Thursday, August 7, 2008

Large tables in blogger

Anybody know of a good way to handle large tables in blogger? I'm getting ready to start my study bible spreadsheet and I'm trying to figure out if I should have the sheet link from a blogger post or be in one. I'd rather have it on blog but it seems that tables run off the edge and you don't get a scroll bar.

Any ideas out there?


Will said...

Hi CD,

I don't know, sorry.

Completely unrelated: I know I hardly know you but I wanted to ask you, why not become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is easy and very hard at the same time. Easy because God doesn't require anything of us to come to him. Scripture says that God's grace is a free gift recieved by faith alone. It is also very hard because accepting Christ by faith is an admission that we are nothing without Him and that all our hopes rely on him.

I know for me there were many intellectual barriers to coming to faith but as I truly investigated each of my concerns I found that Christianity was sound. I am not sure what your concerns are but this video by Dr. Tim Keller does nice job of addressing some common concerns:

If you have concerns that are not in this video, I would be happy to discuss. Won't you prayerfully consider God? As Dr. Keller says, 'The resurrection of Jesus Christ is intellectually credible and exetentially satisfying. '

CD-Host said...

Will --

If you are looking for a good thread for this discussion what people under 30 think. I watched the video you recommended and it is a nice discussion, Keller in his book does a nice job hitting most of the major apologetics; and I'm familiar with most of them.

As for me personally I don't really want to get too far into my beliefs on this blog. I don't want me to be the topic of this blog. Everything on this blog should be true as much as possible regardless of belief, or at least where relevant (i.e. stuff for Mormons under discipline may assume Mormonism).

But in short the sorts of things I'd reject that an evangelical protestant would focus on:
the theory of Christian history as presented in Acts
the canon as representative of early Christianity
the historicity of the supernatural claims within the bible
the interpretative tradition of protestant Christianity with regard to the Epistles as accurately understanding their claims

Will said...

Ok, so your main reservation is that you don't believe that the Bible is historically accurate. This is actually the particular area of strength of NT Wright (Oxford New Testament Scholar). Have you read any NT Wright? His 'New Testament and the People of God' was absolutely life changing. In it, he touches on epistemology, the first century context in which Jesus lived (including an extensive survey of extra biblical texts). I highly recommend you check that book out. It is worth the read and I think it will help you understand that Acts (as well as the broader narrative of the New Testament) is a historically accurate account.

Wright also has good books discussing the miracle of the Resurrection (a book called 'Resurrection of the Son of God') and scripture/canon/interpretive styles ('the Last Word').

I am happy to discuss specifics (ie what elements of Acts do you take issue with?).

Let me offer this testimony: I hold bachelor's and master's degrees from one of the nation's top universities and I used to think I was always the smartest guy in the room. God humbled me when a construction worker challenged me to investigate Christianity. He offered simple questions and challenges to my agnosticism and I went down the road of having my skepticism and hubris slowly destroyed. I have now been a follower of Christ for almost 10 years and every day God finds new ways to humble me. But one thing is made clear to me daily. The God of scripture is real and He is the purpose of life.