, speak about it and then we have to work on improving things. We need to move forward.

The Brandon City Police told me that they spend MOST of their time going to neighborhood disputes. Well, there is a problem here.

I was told by a city employee that this one woman has already cost the city at least $100,000.00 with her complaints about her neighbors, etc.

There is also a woman in Brandon who is supposedly accusing men of staring at her chest.

She repeatedly has accused married men and other men of this and finally she accused a lawyer of this and I think he finally put an end to this.

There is A LOT OF STUFF going on within our city that the general population is NOT hearing about.

For instance, I also found out that Westman Communications makes most of it's money from their sale of PORNOGRAPHY and pornographic channels. Did you know that?

I was VERY SURPRISED to learn of this. This happens within most cable organizations I was told.

One of the founders of Westman Communications is a member of Bethel.

A board member from Westman Communications was asking about money that he felt was NOT getting to people and they REMOVED him from the Board RIGHT AWAY.

This kind of stuff goes on ALL THE TIME within our city.

MANY individuals have many, many stories.

I think that you would be VERY SURPRISED to hear about some of them.

I just think that the time has come to speak OPENLY about WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON WITHIN OUR CITY.

I would NOT be so stupid to make false statements and false claims.

IF I did that, I could be hauled off to court and charged with slander.

EVERYTHING that I have stated is VERY SADLY the truth.

I just want us to have our EYES WIDE OPEN going into this next election.

Deborah Boschman said...

There is A LOT going on within this city behind the scenes.

I was speaking to a woman today and she was telling me that she has seen prostitutes on our streets around 2:00 in the morning and she has seen these women picked up by farmers, you name it, she told me.

She said that she works downtown and that this has been going on for some time now.

A woman has just been found dead in a field.

We ABSOLUTELY have to get our head out of the sand here in Brandon.

There are going to be some who are in denial about what is going on because we are VERY GOOD in this city at protecting our images, our reputations, looking GOOD AT ALL COSTS.

Some of these leaders WILL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to look GOOD AT ALL COSTS. All you have to do is cross one of them and you will find out for yourself that what I am saying is the truth here.

Well, we need to work hard to get open communication going here within Brandon.

Everyone here KNOWS that there are consequences WHEN you speak up and out in this city. There are definite repercussions politically, socially, etc.

EVERYONE wants to fit in. NOBODY wants to rock the boat and thus you get these leaders who are getting away with ALL of this stuff because NOBODY is taking them to TASK for their behavior.


Getting back to one of the founding members of Westman Communications who is a member of Bethel.

Perhaps they did NOT sell pornography when he started this company, I don't know. I'm NOT accusing him of anything. I'm just stating the FACTS.

People appear to get REAL riled up in this town when you BEGIN to speak and tell the truth.

We need new LEADERSHIP and we need people who can lead so that WHEN individuals do things that are not appropriate, that there is SWIFT and IMMEDIATE repercussions for them.

We are TOO NICE in this town and THIS is why the things that are happening are happening repeatedly.

I think that we need to CLEAN HOUSE and begin anew in MANY areas within City Hall, The School Board, The Brandon School Division, etc.

I am told that there is STAGGERING UNPROFESSIONALISM within MANY areas of The Brandon School Division.


There were at least 5 individuals who also had their pets REMOVED FROM THEIR BACK YARDS and these involved the SAME BY LAW OFFICER.

They all contacted me. I gave all of their names to The Brandon City Police and their phone numbers and then SUDDENLY NONE OF THEM WERE ABLE TO COME TO COURT AND TESTIFY ON MY BEHALF!

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Deborah Boschman said...

If anyone has any facts that they would like me to expose about your dealings within Brandon, then please email me at and leave me your telephone number also.

These need to be facts because otherwise I could be sued.

Let us tell the REAL STORIES within our city and what has been going on for some time now.

The time to sh........., be quiet is OVER!

If you have something you want said, email me and I will tell it for you, IF it is fact.

Even if you just want to VENT your frustrations living here and doing business here, just vent on this site.

I also bought a van from a dealership on Brandon's North Hill, (not Kelleher's). It was a used car place.

I bought a van. I only had the van for 1 1/2 months. It needed a new transmission.

When I called, the owner told me that there was NO WARRANTY. He REFUSED to do anything for me. I called back and HE WOULDN'T PICK UP THE TELEPHONE.


We need to start being HONEST, dealing HONESTLY with people.


We need to start practicing the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We need a shake up within Brandon. We need to WAKE UP within Brandon. We need CHANGE! I believe that we are DESPERATE FOR CHANGE within Brandon!

Deborah Boschman said...

Mayor Dave was probably a good Mayor for his time but I do believe that his time is up now.

I believe that this electorate has outgrown this old style and old way of doing things. We have outgrown this type of leadership a long time ago.

We are ready to move on in a new way now. We are ready for something new! I do believe that we are ready for change within Brandon. I DO BELIEVE IT IS TIME!

After we replace Mayor Dave, I will hold a dinner to honor ALL of the Mayors within Brandon who have helped us get to the place where we are right now.

Then we will move FORWARD PROGRESSIVELY! We are going to see GROWTH that we never DREAMED that we could have. We are going to feel EXCITEMENT, anticipation, HOPE!

This "Old Boys' Club" is SO AFRAID of change. They are SO AFRAID of something that THEY CANNOT CONTROL!

Omg! They won't know what to do with themselves. They KNOW that everything right now REVOLVES AROUND THEM AND IS ABOUT THEM. They are Brandon's ANAL SPHINXTER right now.

My gosh! What will they do when they lose their grip on CONTROLLING THIS CITY? When they lose their grip or their power over Brandon and over us? When we take our city back with OUR OWN VERSION of an Orange Revolution.

Call ours the Black, White and Yellow Revolution; in keeping with the colors of our Brandon Wheat Kings, of course!

Omg! It must be TERRIBLY FRIGHTENING for them! It's downright FEARFUL! They are SO FULL OF THEMSELVES! What will they do?


What we need within Brandon is a PARADIGM SHIFT of power within City Hall, The Brandon School Division, The School Board.

Deborah Boschman said...

I have MANY PLANS and ideas for Brandon.


Let us become BUSINESS FRIENDLY within Brandon!

I would like to ask Don Cherry's son to consider producing OUR OWN MOVIE; our Wheat King story regarding our 1979 Brandon Wheat Kings.

THIS TEAM was the GREATEST TEAM that I think the Brandon Wheat King organization EVER produced.

Let's TELL OUR STORY and then let's hold the PREMIERE of OUR STORY at our VERY OWN theater right here in Brandon.

It might be better IF we could find a Manitoba filmmaker, etc.

I'd like to see a Westman Aboriginal Achievement Awards or SOMETHING LIKE THAT for our First Nations people.

We need to put on events to draw TOURISM into Brandon and we NEED TO DO THESE THINGS ANNUALLY. I have MANY ideas.

We should be creating a BUZZ about Brandon. People should be talking about Brandon. They should KNOW where we are located. They should KNOW that things ARE HAPPENING here; all sorts of GOOD THINGS!

I invited Bono from U2 to come and hold an Eliminate World Poverty event from Brandon.

I invited John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston. I invited Angelina Jolie to come and speak to our young people and to all of us about getting more involved internationally.

We have HUGE talent from within Brandon. Let's CAPITALIZE ON THIS!

We should be LEADING with MANY events! Biathelons, triathelons, sporting, golfing events, you name it.

We should have a racetrack.

We should be ABUZZ with activity, anticipation and excitement.

I would like to offer our young people Leadership courses. Let's send them off from Brandon EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT AND COMPETENT!

Let's ENCOURAGE the citizens of Brandon!

Deborah Boschman said...

Let's hold a ballet in the park, an orchestra in the park.

Let's hold events via Satellite from our University to another University from anywhere around the world! We could share music, etc.

Let's commission an architect to create something to put on our Trans Canada Highway near Brandon; something spectacular!

We are located smack, dab in the CENTER OF CANADA! Let's CELEBRATE THAT!

We need our AIRPORT OPEN for business!


Let's host ENTREPRENEURIAL FAIRS, events, exhibits.

Let's open our doors to international trade, communication and partnerships!

EVERYONE that travels here SHOULD REMEMBER having been here!

I'd like to see a CHRISTMAS NATIVITY with live animals and lights, chamber choirs, etc. at the Riverbank perhaps. We could host events like this annually.

Let's ENGAGE our electorate. I would ENGAGE THE YOUTH, THE STUDENTS, THE YOUNG PEOPLE in decision making within Brandon.

Let's CELEBRATE one another.

I'd like to see the churches MORE ACTIVELY INVOLVED within the community; helping raise money for various projects, helping our youth, our disadvantaged kids, etc.


I think that we should be working together TO HELP EACH OTHER AND TO CELEBRATE OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, our achievements, local success stories, etc.

We should dream, believe and then achieve! That should be our new city motto and mantra!

We have SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE! Let us capitalize on this to the absolute maximum!

We should be ABUZZ with events, activities and happenings!

The sky should be the limit for us!

Deborah Boschman said...

Dear Site Administrator:

Please remove the stuff about Dr. Donna Michaels because even though it is true, she WILL SUE ME.

I will try to think of a way to get this truth out there to this majority electorate.

Perhaps I could say this:

Just ask Mr. Fred Nickerson what his experiences have been with this current Brandon School Division.

His story involves a private detective handing him a letter from a lawyer, a verbal and a written warning, etc.

Just call him up and ask him.

I think that this would be better to say this and it would keep me out of the courtroom.

She's quite nasty and I don't want to receive a call from her or a letter from her lawyer either.

Thank you if you could do this quickly.

Deborah Boschman said...

Dear Site Administrator:

Please change this also to:

The teachers in Calgary told me that they had a HUGE drug problem but this problem was always denied.

Thank you.

CD-Host said...

To the Anonymous person whose comment was just rejected --

Please stop with the personal attacks. If you disagree with Ms. Boschman's view of events present a counter. I'm not going to allow posts that devolve it "is so/ is not".

Anonymous said...

ok here we go.
1. Former administrators husband was not a crook. Where is the proof that he stole? They moved years ago which would mean that you've had this house for some time, I wouldn't be blaming them for needed repairs. did you have some one come in to look at the place for you? then why are you blaming them?
2. Head of MTS did not cause you to loose your job. probably the adding of a criminal record caused you to loose your job. She has no say in who gets fired etc.. those are false accusations.
3. blowing a hockey horn in church isn't the same as David worshiping God. Its distracting and painful for people around the person doing so. It wasn't about being pharisee's or legalistic it was about using common sense.
4. The pastor from bethel has never used "friendship" with the mayor for his own personal gain. Explain how you think this is? He also has never once told the congregation how to vote. really amazing that you think he has that much power to keep the conservative party in power lol.
5. This church has no problem with Strong woman, infact you'll probably find quite a few of the strongest woman of God in that church. Anyone who'd bother to check out the church would realize thats a lie. there are many roles of leadership in that church by woman.
6. I'm not sure where you're getting your information on about westman cable? the person you're referring to there is an upstanding individual and it surprises me that some one would talk bad about them. perhaps you need to check your motives.
7. Most of your posts are lies, completely untrue. The reason you haven't been taken to court is because the people you're accusing are of Godly character and feel no need to waste the courts time with crap like that.


Tracy said...

When you look at the sources that were cited, (cbc, and i can't recall the other one) Both printed basically what Ms. Boschman said, with no views or comments from anyone else. Maybe they don't see the need to fact check in a minor story, but i assumed them to be above printing outright lies. Out of all of these comments by Ms. Boschman there seems to be one big common factor. That everyone is out to get her, and she is somehow innocent on all levels. Honestly I cannot see how you can miss some obvious mental issues or the high levels of paranoia.
As someone who sees honour in the truth, it irritates me to no end that outright lies and slander are being printed. It bothers me to see you give a platform to her to continue to slander individuals. Have you bothered to look into this at all other than reading a one paragraph story? Have you tried to speak to those who were involved to find out what the real truth is? From what evidence that i see on here, it is obvious that you haven't.
Ms.Boschman, it is extremely telling to me that the moment people on here disagreed with your version of events you automatically jumped to "That's the lady who stole my dog" or "that's the husband of the school division person", Etc....In order for you to try to add some level of believability to your stories you attack and slander anyone who says anything differently.
You say you stand for truth? Yet you know, you have to know that there are a number of lies in what you've written.
As for the westman communication rant, this is an obvious attempt at slandering. You really need to stop.

HomeTownBrandon said...

Ok i do have a few things to say here.... id like to point out that 1. The police are paid to deal with everything from little neibour disputes to murders they get paid to do that THAT IS THEIR JOBS! yes it may be annoying to them or reppitive but they have to do it no matter how much it costs or how stupid. 2. Yes their was a person found dead in a field but that was being investigated by BPS and was found to be accidental. and im pretty sure the family would not be happy with you commenting about this as it is a hard time for them right now and i say this as i know them personally. It was also found that she OD on her meds and went for a walk and collapsed in a field. And 3. i personally know that there is not sex acts commited in the downtown area as i work in the area during late nights/early mornings and police do very frequent patrols of the area during those hours... thats their main area when not responding to calls. And lastly i would ask that you find the facts of everything you are saying and post it along with what you are saying... heres an example like a dead body in a field..... right after you saying something about sex acts being commited downtown? You make our city sound like the police arent doing anything here and that its some big conspiracy against you like please put facts down and also lets not believe everything we hear.....

Deborah Boschman said...

I would like to address Anonymous. I do have proof of former administrator's husband. I had a house inspector and developer come to the home AFTER I signed the papers and found MANY things covered up.

I have written verification from BOTH of these individuals. They saw what had been covered up, hidden and they were appalled.

I DID NOT have a building inspector come before I bought my home from them.

I was naieve. I thought that if you professed that you were a Christian that this actually meant that you were. I thought that I could trust them.

Nope. There were MANY things and neighbors, others within the community warned me.

I didn't believe them because I thought that he was a good Christian man and then also because of the position that his wife held.

They were right and I was wrong.

Many departments within the the City of Brandon, a lawyer, many neighbors, even individuals from within Bethel, had known about and/or had trouble with this man themselves.

2. I DON'T have a criminal record. My neighbor laid FALSE charges against me when I went to get my daughter's puppy back.

It was INCREDIBLE! I just COULDN'T BELIEVE that she did this because she wanted my daughter's puppy and that a woman from Bethel who USED to be my friend, would be helping her.

4. Friendship with Mayor. Why would you ask someone to leave a church because they wrote a Letter to the Editor? Please? That makes NO SENSE AT ALL to me. This was a private and personal letter.

Pastor told me that he was friends with the Mayor.

Pastor Mike then told someone over the internet things that I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. The person that he told shared this on the Internet.

5. Many women at Bethel told me that they were VERY FRUSTRATED and they complained to me often about things within this church having to do with women.

6. Someone VERY HIGH UP within Westman Cable shared that information with me and showed me the figures and so I heard it and saw it from someone who works there.

This is NOT to defame this man. It is just stating facts. This came from someone who WORKS there and who VOLUNTEERED this information to me.

7. My posts unfortunately are not lies. I know that many feel very DEFENSIVE but when we stand before God you will see that what I have stated is in fact, the truth.

I have sadly told the truth.

I feel incredibly frustrated because these things happened one right after the other, in succession.

Tracy, I know that this might be hard for you to realize or wrap your head around but what I stated happened.

I am hearing stories now from two Pastors and others who have also expressed difficulties, disbelief with Pastor Mike and the church's decision to stop sending money to support Street Love Ministries, I was told.

When we stand before God, you will see that what I stated, in fact happened. It's very sad but true.

HomeTown Brandon- I am VERY SORRY to hear about your loss. That is a VERY SAD outcome and I am VERY SORRY to hear about this.

This woman told me that she has seen prostitution, etc. downtown.

She works downtown and herself and others told me the same things. They said that they have witnessed these events themselves.

I guess that a person can ask them to try to captivate these images in a photo or something.

Many other individuals have told me that MANY things are being covered up within our city. They said that the ones who deal with these things know that they exist.

I hope that this explains some of these points that you all have raised.

I had my head in the sand also until these things started happening to me and I thought wait a minute, what's going on here.

This is ridiculous.

These things happened to me, as incredulous as they are and I'm trying to cope and heal from them all.

Home Town Brandon, I was NOT associating your friend with prostitution at all.

I'm very sorry if you felt that I did and I apologize to you for that.

Anonymous said...

Deborah you've offered no proof what so ever. Saying some one told me this doesn't qualify as proof. Sadly I think you are greatly mistaken. I do look forward to the day we stand infront of God. Unfortuanately I don't think He'll be saying "well done good and faithful servant" for the actions and words you're spreading. You're not enlightening anyone, spreading the truth etc.. What out of everything you're doing is Biblical? None of it is. Perhaps its time to examine your motives and heart and finally put a stop to this bull.


Deborah Boschman said...

To Anonymous: Addressing the woman from Bethel who was the head of the Brandon Teacher's Association.

My sister addressed this with me and she suggested to me that I not take this personally.

She said that when you look at it, that this woman was ONLY DOING HER JOB as the representative for the teachers.

She believed this woman, I guess and so because of her position, she was defending her.

If I look at it like that, then I'm not AS upset but then she believed the LIES from this teacher.

I believe also however, that she was defending Pastor Mike from other false accusations that were made about me from within Bethel.

This is what I am talking about however via a RUNAWAY TRAIN.

One lie was told, repeated, shared, etc. and then I became the SCAPEGOAT and anybody could have said absolutely ANYTHING about me and it was believed.

I also want these Anonymous individuals to know that there are some TRUE CHRISTIANS that attend Bethel.

BUT.........there are also some other individuals who are NOT. They are Christians in NAME ONLY.

I also want you to be aware that when I attended Bethel, there was this continual gossiping going on from some of these women; there were particularily three of them.

I just ran into a woman actually on Sunday at the Green Spot's Christmas event and she came up and hugged me and told me that she left Bethel also because she had trouble with these individuals as well.

Pastor Mike and the Board are aware of some of the stuff that went on and has gone on within Bethel but they put on this facade that all is well.

They want everyone to BELIEVE that all is well within there but it is not. I guess God himself will have to reveal this to this congregation.

I want you to know that I took my foster child up to the front for prayer and a VERY INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT was made to this child about her body.

I won't share it to protect Pastor Mike but it was totally inappropriate and he should never have said this. It was totally uncalled for.

Someone from Bethel phoned the agency to complain that my foster children were not supervised when they were at church with me. The person from this agency told me all about the call and that this person indicated that they were from Bethel and the phone number on the phone indicated that the call came from Bethel.

The woman from this agency said to me, "I want you to know that I will never attend this church after getting a call like that."

Another woman from Bethel said directly to me, "Oh, I'm surprised that they would give foster children to a single parent."

I also want you to know that I have had ABSOLUTELY NO TROUBLE OR PROBLEMS in the new church that I attend.

Nothing. Not even one. That tells me something also. They are VERY HONEST with everyone at this church but they DON'T PUT UP WITH ANY NONSENSE here either.

So, I guess that Bethel was simply not my church. It was not a good fit for any of us.

I am happy, at peace and I haven't had any of the nonsense that I experienced at Bethel.

I mean the Pastor of the church I now attend NEVER speaks about the evils of The Brandon Sun newspaper or about political things, ever.

He only preaches and talks about how we can improve ourselves as Christians.

Deborah Boschman said...

The high ranking employee of Westman Communications who shared those facts with me, told me that if you call any cable company, IF THEY ARE HONEST, that they will tell you the SAME thing.

He said that sadly, their sale of pornographic channels and sites is where MOST cable companies and Internet sites make MOST of their money.

This is coming from an EMPLOYEE within Westman Communications.

I was just speaking to him about the pornography on the Internet that I was so concerned and appalled with and he VOLUNTARILY shared this information with me.

I said to him, "No, say it isn't so." He said to me, nope, this is the REALITY of MOST of our cable companies these days.

I just thought that this was something that the electorate perhaps DOES NOT KNOW and that they SHOULD KNOW.

When the upstanding gentleman that you are referring to, helped to start the cable company, perhaps this was NOT the case.

In today's reality, this employee of Westman Communications told me that THIS IS, IN FACT, WHERE IT'S AT.

He said that you can call anywhere and IF they are not trying to cover up and protect themselves, they will tell you that this is in fact so.

This is coming right from an employee within this company and he is a HIGHLY respected individual.

He was just getting real with me about the real world that we are currently living in, is how he expressed himself to me.

That is why I said that we need to get our heads out of the sand because I had NO IDEA of this as well.

Now that this has been VERIFIED from an employee within, I thought that this information was something that we ALL should be made aware of.

This is the sad reality of the world in which we currently live in, is what the employee said to me.

He further told me that IF they didn't offer and sell this pornography that they probably COULDN'T make a go of the cable company either.

He said that their sale of pornographic channels is where they make MOST OF THEIR MONEY or profits for the cable company.

He said that IF they were being honest, they would indicate this.

He said I KNOW because I work here and like it or not, those are the FACTS.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, another lie after another. On not supervising foster children, I've seen that first hand from you. Perhaps you've forgotten the day you went to church and lost them? then blamed the people working in the nursery for not knowing where they were, When it was not their responsibility to be taking care of them. I know they were later found playing in the back field. You were not used as a scapegoat, lies were not spread about you to cause you to loose your job. You need to stop blaming everyone else for your situations in life and take some responsibility. You're quick to point out other people saying they're gossips etc.. but you're also standing there pointing fingers and doing exactly what you're accusing others of doing. That would be the definition of a hypocrite. BTW I've never heard the pastor say that the brandon sun was evil lol.


CD-Host said...

To the Anonymous poster directly above --

I'm letting this go because it is specific. But

1) You are posting anonymously with no name while she is named.

2) Your post was nothing but a personal attack. Try and stick to the facts of the case.

3) Sarcastic advice like "you need to stop blaming others" is a personal attack.

I let it through this time, but I would be hesitant to keep letting it go.

Anonymous said...

2) Your post was nothing but a personal attack. Try and stick to the facts of the case.

-no it wasn't a personal attack, she posted saying that some one called cfs saying that she was neglecting her foster children, and she claimed she didn't, blamed yet another person from the church for it and again blamed it on people from the church lying. when as I pointed out it actually really did happen, she wasn't innocent. it was refuting her comment not a personal attack.

3) Sarcastic advice like "you need to stop blaming others" is a personal attack

-it asn't sarcastic advice, it was good advice that the rest of the world isn't at fault for the situations she's put herself in.

As for not naming myself, as its been said before Deborah has a bad habit of trying to take people to court over rediculous things. So yes I'd rather not share my name.


Deborah Boschman said...

R, the woman who told me about the prostitution that she has personally witnessed downtown works with another church group.

She also works with Street Love Ministries downtown.

She is a Christian woman.

She said that we, as a city, are in denial about what is REALLY going on within Brandon.

I spoke with a GUARD at The Brandon Correctional Institute. He told me that they are seeing MANY, MANY gangs within their institution.

You refute what a Christian woman told me at church on Sunday.

It appears that we have difficulty within this city accepting some realities.

Just because you did not experience some of these things personally, does that mean that they do not or did not exist for me?

There were MANY things that I was not personally aware of either.

If you think that this Christian woman is lying, well then I guess that you could take up this issue with her.

I'll have to ask her if she wants her first name revealed though.

I realize that sometimes we are in denial about things and people but these have been my experiences.

Your experiences may not have been the same as myself but many people "in the know" within Bethel also know that there have been "many problems" within this church.

These women have repeatedly told me about them when I see them at other functions but they told me that they are just praying about them.

I prayed and prayed and prayed a lot myself. God uses PEOPLE to accomplish His Will.

Perhaps God would like our churches to look at themselves within and "clean up their acts" but it would be very difficult to do that when one is REPEATEDLY in denial that there are any problems within.

It's so much easier to blame someone else for your problems and especially an unbeliever, etc.

Perhaps God is calling us all to LOOK WITHIN ourselves.

All I know is that I experienced some fundamental problems with some individuals within Bethel.

I have honestly related my experiences here. This is what I have personally been through.

I'm just keeping it real here. I'm tired of covering up and hiding things.

I've told the truth with the hope that I can get over all of this nonsense somehow and heal from all of these instances, which happened in succession, during a certain extremely vulnerable period within my life.

I am exposing these things with the hope that perhaps some of these issues will finally be acknowledged and/or addressed.

I'm extremely tired of games, images, masks, cover ups, facades, etc.

I've had QUITE ENOUGH of that and that is why I have done what I did.

I am trying desperately to get the truth out here and for some individuals to realize what they have done to me because of their lies, cover ups, false witness, slander, etc.

This church does not appear to be prepared to deal with some of these issues within their membership and so I guess that they can and will go on living in denial but at least I have tried to make them aware and address some of these issues.

I just wish that God would do this for me so that I would not have to.

I would have preferred for this to have happened while I am still on this earth but at least I have tried to get the truth out there.

After I received the letter from Bethel asking me to find another church to worship in, after I wrote a private and a personal letter to the editor, many individuals wrote into the church to disagree with this action.

Their comments were REMOVED from the churches' website.

This was all documented.

Deborah Boschman said...

Another thing R, I am NOT into political correctness at all.

I believe that we have come to the hour within our churches, cities, nation, etc. when we have to perhaps dig up and expose some unpleasantries in order to improve things, to correct them and to make them right.

I will pray for Bethel that your eyes will be opened soon so that you can see some of your follies and weaknesses; things that you could improve upon significantly.

God will have to do this work.

I have tried and there appears to be little or no acknowledgement of any problems and so God will have to use someone else to expose some of these truths to you guys.

The Board of Bethel appears to be NO DIFFERENT than the Board of the Brandon School Division who will also NOT BUDGE and refuse to listen to their electorate regarding this Milieu School.

How is their ANY difference here? Well, I don't see any.

I think that I should be very glad to be out of there, actually now, when I continue to hear this denial from within.

Oh well, at least I have tried and tried and tried.

I guess that you can rationalize things forever and that is what you will continue to do and so there is no point.

At least if I have made a mistake, I acknowledge that I have made one and I do something about it to correct it so that it doesn't happen again.

Some of you are in denial and so that is where you wish to remain and so be it.

Your denial to problems within this church has caused AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF GRIEF for me.

But, so be it. You are right and I am totally wrong.

Perhaps you can live with that but I am REALLY struggling with what I have experienced here but so be it.

Go on and have a happy life living in your bubble with your rose colored glasses on.

I will try to go on living in reality and coping with some pretty surreal experiences here and I hope that none of these ever happen to yourself.

That's all I can do now and that's all I can wish for you.

Tracy said...

As a Pastor's wife, i can tell you without a doubt that the Pastor from bethel is held in very high regard, not only in Brandon, but around the province, and even outside of the province. Not for one moment do i believe that any pastor has confided anything about him to you. I've yet to hear any Pastor say anything negative about him, but i've heard plenty of great things about him.
I hope you get help, because what i see going on here is disgusting. I hope CD host, that this whole line of comments will be shut down. You are giving free range for someone obviously troubled to slander and defame a number of good people.
You are lucky Deborah, that the people you are slandering are too mature and classy to bother fighting about this with you. On here or in court. (although i'm thinking its more than luck right? You seem to go after those that you know will not defend themselves.) I hope you are embarassed and i hope you get the help needed. When you stand before The Throne, you will certainly have a lot to account for. For your sake, i hope you make this right with God.

Anonymous said...

Deborah I never made a comment about prostitution etc..? Not sure where you got that from? Perhaps God is using people here to show you your wrongs so that you can change yourself? As for the bubble and rose coloured glasses I realize that churches are far from perfect, but I don't appreciate people lying about issues and presenting "so and so told me it happened so its fact". I will not argue with you anymore. I know the truth and its far from what you are spouting off.


Anonymous said...

But honestly though out of everything I wrote you saw "she doesn't believe there's a prostitution problem?"


Vincent W said...

Hi Deborah,

It's a good thing we have you to reveal these lies to us. When the race for mayor becomes official I'll support you.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, god doesn't exist so both Deborah and Anonymous sound a little off. This basically sounds like a fight between two people which is being broadcast in public.

Deborah Boschman said...

Tracy, sorry to burst your bubble, but Pastor Mike is only held in high regard by some church members and by some churches.

Many others feel that he is a control freak, domineering, egotistical, prideful etc.

There are Pastors and churches now who are praying for him and his church.

I await the day when the veil will be lifted off of your eyes and you will be able to see clearly but I'll let God reveal this to yourself and others.

Anonymous, Pastor Len Smith actually spoke many times about the evils of The Brandon Sun in the Sunday evening services; if you were to go back and listen to some of the taped messages.

I distinctly remembered thinking to myself that this was just totally not necessary at all and this greatly concerned me. This sounded cultish to me.

I mean, where else would you be asked to find another church to worship in because you write a personal and private letter to the Editor?

This makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

At the church that I attend now, many of us write Letters to the Editor on a frequent basis and the Pastor there NEVER ONCE mentions anything to us about this.

He doesn't feel that it is his business to "control" the people within his church.

I went up for prayer and my foster children were let out of the Nursery without my knowledge.

I found them at a park playing, beside the church.

This justifies calling the Child and Family Services RATHER THAN SPEAKING TO MYSELF about this?

That's mighty Christian of you!

Pastor Mike probably CANNOT address all of the issues that DESPERATELY NEED ADDRESSING because he has to worry about keeping his job.

I have never seen such religious hypocrisy as I have seen from some of these so called upstanding individuals.

There are some TRUE Christians within Bethel and often I meet these individuals at other events.

There are some individuals however, who have FOOLED the congregation.

NOTHING would surprise me anymore.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some Board members from some of our churches were actually participating Free Masons.

I'm serious.

Some of these upstanding members have people VERY FOOLED.

It appears that there REALLY ISN'T too much difference anymore between the church and the world.

IF you profess to be a Christian and you give enough money to the churches and you do enough good for just those you want to impress or influence within the church, well that appears to be good enough.

Many times individuals outside of the church are NOT believed because it is thought that they are sinners anyway and so you have this little "clique" that develops even within Christianity.

Individuals at my church also knew about, heard about the former Administrator's husband from Bethel from other community members.

I NEVER said a word to them or have. They ALREADY KNEW.

MANY, MANY community members saw that this guy was totally a religious hypocrite.

Just wait until we stand before God. You are going to be VERY surprised!

My eyes have certainly become opened.

This man spread ALL SORTS OF STORIES AND SLANDER about me within Bethel. It was RIDICULOUS.

I guess he had to defame me to cover up for the fact that he was a crook and that he had hurt MANY OTHERS within Brandon, including his own family, I was told by people who grew up with him.

Anonymous said...

I was not the nursery worker nor the person who called cfs deborah. Just a witness to the event. The children were never taken to the nursery so couldn't have been let out while you were at the alter seeing as they never got there in the first place.

It amazes me that you think that God is using you to "reveal all thats wrong in the church". If you actually checked your motives you'd see how wrong you are.


Anonymous said...

as I see it you got your 15 minutes of fame from bashing the church last election and you're trying to do that again. Unfortunately I think most will see this for what it is. nonsense.

Anonymous said...

ALERT THE PRESS!!!! Brandon is one HUGE conspiracy! Adam from ebrandon is in on it, The mayor is in on it, The church is in on it, MTS is in on it, Westman communications is in on it, The School board is in on it, The Neighbour is in on it, Hell even the dog is in on it! We should band together, put on our black spy suits, and storm the location where such aliens are holding their conspiracy meetings!
-----> That is basically what i gather from reading Mrs. Boschman's blog posts.

I Spent some time skimming through the blogs and all I could do was shake my head. I really feel as though Deborah should seek medical help or some sort of counselling.

I had to chuckle at reading all the different organizations that are involved in Mrs. Boschman's so called conspiracy. Everyone seems to be involved in this but Mrs. Boschman herself. It seems as though Brandon is perhaps out to get her.

Also, I sincerely wonder about the welfare of her children. She seems to have alot of mental anguish and I can only imagine the embarrasment this is causing her children and the mental effects that it has on them. Mrs. B, if your child has a severe eating disorder (as mentioned in your blog) perhaps your attention would be better directed towards her. It also seems like you devote many many hours towards this by talking to jail guards, school division workers, downtown employees, church ladies, etc. I can only imagine that this is probably become the centre of your life in and out of your home, and its unfortunate that you subject your children to this toxic environment.

I'm not denying that Brandon is a perfect place. But nowadays, no city is.

Tracy said...

I"m not the nursery worker either, but i can Verify "R's" statement that you just outright lied in that post. The children were never taken to nursery, you sent them on their own and they didn't go in there. Instead they went outside. This wasn't because of the worker, since rules clearly state you need to bring them to the nursery. You didn't do that, this was entirely your fault. And not the first instance either.
As for bursting my bubble. You'll have to forgive me if i don't believe you on this either. You've already shown that honesty is not a quality you think highly of.

Deborah Boschman said...

R, I guess that you can choose to believe your version of these events and you can choose to bear false witness.

I really had no idea anyone was watching me.

My recollection of the events was that I took my children upstairs to the Nursery.

If you were watching ALL of these events unfold and you observed them, then heck, why didn't you go and get these children and bring them back?

This defies understanding. After all, if we are all Christians and we are SUPPOSE to be helping and supporting one another; I would have done that for you. Why didn't you do that for me?

The other anonymous, I'm only speaking about ONE church; Bethel Christian Assembly and being asked to leave this church after I wrote a personal and private letter to the editor.

I went up for prayer just before all of these events happened; it was for prayer for fire and Pastor Mike, Pastor Len and Pastor Mike's wife, Cathy, pulled me aside, out of the prayer lineup.

Pastor Mike told me NOT to come up for prayer again until I had forgiven this unscrupulous Administrator's husband.

I had asked God to help me to forgive him but I wanted him to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his actions.

Pastor Mike then told me that I had talked about this man within my community. NO, THE COMMUNITY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THIS MAN.

Pastor Len, then agreed to pray with me.

That's pretty one sided for your Pastor, who also just happens to be FRIENDS with these individuals, to do this, without giving you an opportunity to refute what you are being told. You are just told that you are doing this and that when that is NOT the truth AT ALL.

You see, this individual was doing renovations on his home and he had NO permit from Brandon Area and Planning. Other neighbors said that he wasn't paying some of his workers.

One of his neighbors moved RIGHT AWAY when he found out that he had bought the house beside him. He told people that this man was always swearing. His family was VERY UPSET about this because this was their family home, where they grew up and they were upset with their father for up and selling and moving.

Some individuals who attend Bethel and live nearby also told us that they heard him swearing also.

I was also told that he DIDN'T EVEN have a licence from City Hall to sell cars and he was selling cars to members of Bethel.

I phoned City Hall and others did too and City Hall confirmed to us that this was in fact the case.

Call Brandon and Area Planning. Call City Hall. Perhaps they will tell you the truth.

Lastly, this man was also being investigated by Crime Stoppers.

Perhaps Pastor Mike had to ask me to leave in order to keep his own job because it was shortly after these things began to unfold and develop that they suddenly left Brandon.

When I spoke to one individual who works with the City of Brandon, he just laughed at me when I said to him, "Well, he's suppose to be this upstanding Christian. His wife is the Administrator of our church."

This man then told me that he was doing this kind of stuff for years within Brandon.

My neighbors told me that, "He had a terrible reputation and everywhere this guy had lived, there were the same stories and this same trouble. There's a pattern here with his behavior."

PRIOR to my writing this Letter to the Editor, I was attending a church where I enjoyed the fellowship of other believers, I was employed for ten years with The Brandon School Division; never having had a problem and my 9 yr. old daughter had her puppy which her daddy had just given to her.

After writing my Letter to the Editor, ALL of my circumstances RAPIDLY and SUDDENLY changed and in EACH INSTANCE, a member of my former church was involved.

Deborah Boschman said...

Anonymous, actually, the church was NEVER mentioned by myself in the last election in ANY debate or in ANY forum or avenue.

If the church was bashed, it was because the media did that or the general population but this wasn't done by myself.

Actually, to my recollection, the church was NEVER mentioned by anyone. I never read about the church. There were too many other more pressing and relevant issues to discuss within this city.

I think that the facts here pretty much speak for themselves.

You can deny the church's involvement in all of these issues until the cows come home.

Why was I asked to find another church to worship in after writing a Letter to the Editor?

What in the name of God would justify that?

Why was there such a cuffufle over this letter?

I have a right to freedom of speech; we all do.

This is unheard of and actually should become a Human Rights issue which MANY PEOPLE called me and encouraged me to pursue.

I have NOT pursued this avenue yet but perhaps I should.

I don't need to waste my time bashing the church which I will not be doing in this election either.

The facts speak for themselves and I wish that I could find representation in order to prove this.

I wish that I could hold these individuals' feet to the fire who have blatantly lied.

Like I said, any number of them could pretty much say anything and it would be believed.

We are going to have quite the SHOWDOWN on Judgement Day. Then you are going to realize just how MANY PEOPLE have lied, covered up, who's been deceived, etc.

I have NOTHING to fear because I'm telling the truth. I would suggest that some of these other individuals have MUCH MORE to worry about, however.

The Bible says that, "the hidden things will one day be revealed."

There is a verse in the Bible which states that Jesus will say to some, "Depart from me, I never knew you."

I have a fear, a reverence and a deep respect for the Word of God.

I would NEVER lie because I am accountable unto God for EVERY word that comes out of my mouth.

Individuals that I have been involved with KNOW what they have done and what they have gotten away with.

I just wish that it wouldn't take so long to actually see and experience JUSTICE.

The bible says, "Revenge is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay."

I'm just finding the WAITING PART to be so painfully long.

THIS is the part that I am having the GREATEST trouble with; just waiting for justice and waiting for the opportunity to prove that what I am saying is indeed the truth.

God knows. I just wish that I could get this truth out there so that people could actually see and understand what I have been through so that they could help me get some of these things back that have been stolen from me; my reputation, the truth, my 9 yr. old daughter's puppy, my position with the Brandon School Division.

I'm sure that I'd have to get legal representation from out of town because nobody has any guts in this town.

Everybody is just worried about kissing everybody else's arse in this town.

Hopefully, what happened to me will NEVER happen to them because I wouldn't wish this NIGHTMARE on anyone else, ever.

Deborah Boschman said...

As I recall the events with my foster children, I took them to the Nursery and I was in a line waiting for prayer.

When I went to get them, they were not there and I found them in a park beside the church playing.

If you saw all of this unfold, then as a Christian, why didn't you go and get these children and bring them safely back?

Wouldn't this have been the Christian thing to do? I would have done that for you.

There seem to be a lot of people watching a lot of things within this church.

I thought that we came to church to connect with our God and to hear what He is saying to us.

Regarding Anonymous who claimed that I bashed the church in the last election, well, that never happened.

There were MANY issues that were addressed. The church was not on the list. There continue to be MANY issues affecting us within Brandon, as a city.

Where is the proof for your accusation? Show me your proof.

Where was it written that I bashed the church?

You guys sent me a letter telling me to find another church to worship in after I wrote a Letter to the Editor.

The media reported the facts. I think that you guys bashed yourselves.

I have just contacted a source who I hope will help me. I just want these individuals who have lied within Bethel to be held to account for their lies and their slander, etc.

Hopefully this group will be able to help.

I just want this surreal truth to be told so that some of these individuals can be addressed.

My reputation is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I'm not going to be lied about, slandered, false witness borne against me without a fuss.

God knows what happened and my goal is to make some of you, within this church, actually recognize and acknowledge the part that some of you played in all of this nonsense, as well.

I hope that this individual gets back to me soon.

I just want to get to the truth and I want the REAL truth to come out here.

NO ONE should ever have to go through what I did just because I wrote a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing my personal and private opinion.

That was nobody's business within this church. I NEVER once named the church or said that I represented the church.

This was my private and personal opinion of things and under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I am entitled to this.

Right after this, the nonsense continued and in fact escalated into this runaway train; one surreal thing after another.

This is what I want to expose, address and try to have people deal with and come to grips with.

I'd like to see some justice on this earth, if that is possible.

I'd like to set the record straight.

Being lied about and having these lies believed and perpetuated doesn't sit too well with me.

This nonsense affected my job. My daughter's puppy was taken, with the help of a woman from Bethel.

Let's talk about what can really go on and take place when someone lies.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, there is no upstairs nursery, its on the main level. Just got caught in one of your own lies. and FWIW I never saw your children leave the church or yes I would have stopped them as they were too young to be on their own. As I said I was there and they were never taken to the nursery at all. So now that we know you'll lie about one event to try and slander people we can be certain that you'll lie about many events.


T. said...

The fact is deborah, you didn't walk the kids to the nursery, there are a ton of witnesses who can attest to that.
Why didn't anyone stop them? Why should they have to? why are you expecting other's to parent for you? No you wouldn't have done that for my kids, because i wouldn't have allowed my children to run off. The rules were in place, you ignored them, sent the kids off and tried to place the blame on others. It was your responsibility to care for the children, (one you ignored, more than once) I imagine that is why CFS was called (no i wasn't involved with that) and why CFS removed the foster children.
Its time to take personal responsibility for the things going wrong with you rather than to continually blame others.

CD-Host said...

Since there seems to be content and I'm not seeing the same kind of nasty person stuff. I'm turning moderation off. Have fun and I'll try and monitor.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deborah Boschman said...

When I attended Bethel, Child Care or Sunday School was upstairs and that is where these children were taken when I attended church.

The Christians at the church that I now attend don't behave, talk or act like what I am hearing from some of you at all.

If they have something to say, they also have the decency and diplomacy of identifying themselves.

There is no running to a Pastor and others with tales and lies, watching people, gossip, slander; none of this goes on at this church.

If anything like this ever began or started up at my new church, it would be nipped in the bud immediately.

Anonymous said...

No deborah it wasn't, it happened in the evening and there was nothing going on upstairs, there was no child care program up there. Deborah you talk about there being no lying, gossiping or slander etc. going on at your church, but yet you're on here doing the very thing you're accusing others of doing.

Deborah Boschman said...

I'm telling the truth about my own personal experiences within a church.

There are about three women from this church that Pastor Mike himself has described as "witches" within the church. He is on tape saying this only a VERY SHORT time ago, within this year.

Perhaps his hands are tied and he is not able to deal with these individuals the way in which he would like to, I'm not sure.

All I know is that these women should be DEALT WITH SWIFTLY!

I never knew that there were politics also within a church. I don't know how the Board works, etc. and how they CONTROL their Pastor, etc.

All I know is that there are some FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES within Bethel that should be addressed.

Asking someone to leave your church because they voice their personal and private opinion via their newspaper is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

They should have ALL of the individuals present at a church meeting and they should allow me to hear all of the lies that were spoken against me so that I could refute them and defend myself against this kind of stuff.

I DON'T CARE if this church is largely a Conservative church. I have EVERY RIGHT to express how I feel about the leadership of our city without being asked to leave my church because of this.

This is where and how this entire fiasco started.

One of these "witches" of Bethel started this whole thing by running to Pastor Mike with one of her lies and I'm trying to get her to become ACCOUNTABLE for her evil ways and I would have ideally liked the church to address this issue and her.

Her lie to a Pastor began a runaway train mentality that has escalated to the situation that I now find myself in. I have been trying to get the church to address some of their issues within their membership but they don't appear to want to do that.

Perhaps Pastor Mike is a victim here also. He reacted to what he was told and so in effect, the lies of these women have hurt MANY OF US within Brandon and within Bethel.

Perhaps this church needs to address these women IN A VERY STERN AND IMMEDIATE FASHION.

There is no monkeying around at my current church. Any dissention is dealt with SWIFTLY AND IMMEDIATELY.

This is NOT tolerated at all. There appears to be a ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of activity within my new church and I'm quite sure that these three women would be asked to leave IF they ever came.

I know that one of them did with her friend but I think that the Pastor spoke with her.

I think that it should be like this within ALL of our churches.

A ZERO TOLERANCE for any nonsense.

Then I think people might have some respect for Christians and they might actually believe that things ARE different in the church than they are in the world.

Right now, there appears to be not too much difference, in this particular church anyway.

I don't know about the rest of the churches within Brandon because I have not been to them.

Perhaps this is a widespread issue that should be addressed amongst all of our churches. I don't know.

All I'm doing is relating my own personal experiences within one church in Brandon; Bethel Christian Assembly.

Tracy said...

You say you have all this proof of what you say, so then lets see it. Post it here or release it. As i see it, just because you (dishonestly) say something doesn't make it fact. And actually you've been outright caught in a lie on here, so we already can see just how honest these posts are. So lets have it, show us all your proof.

"You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."
Matthew 7:5

Deborah Boschman said...

I'm hoping that the individual that I just contacted will help me to do just that.

They are going to get back to me.

Then you will see all the proof that you need.

I'm awaiting the day to set the record straight.

Some of these so-called Christian women have lied but they are agreeing in their lies.

That's how ridiculous things have become nowadays.

I have NONE of these problems WHATSOEVER in my new church; none of them.

I'm still the same person. The only thing that changed is that I am in a different church.

Why am I NOT having any problems here?

What's the difference?

The women in my new church would NEVER act, talk like these particular women from Bethel.

Perhaps that is because they are the REAL DEAL and these others are NOT.

I also blame the leadership of Bethel for NOT addressing these women more severely.

I heard that they got letters for causing MUCH trouble in the past, from a woman who still attends Bethel.

Obviously, their letters have NOT worked.

Perhaps the leadership of this church should try to CONTROL these awful gossiping, wicked, idle, trouble making women than worrying about who is writing what letter to the editor and then talking about what is written to the newspaper in a church.

Perhaps they need someone to come in there and crack the whip real GOOD and clean house in this church.

Perhaps that is what is REALLY needed.

All I know is that I have NEVER had to put up with SO MUCH NONSENSE in my entire life and I am trying to address this NONSENSE that yourself and a few others are trying to deny that exists.

Well, you'd better wake up and soon and I'd like to help you along in that process!

For all I know, maybe the Pastor has even lied. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would surprise me anymore. NOTHING.

Deborah Boschman said...

Tracy, you go ahead and call Pat McKenzie from Reimax Realty and the owner of J & M Windows and Doors or ask Pat, she'll tell you if that is the right guy.

This is regarding what they saw that was covered up and will need to be repaired in this house that I bought from "upstanding" Christian man.

Then call Manitoba Hydro who "red tagged" the furnace and told me it was unsafe. I had to IMMEDIATELY get furnace replaced at a cost of over $5,000.00 to me. This is at 520-14th Street, the house I bought from them.

I was told by "upstanding" Christian man that the furnace was fine.

Then call the City of Brandon and see that I had to pay the water bill because he refused to pay it. That was over $2,000,00 because the downstairs toilet was leaking and it wasn't fixed.

Then talk to the current owner of their old house that they sold on 16th Street.

There are MANY other individuals that I could have you call but I didn't ask their permission to identify them.

I sent Pat's letter addressing all of these house issues to Bethel and that is when I received a letter back from them stating, from the desk of Pastor Mike, it said:

"Any further correspondence from you in this regard will be deleted and/or ignored."

I have a copy of the letter that I sent to Bethel from Pat identifying the MANY repairs that will be required and that are needed.

If you forward me your email, I will forward it to you.

My email is: or

If Pat still has a copy of this letter, perhaps she can forward it to you herself.

Please also call Crime Stoppers and ask them if complaints were ever filed against this guy.

Then call Brandon and Area Planning and then call City Hall; the licencing division regarding obtaining licences for selling vehicles.

He was selling vehicles to members of Bethel with NO licence from City Hall. My neighbor told me and I DIDN'T believe him. I called down there and they told me themselves at City Hall.

Gayle Kohlenburg from Bethel told me that "upstanding Christian man" was doing renovations on his home without a licence as did MANY of his other neighbors.

I said, "No way."

I called Brandon and Area Planning and they told me NO, he does NOT have a licence to do renovations on his home.

There are several others but again, like I said, I did not ask their permission to use their names and I will not do so until I have their permission.

Go and call up these people.

Then come and talk to some of my neighbors who know this guy and have had dealings with him in the past.

Then call Mr. Doug Paterson, the Brandon lawyer and City Councillor and ask him what it was like to deal with this guy on the sale of another home; Mrs. Trotter's house, I believe her name was, on 16th Street.

That should keep you busy for a while.

Deborah Boschman said...

While you are calling Tracy, please call Mr. Fred Nickerson and ask him what he went through while working at the Brandon School Division with Dr. Donna Michaels.

Then please call my sister-in-law Audrey Boschman at 1-604-888-7430 because she was here with me when the unscrupulous teacher came over to my house pressuring me to sign papers FOR THE SALE OF MY OWN HOME TO THEM.

We were RATHER DISTRACTED because we were trying to cope with the WORSENING condition of my father who was dying of cancer, at the time.

I SHOULD HAVE thrown this smartie OUT of my house but like I said, we were rather distracted but even so, this WAS VERY STUPID ON MY PART to sign papers that I hadn't read.

You just DON'T do that, under ANY circumstances.

Then this smartie lies to the School Division.

My gosh, she rips me off BIG TIME on my house and then the MANIPULATING, CONNIVING WITCH even manages to tell them some tales at the School Division.

The Human Resources person REFUSES to meet with me or to explain why my Substitute Teaching priviledges have been terminated.

Dr. Donna Michaels tells me that my Substitute Teaching priviledges SHOULD BE returned but they NEVER ARE.

Then Dr. Michaels tells me that if I ever go to the media about this, that I will NEVER teach with the Brandon School Division again.

I thought that the head of the Brandon Teacher's Association KNEW me from Bethel but she was sticking up for this teacher and also for Pastor Mike.

ALL OF THESE REASONS ARE WHY I AM SEEKING LEGAL ASSISTANCE but like I said, they don't have any guts in this town.

Well, perhaps realistically they also just want to be paid for their services.

I'm trying to get Legal Assistance from elsewhere; outside of Brandon.

Everyone appears to be so CONDITIONED in this town. They simply DON'T want to rock the boat, plus they KNOW that there are repercussions and consequences when and if you do STEP OUT.

Many others have shared these experiences with me.

Well, I'd like the opportunity to EXPOSE all of them and ALL of this absolute NONSENSE that myself and probably others have been through.

Perhaps you would like to get a hold of Mrs. Eileen Trott. She was right in the room with me when Dr. Michaels asked to speak to me.

I think she lives in Wpg. now.

I hope that my contact gets back to me soon.

The sooner this whole mess is exposed, the better it will be for ALL of us, hopefully.

There are 5 witnesses regarding Brandonites who have had their puppies taken out of their yards by an Animal By Law officer; most of these involve the SAME By Law officer.

I'll have to ask permission to give you their names and telephone numbers.

This is the NONSENSE of Brandon and I'd like to expose the whole lot of it.

There's probably a lot more too from what I'm hearing from others.

I'm just darn fed up and I've had ENOUGH with the stupid politics of this place, the lies, the political correctness, etc.

My girlfriend told me some of the nonsense that she has been through living here and it is horrible also.

Deborah Boschman said...

I need a lawyer so that I can show and prove how this neighbor who bore FALSE WITNESS against me called the Brandon City Police on MANY OCCASIONS to complain about her husband.

A police cruiser was OFTEN in front of her house. There appears to be a PATTERN here.

I will bring in COUNTLESS WITNESSES and my own children who will tell you of these two neighbor ladies HARASSING THE HELL OUT OF US ON A CONTINUAL AND REPEATED BASIS.

My witnesses will show that these women have LIED to the police, to their lawyer, to the judge on NUMEROUS occasions.

They are playing the poor little granny act to HIDE the fact that they ARE LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH.

Somebody provide me WITH A LAWYER and then let's see what's the TRUTH and what's a lie.

PLEASE give me this opportunity.

You want a show down.

Honey, I'd LOVE to give you one.

There won't be ANY HIDING behind anybody else's lies then.

I just need a lawyer to help me to prove EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE INSTANCES.

By the way, I went to my church today, The Brandon Vineyard, and BOY, DID WE HEAR A MESSAGE TODAY!

It was about SIN. What is sin and how we've gotten so SICK even within our own churches that we DON'T EVEN CALL WHAT IS SIN A SIN ANYMORE.

We just want to tell people what they WANT TO HEAR, what will make everybody FEEL GOOD rather than what we ALL NEED to hear.


In the Bible there are MANY INSTANCES of those who LIED before God.

One such instance was Ananias and Sapphira. They LIED before God and God struck them DEAD.

Okay, God, I'm asking YOU to reveal the TRUTH in ALL and EACH AND EVERY ONE of these instances.

I am standing before YOU today and I'm asking YOU TO MAKE IT KNOWN VERY PLAINLY AND CLEARLY for ALL to see, those who have OPENLY lied from within our church, others elsewhere, etc.

Lord, PLEASE do this work within our churches, within ALL areas of City Hall, The Brandon School Division, The Brandon School Board, wherever a WORK needs to be done.

I ask you to uncover and reveal these truths in the MIGHTY, POWERFUL name of Jesus, Amen.

Lord, I call a CURSE or DEATH on those who are lying in EACH and EVERY ONE of these circumstances.

Please cause EVERYONE to KNOW and SEE what the real truth is VERY CLEARLY in the days, weeks and months that are ahead.

Hebrews 10: 26 speaks about Ananias and Sapphira.

God, I pray that YOU will break OUT in this City and SET US FREE!

We have been under the STRONGHOLD of this Conservative Party, this Free Mason reign, this leadership of Brandon for TOO LONG NOW.


Lord, reveal the TRUTH about what has been happening time and time and time again to these citizens of Brandon EVERY TIME they have stepped out to try to CHANGE and IMPROVE things within this City.



I ASK YOU GOD, THIS DAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009, TO BREAK THIS OFF OF OUR CITY, IMMEDIATELY, in the name and the power and the blood of Jesus, AMEN!


Now, let's just sit back and see what our God is going to do!

Deborah Boschman said...

Perhaps I should cancel my curse or death for those who have lied.


I think that we have ALL been hurt in this city in some way, shape or form and perhaps we ALL need to be healed of the many things that we have been through; personal, professional, etc.

All I know is that I feel that we have been RAPED for years of opportunities within this city, growth, potential, etc. and I want to see this CLEARLY CHANGE within this next election; in EVERY area.

My intentions are HONORABLE. My approach may confuse some and I apologize for that.

I am just INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED about MANY THINGS within our churches, institutions, within our city, etc.

You can pray for me also. I am NOT perfect. I am a sinner and I fail often also but I am always going to KEEP TRYING and I am never going to GIVE UP OR QUIT.

Sometimes, I think that in order to GET BETTER, we have to DIG UP those things that are unpleasant, that we are covering up, that we are trying to hide, expose them and then TRY TO DEAL WITH THEM in order to improve, get better, move forward, grow and learn from them.

This is the place where I am at within my own life and I believe that this is also the place where we are at, collectively, as a city.

These are MY thoughts on this anyway.

The Brandon Vineyard, by the way, is located off of 14th Street and Rosser Avenue and services start there at 10:00 am on Sunday.

Every Tuesday evening there is a BEAUTIFUL AND REVERENT time of singing worshipful songs to God and prayer for ANYONE who needs prayer and this starts at 7:30 pm.

Tracy said...

So your proof is "i'm gunna have proof"? And seriously, if i had any doubt to the level of disturbance you have shown, you've erased that with these last few posts. We ask for proof and all you can talk about is your house? Lets see your proof against the church, since you seem so eager to spread lies like crazy against them. Lets see the proof against the BSD, lets see the proof against all these other insane accusations. All i see here is you continually saying you have proof, yet when you get called out on it, suddenly you don't have proof yet but you'll get it? You said you had recordings, ok lets hear them, you say you have proof lets SEE them. No one is going to believe you based on 'because i say its so' reasoning.
You accuse others of lying yet you know the things you've said on here don't have a bit of truth in them. I'd be cautious about praying down curses on the liars, you'll find yourself right in the middle of that.
Read through your posts, i don't know how anyone can doubt now the level of issues and paranoia that you've shown. Get help, and leave people alone.
Anyway i'm done here, all this arguing is doing is giving you more opportunity to continue on in your ramblings. At least the posts that myself and others have written will inject a little bit of sanity in the midst of the crazy accusations and paranoia.
I sincerely hope you get the help you need maybe then you can look back on this and see how incredibly ridiculous all of this is.

Anonymous said...


My god, for such a religious person you are so full of hate. You need to get on with life (if you have one, other than trying to make up lies),and forgive and forget (not that I think most of this has happened). I have never seen one person have so many problems with people in one community, so perhaps "you are the problem", not everyone else!

Deborah Boschman said...

B, it's actually NOT hate, I think that it is called "righteous anger". I'm just fed up and quite disgusted now.

I am just TOTALLY TICKED OFF with the level of denial that continues with some of these individuals.

These kinds of things have been going on within my community to a lesser or greater extent, from what people tell me, and I am not the only one who has encountered problems living here.

It sure DOESN'T HELP when former church members keep meddling into my affairs and help to cause MORE problems for me.

Much of this fiasco started because I wrote a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper, which I have EVERY right to do.

Anonymous said...
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Deborah Boschman said...

My intent is NOT to pull apart a church. That is NOT my REAL intent at all, whatsoever.

People within this church have lied.

I'm asked to leave a church because I write a Letter to the Editor, okay, I can deal with that and I did deal with that. I moved on.

But, then a member of this church HELPS my neighbor take my daughter's puppy away from her and TELLS ME ALL ABOUT HOW HER AND MY NEIGHBOR DID THIS!

Another member is the head of the Brandon Teacher's Association and I am being told that I CANNOT substitute teach any longer but I am NOT given a reason for this.

The Human Resources person within the Brandon School Division REFUSES to meet with me or to explain their rationale for this decision. Why?

My job should NOT be in jeopardy because I wrote a Letter to the Editor.

My daughter should still have her puppy.

False charges, false witness, false testimony ensued. Why was someone from my former church involved in that?

Perhaps there are ISSUES within this church that NEED to be addressed. I honestly DON'T KNOW.

They choose to NOT want to address these issues and some of their members are in DENIAL that these realities even exist.

The lies, the whispers continue.

Well, these events are SURE a reality for myself and my family!

But, that's okay, is it?

I'm just BEING TOTALLY HONEST and my intention is NOT to hurt anyone.

How would you feel if these things happened to you? How would you feel to have false charges laid against you? How would you feel to be betrayed by members of your former church?

Yes, I'm suppose to forgive and move on but when, just when, are we going to deal with our issues and our stuff?

I don't have a job anymore and my daughter NO LONGER has her puppy and I DON'T THINK THAT'S FAIR at all!

Just because I wrote a letter because I CARE about where we are going as a city?

Don't you think that is just TOO HIGH a price to pay for freedom of speech?

This is where I'm coming from.

We are SO GOOD at covering up within this city. We are SO GOOD at hiding, being quiet, being "good little sheep," being told to sweep things under the carpet and PRETENDING that things don't exist that REALLY do.

I'm VERY SORRY if these things have hurt other people. Don't you think that I have ALSO been deeply hurt AND my family members by the actions of these other people?

We are constantly IN DENIAL about everything within this city. We don't speak the truth; we are NOT ABLE TO.


These are MY CONSEQUENCES when I did choose to speak out.

I had church members smile smugly at me. I put up with a lot of nonsense.

How would you have handled this if these events would have happened to you?

Just forgive and forget and PRETEND that they never happened at all?

Is that what I should be doing?

Who does God use to change things?

I always believed that He used people.

Do my children suffer MORE because I try to make their world a BETTER place or do they suffer more by MY SILENCE and my pretending that all is well, when in fact, it is NOT.

I have prayed and prayed and prayed about this. I've asked God a MILLION times to MOVE on my behalf and to right these wrong things.

Dr. Phil McGraw says on his televised program, "How has that been working for you?"

Well, it WASN'T working at all.

I feel like I'm living a lie by pretending that all is well when it is anything but.

These people who perpetrated these acts against myself and my children are the ones who SHOULD feel remorse and who SHOULD feel VERY ASHAMED for their actions.

I'm trying to hold them to ACCOUNT for their actions towards or against me. That is ALL I'm trying to do here. Those are my HONEST intentions and God KNOWS my heart.

Anonymous said...

You're not getting what anyone is saying. The paranoiai is that you think that every bad thing thats happened to you is because of members of a church. the teacher you mention, does not have the power to remove you as a substitute teacher. As for the dog, who knows what really went on there. Your testimony of events is very shaded and we can't trust what you say. Even when one can 100% prove that you're wrong, you still won't admit it. Do you honestly think that people have nothing better to do than to talk about you/whisper about you? Fact is that people at that church are not, I haven't even heard one conversation about you. Not a single one. Dr. Phil also has another quote he uses quite often "you wouldn't care so much about what people think (say) about you if you realized how little they did" Its time to get off the conspiracy thing. What you don't get is that you are not making the world a better place for your children. You're not bettering them or yourself by acting like this. Praying curses? what on earth makes you think that's a Godly thing to do? I think that enough people in this city know the truth of these events that you publically talking like this is having little to no effect.

Deborah Boschman said...

To the last anonymous person who posted.

Please know that my children have ALREADY been hurt.

My son went with his friend to the Youth group at Bethel.

A young girl came up to my son and his friend when he first arrived there. She walked right over to my son and said to him, "Yeah, I hear your mom is taking Pastor Mike to court."

Where did she get this from?

My son DIDN'T EVEN KNOW this young girl. He had NEVER met her.

My son told me that he was TERRIBLY embarrassed by this because she said this IN FRONT OF MANY young people at the Youth group.

It was not long after that, that my son and his friend STOPPED going to these Youth activities.

I NEVER ASKED the mother of the other young man why they stopped going but they did.

NO ONE EVER offered to meet with me to try to pray about the situation that happened with myself and Bethel, to offer an apology, etc. after asking me to leave because of the original Letter to the Editor.

My children have ALREADY been hurt by members of Bethel on NUMEROUS occasions already.

This will NOT be anything new to them.

You can speak to my son's friend IF you don't believe me on this one either.

My daughter walked past the member of Bethel who told me all about how she helped my neighbor take my daughter's puppy away from her.

I asked her what she did. She said nothing because she said to me, "Now, I know how it REALLY is in the world with some people and what they are capable of doing to you."

Anonymous said...

you realize that the court hearings you've done are on public record right? anyone can access them. It shouldn't be surprising that a member of the youth found out. I do know for a fact that the pastors of the church did not tell the congregation that you did that. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason he stopped going was because he was embarassed that people knew his mom was filing frivolous lawsuits? So because you're chidren have already been hurt its fine that you'd continue to do so to them? come on you do know that this is negatively effecting them and you're still doing it. They need to be a priority, not this rediculousness you've created.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most who post on here about you, i do know you, and have listened and watched for years the drama that has unfolded. And before you even start to yell about who i really am, i don't need the drama and controversy that follows your every statement. I would like to however point out a few things that you have either neglected to tell the whole story on, or stated in such a way as to change the complexion to make yourself the martyr. Your daughters dog for instance, after you had left the dog with the neighbor for far longer than a few days (weeks or longer) then you go back and tried to take the dog from her. When you were running for mayor, you had a charge pending and a warranty out for your arrest due to trying to steal the dog from the womans backyard and got caught and confronted. You then at one point did win the dog back at court, and i believe that you even said that the neighbor looked at your daughter and told her that she could have the dog back, but wanted reimbersment for the vet bills incurred while she had the dog. You never went back to get the dog. As for your 3 children, yes, you do have three children. The younger two live with you, the third was raised by your parents until he was billited out when he started to play minor pro hockey, he is now living in the states and is over 22 years old. None of your children want to be involved in any of this and have repeatedly told you such. At least that is what they say to their friends when asked by them about it. You keep asking for justice against the 'old boys' club and the conspiracy of the church and your old job as a teacher. You never mentioned that you were the one who accused the teacher of bahaviour and other problems behind her back to other teachers as well as the school board. The fact she has anything to do with Bethel is irrelevant. It was only after they told you that you weren't to spread rumors about the woman, you kept doing it, that they sent you the letters regarding not needing your services anymore. Your house that you bought, it is unfortunate that it needed to have the foundation fixed, I highly doubt that Bethel had anything else to do with this other than the previous owner went there and was friends with the pastor. They reason they have home inspectors is for this exact reason, a house mortgage will always allow for a inspection in the price. You are not the only person to have bought a house that wasn't in perfect shape. As to your pipes breaking, you most likely should have paid your hydro bill and not have it cut off at the time. I believe one such time you were working up north as a teacher and let the hydro get cut off, like your phone does every second month. You say your neighbors laugh at you when they see you. From an outsiders point of view, it is laughable, it is like it is out of a b grade conspiracy movie. You comment on how it is so bad that the city manager hasn't paid taxes, you have problems keeping your home bills paid and didn't do your taxes for years(2 or three if i remember correctly). Does it really suprise you that a mayoral candidate who is a regular church goer, would have friends he made at church who believe in him in his campaign? The police reacted in the only way they could to all the situations that you put them in, with total diregard to who was involved. Without any proof, nobody can be charged, except you did try to steal the dog out of the yard and was caught by her.

Anonymous said...

Second Post on comments:

You say that Brandon has a small town mentality, hard to believe since the population has risen in the past years. It is also hard to believe that some old boys club runs it all from the back burner when so much of our businesses are locally owned and operated. The small businesses wouldn't have a chance if this was the case involving the leaders of the city being controlled.

At some point i belive you have to look at what you are stating as fact and realize that not everything you say is the exact truth. I realize that you believe in what you are saying, you just have to make sure you tell the whole truth, not just a condensed version of it.

I can barely imagine what this is doing to your whole family from Brandon. I know they want you to stop, but ultimately that must come from you.

I hope this opens your eyes a little and shows you how your 'fight against the establishment' is more about creating a vision of yourself you want to see. It is not you who is being hurt by this. Hopefully the points i have brought forward shed a little more light onto the situation for all who read it. They deserve to know this before they make their own decisions.

Deborah Boschman said...

To the anonymous post.

I was NEVER told by the Brandon School Division to stop talking about an unscrupulous teacher.

I was told by Dr. Michaels to perhaps NOT teach at the same school as this teacher.

Dr. Michaels told the Human Resources Director at the time to REINSTATE my Substitute Teaching priviliges.

This NEVER happened. The Human Resources Director NEVER obeyed the instructions of Dr. Michaels.

She was mad at me for going OVER her head and taking this to Dr. Michaels in the first place.

She was totally unprofessional in that she gave PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL information to some schools indicating to them that I made these comments.

I never talked to a School Board member about this until the Town Hall parent meeting.

If I did it would have been in a letter to the President of the Brandon School Board AFTER I was repeatedly BEING DENIED to substitute teach.

I don't recall mentioning that to this man at the time but if he can prove to me in a letter to him that I did, then it is only because I was consistently being denied the opportunity to substitute teach.

Don't cheat and don't steal.

I had indicated in the paper that I had wanted $79,000 for my home. I went down to $76,000. They gave me $73,000. I wanted as CLOSE to $76,000 as I could get.

My gosh. I paid $76,000 for the house. I was ALREADY giving it away. This is a home in the Waverly Park area.

I had put in brand new air conditioning and a furnace and I was told that the water tank was also new; new siding, a new shed.

You DON'T come over to my home and PRESSURE me to sign papers for the private sale of my home to you.

They KNEW what they were doing.

They were RUDE and IGNORANT to me during this entire process and I should have told this teacher to get out of my house.

Why didn't they take this to my lawyer? Well, because they thought they could get away with this with me and they did.

This unscrupulous teacher said to me, "Take it or leave it." That's when I should have told her to get out.

They made $55,000 profit on the re-sale of my former home. Give me the other $3,000 that I wanted.

I was ALREADY basically giving it away.

I called her that evening and I told her that is NOT what I had agreed to.

Remedy it then.

I could NEVER do to them or ANYONE ELSE what they did to me. I have a conscience.

Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal. Then you'll have NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

You sold the house, no fault of anyone else. You had to sign the papers, they didn't do it too you. You agree'd to that amount by signing the papers. You can't blame them because you have remorse now that you didn't get the full amount you wanted for it. rediculous

D.F. said...

seriously? This is what you're mad at this teacher about? For legally and ethically buying and flipping a home?
Perhaps you don't understand how the housing market works, you agreed to sell your home at the price they paid. No one grabbed you by the hand and forced you to sign the papers. They legally own the home, if they choose to flip it and make cash off of it, then it has nothing to do with you anymore. You don't have any claim to any of the money made off the sale of it. I can't believe you would have the gall to ask them to give you money after they sold the house.
So you went on to slander this teacher because she sold HER house for a profit? Really, do you not see how crazy that is?
You seem to hold onto these imagined persecutions and try to twist the situations into making you look like the victim. When in MANY if not ALL of these situations YOU are the instigator, YOU are the bully, YOU are the one lying, slandering, etc...

Deborah Boschman said...

On my substitute teaching file it said in red, NEED NOT APPLY.

After I asked for my Substitute Teaching privileges to be reinstated at a public School Board Meeting, it was after that, that I noticed that these words were removed.

I take responsibility for the fact that I was a doormat. Yes, I was.

This is why many of the things that happened to me happened also because individuals KNEW they could get away with it.

Yes, I should have gotten a building inspector for my home but I thought that if you were dealing with someone who calls themselves a Christian, that this actually MEANT SOMETHING; that I could trust them.

I was wrong.

I had asked this neighbor to help and she had offered to help us take care of my daughter's puppy.

She ALREADY had a dog and two cats, for the love of God.

Our puppy was NEVER out of our yard except once, when my daughter accidentally left the gate open. These neighbors just MADE UP THIS STORY because she WANTED my daughter's puppy.

She made up the whole thing. My children were right there and they saw this all go down. They saw that she had slapped me across the face and they saw that I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this woman.

One of the gossips from Bethel helped her and she told me all about it afterwards.

She told me how this neighbor brought our puppy over to her house and how TOGETHER they phoned the Animal Pound, Fun for Furry Friends, etc.

She was now helping her. She had now become my neighbor's friend behind my back.

We went to her yard to take OUR PUPPY BACK; MY DAUGHTER'S PUPPY. This was RIGHTFULLY my daughter's puppy for the love of God.

Yes, this neighbor told the court that she would give our puppy back IF I paid the vet fees.

I was STILL VERY ANGRY at this neighbor for laying these FALSE CHARGES AGAINST ME.

When I addressed this with her in court she told me, "Forget about it."

Yes, perhaps I should have but I found it PRETTY DARN HARD.

My reputation is important to me. I have NEVER had anyone accuse me of something that I NEVER DID before and ESPECIALLY AS MALICIOUS and conniving as this lie was.

When this neighbor found out that I lost my court case against the City, well then she REFUSED to give us our puppy back.

I called her number and left SEVERAL MESSAGES asking her to PLEASE let us pay the vet fees and give us our puppy back.

My friend even called her.

She REFUSED because now she knew that she DIDN'T HAVE TO.

This entire story was MADE UP by these women.

My daughter's puppy was NEVER out of our yard. They took her OUT of our yard. This other woman from Bethel TOLD ME ALL ABOUT IT.

This woman ALREADY had a dog and two cats for the love of God. This was my 9 yr. old daughter's FIRST PET; A GIFT FROM HER FATHER.

Where is the COMMON SENSE here?

There isn't any.

This is just plain and simple SELFISHNESS.

They stalked our yard. My gosh, they WOULDN'T leave us alone.

I KNEW something was going to happen.

I wrote a harsh Letter to the Editor of the Brandon Sun regarding the Liberal Party and its leader and I was never told that this was inappropriate by the Pastor or Board of my church.

It was only after I wrote about the leadership of Brandon over our city that I was suddenly in trouble at my church.

Brandon is largely Conservative. There is a Conservative stronghold over this city.

We all know that our Mayor is a Conservative.

MANY of us want to see REAL CHANGE now. REAL CHANGE within Brandon.

My oldest son is off-limits to you.

You don't know the whole story and it's none of your business anyway.

My bills are also none of your business and it is REALLY EASY to slander someone when you are remaining anonymous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

see, now you have your words so twisted, you don't even know what you are saying....example.

You said your puppy was never out of the yard, EXCEPT when your daughter left the gate open.

then further down you say...


well you already said it got out when the gate was left open.

Deborah Boschman said...

My daughter's puppy was ONLY out of our yard ONCE when my daughter accidentally left the gate open.


You DON'T come to my home and pressure me to sign papers that I have NOT read yet.

I should NEVER sign papers that I have NOT read yet.

You just DON'T do that.

I SHOULD NEVER have allowed them to draw up the papers for the sale of my home to them.

I told some teachers that I had REAL DIFFICULTY working in the same school as this woman AFTER being CONSTANTLY HARASSED by this woman at one particular school.

She did ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to get my goat.

I wanted as close to $76,000 as I could get. It was in the paper, they were told before.

I should have NEVER dealt with these people. They were rude and arrogant to me.

You don't know ALL that went on BEFORE this transaction.

Yes, that IS VERY STUPID OF ME to sign papers that I HAVE NOT READ.

My father was dying at the time.

You DON'T come to my home and put me UNDER DURESS. You simply DON'T do that to a person.

Then you don't lie to the President of the Brandon Teachers' Association.

You DON'T lie to The Brandon School Division or your Principal either.

We are SUPPOSE to lead by example.

It is NOT do as I say but NOT as I do.

Why didn't they take these papers to my lawyer? I told them who my lawyer was.

Don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If we ALL applied that then some of us wouldn't be in the situations that we find ourselves in.

Deborah Boschman said...

Brandonites are talking about the City Mgr. and they are saying that this is extremely serious.

I am NOT the City Mgr. and I am NOT in a position of authority within my city.

I am NOT in a position of leadership over this city. The City Mgr. is.

He is probably quite a fine gentleman. No one is questioning the man himself.

What many people are talking about, however, is his EXAMPLE when he is in the position that he is within our city.

I take ownership and responsibility for anything that is of my own doing and I always will.

I am just trying to get others to also take ownership and responsibility for what they have done.

There is GREAT DYSFUNCTION within this city in MANY departments. Many of us hear about this ALL of the time.

Well, let's start changing that. Let's start acknowledging this. Let's take ownership for this and then let us try to do something about this to improve things.

This is where I am coming from with all of this.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said "I take ownership and responsibility for anything that is of my own doing and I always will."

no you don't. You haven't taken responsibility for a single thing on here, you always blame it on some one else. ALWAYS. The only common denominator in all your problems is you. Perhaps you need to realize that everyone else isn't at fault for all these problems you're facing, you are.

Deborah Boschman said...

IF the unscrupulous teacher didn't do anything wrong then WHY is she harassing me when I am substitute teaching at the same school as she is?

She is PRETTY BOLD, this one.

She has a lot of gall.

She was CONSTANTLY doing things to annoy me and to try to cause a disturbance between us.

She sent students into the classroom ALL THE TIME to use the computers in the classroom where I subbed.

This DISRUPTED my Special Needs class GREATLY.

She just kept it up.

I was talking to a teacher in the staff room and she came between us, looked at me and laughed.

That's what this unscrupulous teacher has gotten away with.

Hey, if her conscience is clear, then why are you doing these things?

Why are you lying to your Principal, to your fellow colleagues?

I suggest it is because she KNEW that what she did was WRONG and she KNEW EXACTLY what she was doing by coming to my home and pressuring me to sign these papers.

The ONLY WAY for her to cope with HERSELF was to make sure that I was OUT of the picture totally.

She WASN'T penalized. Why should I be?

She CLEARLY talked to the teachers at the school where we both worked because one of them indicated that to me.

I phoned her at home and I left a message after she REFUSED to give me the amount that I WANTED INITIALLY for my home.

This was the SAME evening that she came to my home and pressured me to sign papers that I HADN'T read yet.

I called her that same evening and I called her one other time and left a message. These were the ONLY times that I called her. Perhaps she has reported differently.

There was trouble right from the get-go with this bunch.

Deborah Boschman said...

Other people have expressed to me, SIMILAR experiences living here, working here and trying to do business here.

Perhaps, in the days ahead, these other individuals will also share their own personal stories.

Anonymous said...

and the problem in that situation of your house was you, you signed papers you didn't read, you accepted an amount lower than you wanted. You can't blame that on other people. A lot of people face situations where love ones have passed away or are dying, using that as an excuse is ridiculous. People know not to sign something they haven't read. You can't blame that on anyone else. See this is on of those points where you say you take responsibility but yet you blame it on other people.

Deborah Boschman said...

My intention with the unscrupulous teacher was never to threaten her job.

My intention was to try to get her to give me a FAIR PRICE for my home, which I didn't get.

That is why I called her up the SAME evening that she came to my home to pressure me to sign these papers.

My father was dying of cancer. I was distracted and busy with my other family members.

Yes, I SHOULD have had someone else negotiating the price of my home for me and conducting these affairs for me. Yes, I indeed should have.

I just wanted a fair price. I was already giving it away anyway.

That price was NOT fair to me at all.

IF you're NOT trying to dupe me, well, then take it to my lawyer; don't bring this to my home and then pressure me with, "Well, take it or leave it."

How dare you! That was MY home.

I negotiate the price; not you.

In retrospect, I SHOULD have asked this woman to leave my home immediately.

Is this what we do to one another IF we are professionals and IF we are teachers?

No, I don't believe that it is.

Anonymous said...

again this is no one's fault but your own.

Anonymous said...
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CD-Host said...

Deborah --

I don't want to pile on here, and on most of this stuff I can't comment. I'll also admit I'm an American and I don't live in a small town, but....

Heck yeah when I bought my house I looked for sellers who were under pressure, and I increased the pressure if I could. That's my responsibility to my family as a buyer to shepherd the family's resources and buying/selling a house is mostly a zero sum game. Conversely the sellers were very careful anywhere I didn't ask question to try and sneak in hidden costs. That's the way the game is played.

Banks try and jack up interests rates or sneak in fees right before the sale because suspending the sale is expensive. Sellers who know the buyer is under pressure often change terms. The person negotiating opposite you is your opponent not your friend.

Deborah Boschman said...

Pastor Len was mentioned on here and I just want to clarify that Pastor Len was ALWAYS a VERY DECENT human being and Pastor towards my sister, myself and my family; his wife and his children also.

I have NO bone to pick with Pastor Len.

Pastor Len is a class act.

Yes, he said some things that I questioned but I can forgive him as I can forgive ALL of these individuals eventually but I am just asking others to take ownership for the part that they also played in this drama.

That is the responsible thing for everyone to do.

Yes, IF I hadn't been such a doormat in the FIRST place, I probably COULD have avoided MANY of these scenarios; except for being asked to leave my church and my daughter's puppy ordeal.

I KNEW that this woman was desperate and I FEARED that she would do this to me but I didn't know who to go to for help to PREVENT this from happening.

I had called the Humane Society. I called the Mayor's office. I asked family members and friends.

I SHOULD have called the police and told them what I thought she was going to do because she did eventually do it.

She was CRAZY. She just WOULDN'T leave us alone. She was persistent and I had never dealt with something like this before with someone.

I was trying to handle things myself WITHOUT involving the police but I was wrong again.

This gossip from my former church though JUST COMPOUNDED my issue with this neighbor by going over there and aligning forces with her.

I just NEVER saw anything like this before. I mean she was outside sitting on my neighbor's doorstep when I came home one day.

It was just AWFUL!

I NEVER felt such BETRAYAL in my entire life as that was.

I wanted to tell her to shut up and stay out of it but nope, she was in there like a pit bull.

One other time I came home and this woman from my former church had our puppy at her house and I had to go over there and get her.

It was just ridiculous and she just wouldn't stop and stay out of things. She just HAD to involve herself in this.

She claimed that Peaches was out of our yard but we KNEW that Peaches was not because Peaches COULD NOT get out of our yard.

There was a place in the new fence that my neighbor built that was NOT nailed shut and these neighbors CLAIMED that this is how Peaches got out but we KNEW that our darling little Peaches COULD NOT or NEVER KNEW about this hole.

It was WAY UP on top of a pile of fireplace logs and she NEVER went over there.

The pile was very high.

This was the lie that these women gave to this Animal By Law officer about how Peaches ended up outside our yard but we KNEW this to be a lie.

This was their excuse for how our puppy had gotten out but we KNEW that she could NOT have gotten out this way because this had NEVER happened in the past.

The logs were just TOO HIGH and the drop down was TOO FAR.

She was there ALL WEEK and there were NO problems.

This woman just couldn't stand it anymore and she came and took her. That's all there is to it. This other woman from my former church even told me ALL about this.

My children told me that they saw our neighbor and this other woman from my former church stalking our yard repeatedly.

My kids didn't tell me this until AFTER all of this unfolded though.

We have been through A LOT; all of us.

We would NEVER have imagined that some of these things could EVER have happened to us but they did; one right after the other, in a very short period of time.

Others also tried to get charges laid against Mike Abbey when he ran for Mayor. Just ask him.

There are others who ran who also spoke of NOT believing the level that some people will go to, to make sure that their PARTY member gets back or gets into power in this city.

This was MY experience. There are others as well who will tell you of theirs.

Unknown said...

As a family member of Deborah, i would ask upon request of the Grandmother that all referreces to the children of Deborah be stopped. She is finding this difficult as she sees it for the children, so if ALL people on both sides of this discussion would refrain it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Deborah is the one making it worse for her children. It is her own doing. She rants on about her daughters dog, someone approaching her son, and now she will put herself in the public spotlight by running for mayor? She has involved them all in this and it will only get worse. My god, everyone of us has had someone do us wrong, but we don't go public over every issue. We straighten it out ourselves, in a quiet fashion. Although, I must say I don't know anyone who has been wronged more than Deborah! Maybe if she would forgive and forget, god would help her move on.

Deborah Boschman said...

Thank you Brad.

Please let me clarify. There are many GOOD people at my former church. MOST of them are VERY GOOD people.

I am NOT trying to discourage, defame or admonish my former Pastor or cause him to lose hope.

That is NOT my intent here.

He has been through A LOT as well.

I believe that he is a victim in much of this as well as is his church perhaps.

I am NOT judging the City Administrator. He could be going through things as well that we do NOT know about and I apologize to him if he felt that I was judging him.

My intent was NEVER and NEVER WILL BE to defame anyone here.

I am very hurt also.

I deeply apologize to any innocent people that I may have hurt here.

I was just relating my EXTREME FRUSTRATIONS here with the hope that I can HEAL from these events.

My intent is to MAKE THINGS BETTER and to improve things if I am able to come to terms with some of these extreme disappointments and life setbacks.

My intent is NOT to drag good people through the mud or to hurt anyone intentionally.

I have also been deeply hurt and I am trying to come to terms with that and to heal from this deep hurt.

Perhaps I should not post on here anymore.

I never meant to cause any innocent person any pain. I am just trying to come to terms with some of these events.

D.F. said...

Your intent and what you actually do are coming across at quite the opposites. You aren't here to defame and hurt anyone? Yet you are repeatedly lying about many many things, you've even been caught in lies on here. And Still you continue on in them.
Your Intent (as i can see it) is to paint yourself as the martyr and slander and defame anyone who stands up to you. You are NOT the innocent party here Deborah, (no matter how you try to twist things) You have brought all this out, you have lied, you have caused all these 'bad' things to happen to yourself. Its time to take responsibility, its time to acknowledge that YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for what has happened. YOU made bad choices, YOU lied, YOU did these things. Stop trying to shift the blame on everyone else but yourself.
I'd encourage anyone who has access to look into the Brandon sun's archives and see if you can find her letter to the editor. You'd see right away how many lies she present here.
I can't wrap my head around how one person can be so twisted and full of hate. (not righteous anger, there is nothing righteous about the way you have behaved.)

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps I should not post on here anymore."

Thats about the only thing you've said that I agree with.

Unknown said...

In response to 'B', when i said "ALL" people, i was requesting that people other than Deborah please refain from commenting on them at all if possible, and for Deborah to not use them as an element for her arguments. My apologies for not making this more clear.

Anonymous said...

In defence to "all people" no one was attacking Deborah's children. Most people have just expressed sympathy for them.

Anonymous said...

I think that is exactly what Brad was saying.

Deborah Boschman said...

No ONE has to feel sorry for my children.

I have told THE ENTIRE TRUTH here.

I only make apologies for any innocent people who might be hurt.

I make NO apologies for the TRUTH.

I have told the TRUTH here.

This Conservative STRONGHOLD over our city is COMING DOWN IN THIS NEXT ELECTION!


That's ENOUGH of this kind of stuff now.

Heck, the way we've been going, we'll be back to smoke signals and a town crier in no time flat.

This city is all about a Conservative STRONGHOLD and it's COMING DOWN in this next election!

I'm calling this forth right now over this city.

It's COMING DOWN baby!

I am PREPARED and READY for all of the crap and flack that I will take.


What I have stated is the truth; EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT and I STAND BY THIS.

There are innocent people that I don't want to see hurt in this but those that are guilty; I hope they are exposed to the absolute MAXIMUM.

This is about the future of our city. This is about the future for our children and grandchildren.

Forget about partisan politics.

This is about our future and about CHANGING COURSE.

We are going to CHANGE COURSE in this next election.

Yes, we are and yes, we can and yes we will!

There are MANY of us who have experienced this same kind of crap and that's ENOUGH now!

We're going to stand up, take a stand and expose it all; once and for all!

I don't think that you should be pushing your political views and propagating them in a church.

Just because Mayor Dave is a Conservative doesn't necessarily make him the best candidate.

We've been STRANGLED as a city under this leadership. We want to TAKE OFF and become ALL that we were destined to be as a city.

This Conservative STRONGHOLD is going to come down like a stack of dominoes in this next election!

My friend just called me. She said that this church sounds like it has become a political organization and that religion has become somewhat secondary.

EVERYTHING that I have stated is THE TRUTH and I stand by this.

If you can't handle THE TRUTH, well, then that's your problem.

D.F. said...

The truth we can handle (Sadly that's what's lacking in the majority of your posts), its all the lies you've been spouting that get people riled up.
People just have to read through these posts on here to see that you've lied, (interestingly enough, each time she's caught in a lie, she jumps onto a whole new subject and slander and avoids and refuses to address the posts where she's been outright caught in lies. I imagine that's to get the focus off the lies she's told.)
I think you have to realize that there is no chance at all that you will get in as mayor, Most people in Brandon understand exactly how you REALLY are and how many LIES you've told over and over again.

As for the church, that you yet again continue to slam and speak down on, i was just there and its as Spirit filled and Godly as ever. They are a FANTASTIC church, with GREAT leadership. Its a shame that they have to continually put up with your antics like this over and over again. I think its to their credit that they have not acted on the slander and defamation and lies you've been telling. It shows a great deal of spiritual maturity that you very much seem to be lacking.

Deborah Boschman said...

I have just come to the realization that being asked to leave this church was probably the BEST THING that ever happened to me!

This has been a light bulb moment for me!

This is based on the interpretation of a letter from an Anonymous post.

What I write should have NOTHING to do with my church if they are NOT implicated in my letter, which they were NOT.

If I want to be involved with a political organization I will go to a political party meeting.

I don't expect to find this within a church.

Oh well, now I know. My eyes have CERTAINLY been opened.

Perhaps God wants to do a REAL WORK within this church; within ALL of our churches.

The church I attend now is NOT political at all.

In FACT, this is NEVER MENTIONED AT ALL at church.


They only preach about God and about how we can BETTER OURSELVES as Christians.

Anything that comes up, if the Pastor feels that it is NOT of God, is tackled RIGHT AWAY.

Perhaps God wants to do a REAL WORK within my former church!

I don't know.

All I know is that I have TOLD THE TRUTH IN EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE, AREA and circumstance.

We haven't heard the TRUTH for so long in this city perhaps we are having DIFFICULTY with it when we do hear it.


So, God HAVE YOUR WAY over our city and accomplish YOUR WILL within this city for ALL of us; not just for the Conservative party and Conservative party members.

I want to seek out GOD'S WILL over our city, NOT man's will.

We've seen ENOUGH of that already and that's enough of that.

I firmly believe that God wants to bless us and He wants to bless us ABUNDANTLY as a city.

I'm sorry but I don't see this happening with this current leadership over Brandon.

God, please have YOUR WAY over our city.

Deborah Boschman said...

I understand that a Board member of the "great church" that you speak of, was also a Board member of a charitable ministry downtown.

He didn't get his own way on that Board and so he left the Board after saying TERRIBLE things to them and then convinced Bethel, "the great church", to also stop contributing money to this charitable organization.


D.F. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
D.F. said...

Really deborah? And you can back this statement about the board member up with actual proof? Or yet again are you just shooting your mouth off when anyone says something that you don't like?
Yet another instance of you trying to take the focus off of your lies (that we've mentioned, that you fail to address yet again, other than to say "its not a lie" even when outright caught in one) by attacking someone else from the church.
I'd say i feel sorry for you, but i don't. You've made your bed on this one. You are reaping what you've sown.

Deborah Boschman said...

I just wander who was responsible for having me removed from eBrandon because I tried to expose the truth on this site? Hmmmmmm............

This town is ALL about suppression, oppression, repression and about hiding and covering up.

Mayor Dave's campaign Mgr. and MOST of his campaign team, in this last election, were from Bethel, the church that asked me to leave because I wrote a letter to the editor criticizing the leadership of Brandon.

I guess that I stepped on their political toes.

I CAN PROVE EVERY STATEMENT THAT I HAVE MADE on this site and these WILL be proven in the VERY NEAR future.

It's about TIME that we spoke the REAL TRUTH in this city and about what's REALLY been going on FOREVER within this city.

My intent is to IMPROVE THINGS within Brandon.

If the truth upsets people, well, so be it.

I'm sorry but it is what it is and I have NOT LIED at all on ANY of these posts.


I apologize that the truth may embarass people and make them feel uncomfortable.

I'm simply NOT COVERING UP ANYMORE, in ANY area at all.

Perhaps, it is TIME within our city to speak and to TELL the truth once and for all.

D.F. said...

Well then, lets see your proof, why wait to release it. If you have proof lets see it. You say you have proof to all you've said, yet we've seen NONE of it. So give us the proof. Not in the near future, that's just a ploy to try and hide behind your lies. IF you have proof, then lets see it. Now. Not later, since i'm sure we all know that later will never seem to get here.

Anonymous said...

I believe you were removed from ebrandon for not following the forum rules deborah. Seriously stop this ridiculousness.

Anonymous said...

I think people have every right to be concerned about the children involved in this. As outsiders we can see how unhealthy it is for deborah to be acting this way and obviously it will be adversly affecting her children as well. I think people are right to voice their concerns, perhaps in hope that deborah will realize what she's doing to them and stop.

Deborah Boschman said...

As a Mayor, there should be OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY.

There should be Leadership courses for our young people within our schools. There should be Money Mgmt., Life Skills, etc.

I would ask the police, the lawyers, the judges, our Premier, local political leaders to meet together to discuss how they can improve communication and improve things within their fields.

I would ask the nurses, doctors, hospital staff, Health Authorities to get together with the politicians and have healthy, frank and open discussions as to how things could be improved within their professions.

What do they need? What is lacking, etc. Let's hear their concerns. Let us let EVERYONE have a voice.

I would ask the same of the School Board, The Brandon School Division, the teachers, parents, local politicians, community members.

EVERYONE should be meeting together and talking, discussing how we can BETTER work together and IMPROVE things within our city and region.

I would open EVERYTHING up to the majority electorate in an open and transparent fashion.

The majority electorate would be involved EVERY STEP of the way.

I would like to engage the young people, our new immigrants, our entire community.

I would take EVERYTHING to the people and the people would tell the City Councillors WHAT they want. Then the City Councillors will make their decisions according to WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE TOLD THEM TO DO.

We SHOULD BE taking off as a city in EVERY WAY.

We should have a race track north of our city, we need our air service up and running, we need ANNUAL events to draw people into our city and to create economic development in and around Brandon.

I would like to see the churches involved in mentoring the children who find themselves on the streets or in trouble, etc.

The churches should ALL be involved in WORKING TOGETHER to try to improve things for the citizens of Brandon in REALLY PRACTICAL ways.

I think that the small achievements of individuals within Brandon should be celebrated.

I would like to see different cultural events happening every month within our city so that we could learn from each other's culture and traditions.

I would begin with the Jewish, the Muslim, the El Salvadorian, the Ukranian; all of the new ethnic groups within our city would have a turn.

I would include our First Nations people, the Hutterites, etc.

Let's CELEBRATE each other's culture and traditions and NOT just at the Winter Festival.

We SHOULD BE working together like a FUNCTIONAL family within Brandon.

We desperately need MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING within Brandon.

We need creative ideas and entrepreneurial skills, courses, etc.

We ARE the Medical Centre. I would NOT close the Sportsplex Pool.

The milieu school is a DISASTER for the citizens of Brandon.

The majority electorate should decide how that goes down.

This decision requires two brand new gymnasiums at a cost of AT LEAST $2.5 million dollars per gymnasium to the taxpayer; these are NOT APPROVED YET and could take YEARS to complete.

I don't see anything wrong with these children going to O'Kelley School in Shilo or another building being purchased for this milieu school.

It DOES NOT make sense to disrupt THREE SCHOOLS to accommodate for this French Milieu school.

At the Town Hall Mtg. it was indicated by the Brandon School Board that there are NOT ENOUGH sinks, toilets for these schools in the fall. That is a HEALTH ISSUE.

Next, it was indicated by the School Board that there are NOT ENOUGH lockers, personal space and that there would be GREAT OVERCROWDING at these schools. This now becomes a SAFETY ISSUE.


The way that this was handled is UNACCEPTABLE and I am going to stick up for the people.

The majority electorate needs to GET IN TOUCH with who they REALLY ARE!

They need to feel ENGAGED in this election and they need to KNOW that they HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS and to CHANGE COURSE within our city.

Deborah Boschman said...

I would be contacting cities, leaders countries around the world to let them know that Brandon IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

I think that we should be doing EVERYTHING that we can to CREATE economic development within Brandon and our surrounding region and to be CONSTANTLY MOVING FORWARD.

I have contacted media from around the world, business leaders, countries, businesses and they are ALL ONLY TOO WILLING to do business with us.

We should be hosting a multiplicity of events; golfing events, biathelons, triathelons, sporting, swimming, horse racing, ski-dooing, canoeing, you name it.

We should be WELCOMING and celebrating our entrepreneurs, businesses, etc.

We want ACTION. We need things to be moving along QUICKLY within our city.

We could have a Forks like atmosphere downtown or near the Railway tracks. That could be looked into.

I would engage our young people.

They have MANY good ideas.

I would use the internet to have live fundraising events from our city to raise money for various projects within Brandon.

We could be hooked up via Satellite to EXCHANGE LIVE EVENTS with other Universities around the world with musical exchanges, etc.

I would encourage our young people and our business leaders to raise money for disadvantaged peoples and communities around the world.

We should ALL feel connected and that we EACH play a part in working together to MAKE OUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE in which to live, work and play.

We SHOULD BE looking out for each other and WORKING TOGETHER to make Brandon A MUCH BETTER PLACE.

I'd like to see more done to make parents MORE ACCOUNTABLE for their children. Mandatory courses, etc. should be considered.

I think that we could be SO MUCH BETTER and SO MUCH MORE than we are right now.

I've already spoken to the President at the Chamber of Commerce about a Black Friday day before Christmas.

They do this in the U.S.

Businesses open early in the morning or stay open ALL night and THERE ARE MANY SHOPPING SPECIALS during this time.

That would be WONDERFUL for Brandon.

We could host a live nativity with animals at the Riverbank Discovery Centre with carolling, food, hot chocolate, etc. EVERY YEAR.

This could be an ANNUAL DRAW for us within Brandon.

We could do this in the fall with Thanksgiving or fall events.

I'd like to get a barn near Brandon and offer good old fashioned barn dances with bales of straw, live country bands, etc.

Square dancing events, tap dancing, First Nations events, you name it should be happening here within our city.

I'd like to see a Westman Aboriginal Achievement Awards take place from our Western Centennial Auditorium every year.

I'd like to work WITH the First Nations communities around Brandon regarding wind and solar energy, economic development within our communities, etc.

Perhaps we could get a pedicab business going here within Brandon during the summer months as an alternative to a taxi ride.

This is like a rickshaw in China. You see them at the Forks in Wpg.

I'd like to invite performers, entertainers, leaders from around the world to come to Brandon and perform, speak, share their business ideas, etc.

There is SO MUCH MORE that we could be doing as a city and as a community!

We should be a DYNAMIC, VIBRANT community in which to live, work and play.

I'd like to see a sculpture, depicting Brandon off of our Trans Canada Highway.

We could have a Walk of Fame in our Westman Communications Place. Often people have asked where ours is?

I'd like to see a Manitoba film producer recreate our story of our 1979 Brandon Wheat Kings hockey team.

We could invite the ORIGINAL players of this team back to the MOVIE PREMIERE of OUR VERY OWN STORY at our Theatre here in Brandon and we could do a REAL THEATRE PARTY before this event.

There is SO MUCH MORE that we could be doing within this city.

Cross country skiing events, ski-dooing events, cycling events, motorcross, etc.

There SHOULD be something happening here ALL of the time.

D.F. said...

Yet again avoiding the topic when you are called out on your lies. Interesting how each time someone challenges what you say, you jump onto a whole new topic.

Anonymous said...

You mention that there needs to be leadership classes and money management in school. THERE IS! I was part of a leadership program in school and they do teach you money management! All of those things. Not everyone is out to get you and the conspiracy theories are seeming ridiculous.
I am a young, Christian woman from Brandon and I think that we have a WONDERFUL city and a WONDERFUL mayor. I know that if I have trouble, I can turn to my church.

I just feel as though things are being completely blown out of proportion here. Anyone could sit and focus on the negatives and turn any situation into something dramatic, but I chose to live my life being thankful for the life that I have been blessed to recieve and that I wake up breathing each day. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should focus on some of those things and put your concerns into the little things in life instead of trying to change things from the past. Move on!

Anonymous said...

uh try some new ideas, there's already a live nativity at the keystone lol. Besides that most of your ideas are unrealistic. Unless you found a giant money tree that you're hiding from the rest of us.

Deborah Boschman said...

We could have the Ballet in the Park like they do in Wpg.

We could have the Symphony in the Park perhaps.

There is SO MUCH MORE that we could be doing, hosting, etc.

We should be ABUZZ with activity; even more so than now.

Our churches SHOULD BE abuzz with activities, conferences, hosting events, sponsoring things, connecting with our community, etc.

We SHOULD BE EXCITED about all of our business growth, upcoming events, etc.

We SHOULD BE treating each other BETTER within Brandon.

We SHOULD BE working the kinks out of the Animal Pound situation. That situation has NOT been healthy for MANY individuals.

We could be hosting DEBATES, SPELLING BEES; MANY MORE events, speakers, etc.

Quilting competitions, events for Collectors, Science Fiction events, more sporting events, events for the kids, for our young people, for car enthusiasts, you name it; something for EVERYBODY.

Let's get people together, let's get talking, let's discuss or debate things and THEN LET'S GET MOVING SWIFTLY INTO ACTION!


Perhaps the Firefighters could host a Christmas theme fundraiser at the Skating Oval, like they do in Vancouver every Christmas.

We COULD WORK TOGETHER to make Brandon a MUCH BETTER place.

THIS is SOME of what I would like to see happen here.

After we get Air Service, we could go after the Juno Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Country Music Awards, you name it.

Anonymous said...

Spending money on even some of the things that you have in mind would leave the city with more potholes, cracked roads, and even less money for the essentials that a city needs to run on. Where is all that going to come from? Higher taxes or cuts to the projects that have already been skimmed down at this time. Would you appreciate a 30 or 40 percent hike in taxes across the board, i know i don't. It sounds like you are trying to create a perfect world where there are no considerations other than what you want, not what is feasible or even realistic. You make grand claims about things and then never come through with them. You won't even answer questions from other's that have posted here, yet you spout off and lecture us about what we have to do. We have to do what is best and right for us, not you. You sit and type your mandate like it is a gospel to what is the best for the city of Brandon without any consideration of anyone elses views or concerns unless they agree with you. What makes you any better than the next person with an idea, or the second person who feels that you can't do everything or try everything all at once. Have you ever considered that in 10 years the Mileu school could be a beacon for the rest of the province to follow, or even the country. No you don't, you view nothing further than the end of your nose, some of us have to look further in the future and decide whether we stand back and collect ourselves before we tackle something. It is called thinking before you act, or looking at the long road ahead. You are most likely the type of person that is an impulse buyer regardless of how much you have, and how much you owe.

And you don't need to type in capitals all the time, it is the same as yelling and is considered rude on most forums and blogs.

The greatest changes usually do not require a civil war to happen.

Deborah Boschman said...

Well, we need to do things as a city to create more of a revenue for us.

We have not done that as successfully as we could have.

I would speak with everyone at ACC, Brandon University, etc., our young people, etc.

There are many ideas out there to create more revenue for us as a city.

I have an idea that I would like to patent with 50% of the royalties going to the City of Brandon for future projects and 50% going to my family.

We need to create new ways to generate more income.

If we have more businesses, we will have more tax revenues, etc.

I'm trying to find out what they are doing in more progressive cities, countries.

We should be doing this here.

We should constantly be growing, moving forward, being progressive.

No, I would not spend much of the cities' money on those projects that I previously mentioned.

I would create a slush fund and I would draw out of this slush fund for these other ventures.

Heck, I would spend my own money to get things rolling here.

There are many issues to tackle within this city.

I feel that there is a disconnect between some of our youth and their parents, etc.

Let's get our disadvantaged youth off of the streets and into sports programs, art, music programs.

What happens to the students who drop out of school? Is there any follow up?

Our disadvantaged youth need help and intervention. Are we doing enough to help them?

They need to know that they matter and that they count.

We have Grade 10 students who are reading at a Grade 4 level.

Childhood obesity is spiraling.

I'd like to see a spiritual option for students. I don't know if that's possible but I'd like to look into it.

I'd like to see abstinence presented as an option within the Sex Ed. programs that now exist within our schools.

Are we doing enough to help our students who find themselves pregnant?

Can we do better? Yes, I believe that we can in almost EVERY area.

Disrupting three schools, students, families, teachers to accomodate for a milieu school is not feasible, as far as I'm concerned.

These parents did not deserve to be treated the way in which they were regarding the decision to use Harrison Middle Years school.

You are going to hear from the electorate on this one.

The two new gyms that will be required will not be ready FOR YEARS.

This is NOT acceptable to these students.

Already a parent told me that her son is very discouraged and depressed and that she has trouble getting him up for school in the morning.

Are we doing enough to keep our children and grandchildren in Brandon after they graduate?

I don't believe that we are.

We need to offer them more incentives.

We need to offer incentives for businesses to want to relocate and do business here.

What was the real reason that the Promenade Project was rejected?

Yogesh Goradia was offering us more affordable housing, a park, a multiplicity of ammenities and it was refused. Why?

Mayor Dave's lawyer brother had the Brookwood Waverly housing project on the go at the time. Was this a factor in this decision to refuse the Promenade Project.

I talked to a building developer a few years ago and I asked him if he could develop more affordable housing and he told me to talk to Jacobson and Greiner because he said that they own all the land around Brandon.

He told me that if they brought the prices for lots down, then perhaps he could think about this.

I asked him why he doesn't talk to them and he told me that if you speak up against them, that they could put you out of business.

Other developers attested to this fact.

So, here we go again around the merry-go-round, the ring around the rosy that is Brandon.

Deborah Boschman said...

President Nicholas Sarkozy of France came up with some neat incentives for the youth of his country to keep their entrepreneurial ideas and businesses within his country.

I'm currently working on finding out exactly what he did because it was enlightening and visionary.

You invite your opponents to the table, which is what Barack Obama did. You don't remove them from your Board, which is what happened with MLA Drew Caldwell and Marlow Kirton.

You find a way to work together for the best interests of your city and all of your citizens.

I feel that partisan politics too often interferes with decisions that are being made and this needs to change.

We are currently not being inclusive enough and I feel that this needs to change.

We need to offer our youth more incentives than we are currently offering them.

We need to work together more cooperatively and functionally than has been the case in the past.

There are many areas in which we can improve upon and those are the areas that I want to concentrate on.

I'm just working now on ways in which to accomplish these goals without taking money away from the city for potholes, roads, etc.

I'm going to be discussing plans, strategies, ideas, etc. with leaders from all over the world.

What is working for them? What could we change here to improve our situation right here within Brandon, etc.?

That is where I think that we need to go in this next election.

Let's get some new blood, some new faces, ideas, etc. in there.

Perhaps we should consider a two term limit on the position of Mayor, City Councillors, School Board members, etc.

Is that something that should be done?

I really believe that we need to think, act, move more "outside the box" than is being done currently.

When you travel to Dauphin, Virden, communities all around us; they are progressively moving forward.

How many businesses have we turned away and/or lost? Plenty of them. Why?

We just need to look at all of the issues.

This election is a crucial election. We are at a crossroads.

We can either keep going the way that we have been and keep getting the same results or else we can change course entirely and get much different results.

We should be electing leaders that inspire us, that challenge us, that motivate us to better ourselves as a community.

Is that what we have now?

Do we have a functional working situation at City Hall right now or could we do better?

I think that we can always do better and I think that we should always be striving for this.

We have some real issues with rising crime, youth violence, gangs, etc.

We need to first acknowledge this, address this, etc.

A business owner downtown told me that a policeman told him that they have many ideas but nobody is listening to them at City Hall.

Well, we need to change that.

We all need to communicate more effectively, more proficiently, more openly.

There needs to be more freedom to speak openly and honestly without all of these stupid repercussions for doing so.

There is way too much secrecy; everyone covering up to try to make themselves look good.

That is false. That is not real.

I want to deal with real. I'm tired of fake. I'm tired of cover ups, masks, facades, games.

Let's finally get and be real with each other and deal with our real issues, etc. so that we can improve and move forward, take off, as a city.

Sometimes, I believe that this does involve digging up the past, to a certain extent.

We should be able to be more flexible, open, honest, real within our working environments.

How can we get better if we are not allowed to express ourselves?

Anonymous said...

you'd use your own money to get things started? lol thats rich coming from the lady who posted a letter in the Brandon sun asking for a lawyer because she can't afford one. So I'm assuming since you think these idea's will work you have something to back it up. So lets see the studies done, whats the upfront cost? how much is it expected to make back? Where will the money come from to get it started? How much is all that going to cost us in our tax dollars? How successful were these events in other cities? What education do you have to back up that you actually know what you're doing and can lead a city? (such as a business degree etc.) Living in a dream land where money is in abundance won't help anything within the city. out of over 40,000 people in this city 75 people voted for you last election. (I admit I was impressed that there were actually 75 people who would vote for you considering your platform was ridiculous) Really I think you've run your own reputation into the ground at this point. Sorry but I don't think you really stand a chance agianst the people running who actually know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

"Let's finally get and be real with each other and deal with our real issues, etc. so that we can improve and move forward, take off, as a city"

Um your preaching a lot but not following your own suggestions. There are tons of unanswered questions on here that you have yet to respond too, so far all we've seen is dodging all questions.

Deborah Boschman said...

To the second last anonymous post.

I am emailing Mayors all over Canada, the U.S. and other countries.

I want to see what has worked for them there and so I am still working out my plan of action to accomplish these aforementioned goals.

I am currently waiting for the Mayor of Toronto to get back to me.

I have asked many questions as to how we can best stimulate our economy, create more revenue, etc.

I will make these strategies and my plan of action know in the days ahead.

Sir, I never went to one door in the last election and I never handed out one pamphlet.

I missed the Chamber of Commerce debate and I didn't get back to the Wheat City Journal on time to answer most of their questions before publication.

Also, my picture was never in the paper. Curtis Brown was going to take it but I didn't bother.

I knew that Mayor Burgess was still on his honeymoon with the electorate.

This time around though, if it is possible, I would like to actually be in this race.

I just see where we could be and I see where we currently are and I would like to take us to the more progressive place.

I'm really hoping that in the days ahead that the truths that I have expressed will be revealed as such for all to see.

I have told the truth, as surreal as the events are.

I care about this city and I care about us improving in many, many areas.

I have written down your very valid points and I will try to realistically and methodically address these in the days ahead.

I just want to compare visions, ideas, experiences with these other Mayors and leaders before I solidify my platform.

Yes, you are quite correct that there was no substance to my platform last time around.

My hope is that this time around there will be some meat around those bones.

All that we can do is try to make things better and to try to improve things for us as a city and that is my plan, my goal and my intention.

I thought that getting 74 or 75 votes without doing any campaigning whatsoever or handing out any literature at all was pretty darn good.

This time around I'd like to actually be in the race, if that is possible.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

um you had less than %0.2 of the vote last time, I wouldn't call that pretty good lol. Yes last election your platform lacked substance and this time it lacks realistic ideas. Calling and emailing mayors of other city's really isn't looking into it. They're not likely to go to all the work looking into the costs etc.. of what their doing for some one that really doesn't register on their radar. Your ways of finding out how things run in other cities is even unrealistic. Unfortunately I think you've already ruined your chance of really "being in" this race by your past behavior and stories.

Deborah Boschman said...

My ideas are not unrealistic at all. They are visionary and realistic and I am going to show this electorate, in the days ahead, how these ideas can be realized, actualized and achieved in a practical and logical way.

To get things going doesn't cost money. You just need to get people on board with you; you need to engage your electorate and all those working with you.

The events of the past are true and will be shown to be such in the days ahead.

A lady was just telling me that a nurse at the BRHC was training there. She "ruffled" some feathers there. She was a really good nurse. They wouldn't hire her.

I am not the only one that this has happened to. There are many stories which you might hear about in the days ahead.

Alan Levy wrote probably the best Letter to the Editor that I have seen in a long time.

He said that we need to "grow up as a city." Yes, we do. He stated many other very realistic things that we need to do so that we can "take off" as a city and become all that we were destined to be.

You can choose to believe the lies that have been propogated against me. That is your justification for whatever.

These things all indeed happened and occurred as I have previously stated and these will be proven in the days that lie ahead.

You may still deny them when the proof is right there before your eyes but this is what myself and others have been through.

Brandon has been a Conservative stronghold for many years and the things that people have done to maintain power, control, etc. are going to all be revealed and exposed in the days ahead.

Just watch, read the paper, listen to your radio and see for yourself.

It's just a matter of time now.

Some of the electorate have experienced similar things as myself.

I have heard their stories and they are similar.

You will see and very soon.

I think that not being in denial is part of us growing up as a city, as Mr. Alan Levy stated.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, its been proven on here that you've lied in some circumstances at least, so there's no reason to trust anything you say as truth. A lot of what you're basing as "truth" of situations is just he said she said stuff. That is not proof, that is an opinion of one person on the subject. Just because they said it happened that way doesn't mean it really did. And yes almost everything you mentioned will cost money to do thinking it won't is one of the examples of you being unrealistic. I do look forward what will come out in the days ahead, but it will be far from what you're saying will happen. I'd be willing to put money on it!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that this years elections might get interesting LoL we may end up on national news...again!


CD-Host said...

Anon from 11:19 am --

Watch the tone please. I'm not going to delete because the middle of your post has some substance; but try and phrase things in a way which is polite.

Anonymous said...

huh, here I was unaware that you could read "tone" on a blog lol. not sure how you found that unpolite? But have at it, what ever gives you that miniscule sense of power.

Deborah Boschman said...

My family just reminded me of how "in the fog" or stunned that I was.

I even gave the unscrupulous Administrator's husband $2,000.00 more for the house than the bank EVEN RECOMMENDED.

He was constantly complaining about his former heart attacks, etc.

I gave him thousands of other dollars more than this also.

I saw him and his wife at Superstore and I needed change for a dollar and his wife told him to give me a quarter.


This incident spoke MORE about this man than ANYTHING he had done previously.

I just contacted Mike Holmes on Homes and asked him to consider coming to Brandon.

I asked him to consider doing MUCH NEEDED tens of thousands of dollars worth of renovations to this house.

Anonymous said...

so, whose fault is that, that you gave them more money than recommended?

Deborah Boschman said...

This one is totally my fault.

I take full ownership for what I have done as I have stated previously.

We've got the goods on the Mayor's son, problems last election with negligent child support payments, that were posted on the internet, a letter from a lawyer to his son and his current wife so if you guy's want to play dirty, we're ready for you.

Nobody wants to bring this stuff up but if you guys want to play dirty, well then be prepared because you'll get it right back.

We're not going to be lame ducks here.

You want to do a character assassination, well, then be prepared for the fallout yourselves.

None of us are going to take the crap that we took in the last election.

We just want to talk about the pressing issues regarding our future within and as a city but if you guys bring this other stuff up, well then be prepared to get it right back.

You might be very surprised to find out who's in our corner.

The NDP and the Liberals have certainly had enough also; especially the NDP.

They are really raring for this upcoming election and they have many plans in place.

This election is going to be quite different from previous elections.

Many people feel that we are at a crossroads within this city.

Anyone who thinks that a woman is not capable of leading needs to have their head examined or they need to think again.

How absolutely sexist and chauvinistic for a previous poster to ask if I have a business degree.

Does Mayor Burgess? No, he does not and this is not required.

What is required is being able to lead, possessing leadership skills and qualities in the first place, common sense, vision and having a sense of direction for this city.

What is also required is being able to engage your electorate, getting everyone on board with you to work together, etc.

I won't take the male chauvinistic, sexist crap anymore. I don't believe that this electorate will tolerate this either.

This is all part of us growing up as a city.

I don't have anything against Mayor Dave Burgess as a person. I never have.

He's probably quite a fine man.

This upcoming election is not about Mr. Burgess personally.

I just want to see us doing all that we can for everyone within our city and region.

That is what this upcoming election is all about.

T.A. said...

You've Not taken ANY responsibility for anything you've done!!! One can look through this entire thread and see that you've placed the blame on every little problem you have on everyone BUT yourself.
Why am i NOT surprised that you are now attacking the mayor? What made-up stuff are you going to now accuse him of? Did he run off with your puppy and sell you a broken house too?
I feel bad for anyone who has to have contact with you, it seems that unless they 100% agree with and do what you want, you start throwing temper tantrums and making up lies.
No one thinks that a woman can't be mayor, There are plenty that would get my vote. You however, are not one of them.
I think you need to re-evaluate yourself and the lies you've continually (and can see you are still going with) spewed and realize that People are NOT going to vote someone like that in to run their city.

Anonymous said...

T.A. - I have to agree with all of your comments.

Deborah - you have led a perfect life and done nothing wrong, I just can't understand how so many people have "wronged" you?

Anonymous said...

also, by bringing anything up about the mayors personal life, you would be no better than the rest of them. I don't care about his personal life and all the proof you have - I care about our city. Mudslinging - that is what you would be doing by bringin stuff up.

Anonymous said...

lol Deborah, it was me (a woman) who asked what kind of degree you had to be qualified to do such a job. I hardly think I'm looking to keep woman out of leadership lmbo. Besides that, when people bring up stuff about you during elections, thats called politics. When you bring up some ones child like that, thats you being slanderous and incredibly unclassy. Besides you've never actually taken responsibility of buying the house, you say you do, but then blame everything on the people who sold it to you. That is not taking responsibility.

Deborah Boschman said...

T.A., I have made nothing up. Sadly, everything I have stated is fact and will be proven in due course.

I'm just saying to earlier posters don't involve my children and my personal stuff either.

As I stated previously, no one wants to go there.

The NDP and the Liberals are also aware of and know of what I speak.

I'm just asking for the same respect also.

It appears that there are many who can dish it out but then are not prepared to take it when their candidate is not as perfect as they would like to believe that they are, or make them out to be, either.

Anonymous, as a Christian, we are suppose to hold a higher standard than someone who does not profess to be a Christian.

I trusted these people whom I bought my home from because they professed to be Christians.

I thought that this meant that they could be trusted and that they were honest with me.

The husband was not and he had covered up many things.

I take responsibility for being naieve and trusting his word on things rather than obtaining the services of a house inspector.

Deborah Boschman said...

Further to Mayor Dave's son:

We are all very proud of him. We are very proud of what he is doing in his life.

He is a beautiful young man and he is a very successful racketball player and we are all very proud of all of his accomplishments.

We all wish him the very best in his endeavors, his pursuits, his goals and in his future.

What I was referring to earlier was his relationship with his father but that is private and off limits.

What I am saying is that my children are off-limits to others also.

I was trying to make a point about our children and how they should not be involved in all of this.

This entire race is a leadership race and it involves the leadership of our city and about leading us into the future.

This race should be kept as such.

Deborah Boschman said...

T.A., I don't throw temper tantrums and I don't make up lies.

Each event occurred as previously stated.

If you were there, you'd know these things to be true.

T.A. said...

So we're back to the whole "I have proof" thing again? Well, lets go through that entire mess again then. Lets see the proof, not in due time, but now. If you HAVE proof like you say, then show it. We all know that "It'll come out soon" will never come to pass.
You have made up lies, you've been caught in them on here even. (I really don't see how you can keep denying it.)
Either put up or shut up. Its time to Actually take responsibility for your actions and words. (Even you trying to insult the mayor's son somehow everyone elses fault but your own, that you were trying to show people not to bring your kids into it??? B.S.)

Deborah Boschman said...

I'm not responding to harassment from you T.A.

Many of us have had to put up with a lot of crap trying to get the truth out there to this majority electorate.

Deveryn Ross eluded to this in his most recent Letter to the Editor.

Mayor Dave smiles at everyone and he looks all teflon clean and good.

You have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes.

Hopefully, the NDP will be able to expose some of this crap to this electorate in this upcoming election.

The stuff that some of us have had to endure and put up with at the hands of these Conservatives is unbelieveable; hence my exposure of what I have been through.

Just ask MLA Drew Caldwell.

Perhaps he will tell you what he went through also and others.

Hopefully, some of these truths will be exposed in this election.

The majority electorate needs to know how desperate these Conservatives are to hold onto power and what they are capable and willing to do just to keep control.

Some of us don't care or want anything to do with power, we just want to see Brandon take off as a city and become all that we are destined and capable of becoming.

Some of us are thinking about the future of our children and grandchildren and we have a larger vision for the direction of this city than party partisan politics.

Deborah Boschman said...

A typo: It should have read the future for our children and grandchildren within this city.

We're actually fighting for all of you to make things better for you so rather than slamming us perhaps you should be applauding our efforts.

We want to make it better for you guys so that you won't and don't go through some of the crap that we have been through and had to endure in this Conservative stronghold which is Brandon.

This is where I am coming from by putting my name forward to run at all.

TT said...

The difference is that people were expressing concern for your children (not attacking) where as you were attacking another's child. Really shows where your morals lay. This whole thing is pathetic now, really. You haven't said anything that warrents allowing you to be mayor, you've lied for weeks yet have still not showed us this "proof" that you apparently have. what a joke. Honestly your whole candidacy is a joke.

T.A. said...

Come off of it! The Conservative Stronghold? So because you don't like that the Conservatives are voted in suddenly they're the bad guys?
You're trying to vilify them so you can try to play out the role of the good guy. Thankfully the people of Brandon can see through the many layers of delusion you keep adding.
What harassment Deborah? the part where i said lets see the proof of all these stories you've told? Yet again, like i've seen throughout these comments, you've claimed to have proof, yet can't produce. You claim it'll either come out later, or you try dodging the questions by claiming harassment, among other things.
Stop trying to play up this victim mentality, You keep saying you take responsibility for your actions, yet every time you write something its to place the blame on everyone else!
You didn't get voted in? Oh, its those darn Conservatives with their strongholds. You were asked to worship else where, Oh its those mean church people, all going against you. You sold your house but didn't get the price you wanted? Oh its those nasty people who somehow cheated you.
The common factor in all these things.... YOU.
You need to take responsibility for your own actions instead of placing the blame. You have no one else but yourself to blame for not getting voted in last time, Are you really surprised when you go around spewing out garbage like this???

Deborah Boschman said...

This Conservative leadership over Brandon has allowed business after business to locate everywhere else but here time after time after time. Why?

Why did we not get the Promenade Project?

Was it because Mayor Dave's lawyer brother had the Brookwood Waverly Development?

Mr. Goradia's people told us who was coffeeing it up with Mr. Ted Snure, our City Engineer.; who did not want this development in Brandon.

We sure needed more affordable housing within Brandon that this Promenade Project would have afforded us, but this was turned down.

Mr. Yogesh Goradia was treated horribly. I was at the meeting in the municipality of Cornwallis. It was horrible.

Is this how you treat someone who wants to do business within Brandon and who wants to bring a multi-million dollar development to Brandon?

He was not the first.

This whole town has always been about those in power controlling what gets into Brandon and what does not.

If things don't benefit them and they aren't making money from it, then usually we don't get it.

Mayor Dave's dad was Mayor. He had a grocery store. Superstore told me that for years they tried to get into Brandon. They were not allowed.

Rick Borotsik gets in as Mayor and we get Superstore.

Those are just the facts.

This has always been the case here.

We have been denied opportunity after opportunity after opportunity within this city.

This Conservative stronghold doesn't give a rat's rear end about the rest of us. They only care about themselves, their stupid political party and their boy's club buddies.

All you have to do is talk to people in this town and they all say the same thing.

Many business people have experienced this first hand. They have told us about these things.

We are being strangled within this city because of this stronghold.

We currently have a Mayor who has consistently been in denial that we have any crime or any problems within Brandon at all.

Well, we have much crime and many problems that are now slowly being exposed.

We had two First Nations kids killed in a period of a week.

There was no meeting with First Nations leaders, nothing.

If those were two non First Nations kids, would the response from City Hall have been different?

Everything else that can be uncovered will be in this next election also.

I hope that the electorate is disgusted when they hear what many individuals have had to put up with over the years.

We'll just see who's telling the truth and who's covering up what then when you have masses of people telling the same story.

Well, we'll all see then.

If it wasn't for former Premier Gary Doer, we would not have gotten the Memorial Cup at all.

Mayor Burgess almost ruined that for us.

Former Premier Gary Doer did much, much work to get that for Brandon.

I spoke with a gentleman who I will be naming from the govt. who told me that nothing was done to try to obtain flood money for Brandon from the Emergency foundation where he was employed during the flood of 2005.

There will be much more that will be exposed after May 1st as well.

When you don't agree with the Mayor, he gets you voted off committees?

There is no transparency, no openness.

What's really going on in there?

Many city employees have told us their concerns.

Who else has a City Mgr. who did not pay his taxes for three years?

Look at the situation with the Fire Hall, the Police Station, etc.

We've got people from all over Brandon telling us all sorts of stories regarding their experiences throughout the years and there's a pattern here.

I think that many people within Brandon are ready for a change in leadership now.

Many individuals have expressed the same message; that they want to see Brandon take off as a city.

Deborah Boschman said...

I think that Bethel should change their name to their more appropriate name; Bethel Conservative Assembly.

Pictures and information about Merv Tweed and the Conservative literature which was on their church web page was removed after all of this happened with me.

Where else do you hear of anything like this ever happening after you write a Letter to the Editor because you desperately care about your city?

Members of this so-called "Christian" church posted these untruths, such as the first comment at the top, about me on the internet.

I have a witness who called into the church and was told that there was more to this story and blah, blah, blah.


Well, it sure would have been nice if I knew about these things first before they were posted on the Internet for all to see.

I stepped on the political toes of either this Pastor or this board.

In each instance, except one, a member of Bethel is involved; regarding my daughter's puppy and the house that I bought, my job with the BSD, in which I had absolutely no problems, that I was ever made aware of, for 10 yrs. previously.

Why don't YOU take responsibility for the fact that perhaps you need to reevaluate some of your own motives.

Is this a church or is it a political assembly?

You sure have not acted like a church. You have indeed acted like a political organization and assembly, however.

The former President of the Brandon Teacher's Association also team taught with the unscrupulous teacher at one of the schools within the BSD.

The church I now attend is a REAL Christian church.

There is NO gossip in this church as I heard consistently from these three women at Bethel who were sent letters in the past regarding their behavior within this church.

Perhaps you should work on trying to discipline your own members first.

Wouldn't God want you to do that first and have that as a priority rather than worrying about who is writing what Letter to the Editor?

One of those witches was offended by my letter.

What these women told Pastor Mike after this only God knows but will all be revealed one day.

I'm still the same person and I haven't run into any problems at all at my new church; none.

Many of us within this church write Letters to the Editor on a regular and a frequent basis because we care about our city and all who live within it.

We've never heard one peep from our Pastor.

He appears to be more worried about the souls of the congregation and of Brandon than about political matters.

As Alan Levy stated we really need to grow up as a city.

Perhaps Bethel needs to grow up if they are to continue to call themselves a church.

The only reason that I am running is because I want to see us do more within this city.

Can we try to do better?

I feel that we should constantly be moving forward as a city.

We need more women in there.

We need change.

Right now we are rather dead and the doors, windows and gates over Brandon appear to be closed.

I want to see God open these up wide and let us become all that we were destined to be and all that we are capable of becoming as a city.

I'd like to see our school children being spoken to each year at school about HONOR.

We are suppose to honor our father and mother and they should be listening to and honoring their teachers, and those in authority over them etc.

I believe that Brandon needs a real shakeup in this next election.

Almost everyone you talk to thinks so also.

I believe that we have outgrown the old ways/old style of doing things that appears to be the leadership of Mayor Burgess.

Many are seeking a more open, transparent, non partisan, no personal agenda, collaborative approach or method of engaging and reaching out to this electorate.

The Brandon Chamber of Commerce sure wants to see things change and many individuals within Brandon also.

Yes, we are definitely at a crossroads within this city and region and let's see which way the electorate is going to decide that we should go with our future.

tt said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
T.A. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CD-Host said...

Again, I'm willing to host an offtopic discussion about a Canadian mayoral race since there seems to be interest, but watch the tone. You all need to be respectful of each other. I don't like to delete but the last 2 posts were just personal attacks.

T.A. said...

And Boschman's post against bethel was just all bunnies and butterflies? She's personally attacking a group of people/church and that's left up. Strange bit of hypocrisy you've got going there. If you're going to allow her to post attacks against others, i think it should be allowed for others to refute those attacks. You're allowing her to post continual harassment of other's but when we get a bit angry ours are erased? I think its a bit of a double standard. If you are going to allow her to attack and slander, then the other posts should be left up.

Deborah Boschman said...

Let's hear from the neighbor who stole our dog in the first place. She even told the court that this gossip from Bethel was the one who came after her pursuing friendship with her and letting her see our dear Peaches behind our back.

She told the court that this gossip was the one who pursued and came after and up to her in the first place.

This is on tape at the court house.

I'd love to see a judge then decide who is telling the truth between these two.

You're in a trap and the trap is about to be sprung.

CD-Host said...

TA --

There is no hypocrisy here. If the Ms. Boschman's minister from Bethel, the mayor the neighbor were to come on this blog they would all be shown the same latitude. Right now Ms. Boschman is posting under her real name, responding to posters who do not have a strong online presence not posting under their real names. Absolutely I'm giving her greater latitude in protecting her (to use an American term) first Amendment rights vs those I'm extending to public figures.

Nasty personal comments add nothing to the discussion, they have no content other than a "I don't like you" message. I think everyone is well aware that there are a wide range of people who dislike Ms. Boschman, the only point in dispute is whether they the attacks are limited strictly to the internet or have spilled over into attacks against her professionally, economically and against her children's animals.

She's addressing the issues as far as I can tell to the best of her abilities, at length. If there is something else you would like her to address that's reasonable, if you just want to call her names that is not reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Deborah - you need to get yourself away from any church. You are certainly not a religious person with all your hate, malicious lies, wanting revenge. Get over it - all of it! Move on with your life, which does not include putting you AND YOUR CHILDREN in the public by running for mayor and making a farce of the whold system.

T.A. said...

People don't post their names because Ms. Boschman has a history of taking frivolous lawsuits up against whomever she feels like at the moment.
Some of us just don't feel like dealing wtih the hassle.
You are creating a double standard, your allowing one person to slander and insult people, yet no one can say anything against her? (and FYI, i don't believe anyone called her a name, i read through both my post and the other one, and neither involved name calling.)
Just because she's using her full name you allow her to personally attack others? In what world does that make sense? If you don't allow personal attacks, then don't allow them from anyone. Giving her a stage to slander and defame countless people is really low.

TT said...

Deborah, you have lied, you have spread gossip, you have slandered others. All that you're claiming everyone else is doing to you. Its been proven that you've lied, yet you fail to address those points. Instead you ignore them and try and switch the topic. The church did not have conservative pictures etc.. on their site. Where's your proof? I mean surely you would have done screen shots its really easy! I think you've come to the point where you've taken it too far and have lied about too many people. I believe its only a matter of time before you're going to have to legally face those consequences deborah.

Deborah Boschman said...

If this church was as zealous about their faith as they appear to be about their politics, well then I believe that we'd have a much different scenario here.

You didn't have a daughter who cried for half a year over her puppy that her father gave to her as a gift.

You try living directly across the street from a woman who has your daughter's puppy when she already has a dog and two cats of her own.

My daughter cried EVERY single night. She begged me to get her puppy back.

I tried and tried and tried.

This neighbor then laid false charges and bore false witness against me every time I tried to get our puppy back.

This gossip from Bethel had now joined forces with my neighbor.

You try that for a while.

This is pure, unadulterated selfishness.

What the h-e double hockey sticks is someone from my former church, who was SUPPOSE to be my friend, doing getting herself involved in something like this?

This woman is an idle gossip and again I thought she was the Christian that she professed herself to be.

Again, I am wrong.

The people at my new church DO NOT act like this AT ALL.

They act like the "real deal" Christians that they profess themselves to be.

Again, it all appears to lead back to this church and perhaps the mentality and the politics within it, of some of these individuals.

I'm suggesting that there could be some real bad roots within this church which need to be dug up and removed.

Something is wrong here. These things are not right at all.

Some of these individuals have lied and I want to hold them accountable for their lies which involve myself.

This church appears to not want to deal with this. Why not?

They should have just left me alone after I was asked to find another church to worship in but they did not.

Herein lies the problem and the fallout from all of this.

T.A. said...
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CD-Host said...

TA --

I understand you believe that because you don't like Ms. Boschman she doesn't have the right to indicate that her excommunication from Bethel was improperly handled, that Bethel engaged in a campaign of harassment that crossed many legal lines and that she has suffered substantial harm from that harassment. I get it.

But as someone with no bone to pick I think this debate has gone well. When I first started cracking down on the anonymous critics the posts were mainly attack on Ms. Boschman's sanity, teasing mocking generally impolite behavior. The 100 since then were debates, about specific issues in the past and about her candidacy. Addressing the reality of the situation as best as it could be without the principles from the other side.

I don't see what your deleted posts add to the conversation. You are entitled to disagree with Ms. Boschman, you are not entitled to silence her. She has every right to present her case publicly.

If Bethel doesn't like her version of events regarding the excommunication they can and should release the details. If the school board doesn't liker her version of events regarding her firing they can and should release the details. She has clearly waived privacy by running for elected office based on those stories.

How could this women even afford a lawsuit?

tt said...

oh don't worry about that, she can't afford a lawsuit, which is why her lawyers from that last round are now taking her/or have already taken her to court to try and get their money. The difference is that churches and their staff have to follow privacy laws, they legally can't release details of things that happened. They are under the same laws as doctors and counsellors etc are. She claimed that Bethel and the school board etc.. crossed many legal lines and harassed her etc.. but as you can see from public record even the courts have ruled that no wrong was done. A simple search of Boschman's name on this link (they are public court records) will show you what I'm talking about And deborah, nice to see that you failed to address anything that was said once again and tried to change the subject to make yourself look like a victim. It seems like we've heard that story before.

tt said...

sorry try this link and go to name search and then enter her name and it'll show what I was talking about.

T.A. said...

Actually CD, you don't understand. I don't dislike boschman, and think that is the reason why she shouldn't be allowed to be posting these things. I Think she shouldn't be allowed to post lies, and slander. I think its incredibly low of you to continually give her a stage to spew this. I understand that maybe your own personal biases are allowing you to give her a platform to spread these lies and slander. Even the discription of your blog shows that you already have a bias against any church discipline. So i do understand that your own biases are what is motivating your moderation in favour of boschman's lies.
I don't think she should be allowed to post untruths. Her excommunication was not improperly handled, Boschman lied about that (as she seems to be in the habit of doing). Bethel didn't have a campaign of harassment, again, she is throwing around lies, (Incredibly unbelievable ones, I'm impressed that you so readily accepted them at face value. Great judgement.)
I know that all these people she has lied against she has also taken to court, and Every claim she made of what they did to her was THROWN OUT, the courts saw these 'claims' of hers for what they were. I know that the lawsuits against the Numerous groups that she believes somehow 'wronged' her were found to be unsubstantiated by the courts. That alone should be telling.
The fact that she doesn't have money to get a lawyer really matters little, she just needs to find another lawyer she can sucker with promises of payment and then leech on them when it comes time to pay. (Hence the lawsuits against her, from previous lawyers.)

Anonymous said...

Looking at the long list of court dates, Deborah has a major problem paying bills. Even the lawyers willing to help her. Deborah, would you bring this same lack of discipline to city hall if elected?

Deborah Boschman said...

First of all, another lie.

No lawyer has taken me to court to try to obtain money from me.

Do you again know something that I do NOT even know? This is the first that I ever heard of this one.

The reason that I lost my cases is because I HAD NO LAWYER.

Give me a lawyer and we'll have ourselves a very different story.

This is the only reason that I lost my cases.

As you can clearly see, someone from Bethel, first posted a lie and slander on the Internet about me, in the first place.

I simply responded to this initial post in the first place.

I actually didn't even know this existed until 2 yrs. after it was first posted and I never even knew the young man who posted this.

This member of Bethel repeated heresay and lies about me on the internet. There is actually other stuff on another site.

CD Host- this city is a Conservative city and this Conservative party has run things within this city for years.

They have gotten away with many things over the years.

Bethel is the largest church in Brandon. They are mostly Conservatives.

I have spoken the truth here.

I have NOT slandered, lied in ANY way, manner or fashion.

Bethel is in DENIAL about the reality of some of their members.

I have brought the truth to the table and they don't want these truths exposed at all.

I feel that they have a lot to cover up and hide and hence the dislike and anger.

I do not.

Also, they cannot control me and they appear to have "controlling spirit issues" within this church.

I am one person and they are many.

The woman who was told by a member of Bethel some untruths about me over the telephone, was not able to make it to court that day. Neither were the other business individuals who had personally witnessed and inspected my home.

Also, we are not suppose to take each other to court as Christians.

They refused to even meet with me to discuss these atrocities against myself outside of court.

We are suppose to settle issues outside of court.

They have not been true to Christian principles, as indicated in the Bible, themselves.

I dropped the case because of these factors. I was the one who initiated that.

I also lost the other cases because I did not have the services of a lawyer.

Give me a lawyer and that is what I have asked for.

I don't respect some of these people. They are not who they claim to be.

I believe that some of these individuals are imposters.

I am trying to expose them for who they really are and hence the conflct.

I have a completely free conscience.

I can sleep at night because I have spoken the truth here.

When we stand before God, it will be revealed to be exactly as I have stated here previously.

Members of Bethel are in denial about what has gone on within their church and their membership. They are trying to cover up for each other and they are trying to restore their reputation.

I am trying to get this truth out there but I am up against these strongholds of denial, lies, cover ups, etc.

I am one person and they are many members.

All I need is a lawyer to prove each and every claim.

I have witnesses for each case.

This is the extremely frustrating part for me.

The Bible declares: "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

I'd like to see some justice on this earth rather than waiting until I am dead to finally get this justice that I, and my family, deserve.

I believe that they fell off track and I am trying to make them accountable for their actions but they are in constant denial about these.

I bind these lies that are coming from within Bethel and I loose the truth over each and every instance involving myself and these individuals.

If these things hadn't happened to me personally, I wouldn't have believed these surreal things to be true, myself.

Sometimes, I still find these things VERY HARD to believe.

The devil is alive, well and working very hard within some of our churches.

D.F. said...

"Also, we are not suppose to take each other to court as Christians"

You do recall you were the ones who took all these places to court, not the other way around....
You keep saying these aren't lies and you have proof, yet you can't produce any proof. All we hear is "wait", I think, Deborah, That this is a tactic used by you to try and take the focus off your obvious lies. That maybe if we wait, we'll forget about it. So no, lets not wait, if you have proof then lets see it. Either produce the proof or stop the lying.

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