Friday, July 27, 2007

So what do you want to see?

I'm looking for some feedback here on what sorts of articles we need more of:

  1. More shorts on real cases
  2. Continue on the defense against patriarchy (I'm getting the impression people are bored and those ones are a lot of work)
  3. A discussion of the emerging church. In other words a defense for postmodernism against traditional evangelicals
  4. More on the homosexual issues
  5. Book reviews
  6. More really famous cases that changed the church through time
  7. Other
So let me know. I'm thinking about all of the above. But I'd like some feedback.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, people ARE bored. All valid discourse has been effectively muffled by korienblueye/sociological zephyr, here and anywhere else that the cult of Xenos Christian Fellowship is discussed. Don't you see it? The bad guys, the religious predators, have won. The ones who manipulatively and forcefully and unethically are out there recruiting junior high and high school children, telling other people how to conduct their own private sex lives, Satanizing the families of their recruits, and preying on the financial resources of their members have won. There is nothing else to say. There is no point in anyone saying anything. The usual response will follow.