Wednesday, July 4, 2007

United Church of Christ

For people reading this blog who have been excommunicated you may want to consider Barak Obama's denomination. They focus very heavily on being inclusive. They have commercials like the 4 below, and slogans like
  • We don't sing "come some ye faithful"
  • "If Jesus embraced Lepers, Prostitutes, & Convicts, shouldn't we?"
  • "Our faith is over 2000 years old. Our thinking is not."


Jen said...

Well, none of your videos are available any longer. :-(

CD-Host said...

They all seem to work when I click on them? Jen try in a different browser. And if anyone else is reading this can you check?

Jen said...

OK, they're working now, CD. They all said they were "unavailable" last time. Don't know what happened.

Anyway, I understand your point in showing us a church that accepts anybody, but I am concerned about the lack of emphasis on sin as well. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. It's hard to know where that line should be, but for me, this church is over the line.

I'll just keep on lookin'!