Monday, August 4, 2008

NLT Study Bible Seminar + Giveaway

Over on the NLT blog they are having a bible giveaway contest You actually have a pretty good chance if you keep playing. And the seminar should be good. This bible has been reviewed all over the blogosphere:

David Ker
Rick Mansfeld
Better Bibles Blog: More NLT buzz
An old discussion on theologica
The original NLT vs. CEV cage match (part1, part2, part3)

I'l be including the NLTSB in my Study bible spreadsheet coming out around December. The more time I spend with the NLT/NLTSB the more I like it. I've moved my recommendation for first evangelical study bible from TNIVSB to NLTSB as I've spent more time with the translation and the notes (the notes are both more correct and more useful). The NLT as a translation offers many of the dynamic advantages of the REB while being almost as readable as a paraphrase, on par with the CEV. It has the same "more literal" translation notes as the HCSB, and thus offers most of the advantages of more formal translation. NLTSB offers a sort of NISB both more conservative and lite. It also trains people in how to use tools they may not be exposed to. Basically it does 85% of what the NISB, TNIVSB and Learning Bibles (see Dave's review) offer, making it a broader choice. Also the maps are striking clear, best I've seen in a study bible.

Most of my readership are evangelical protestant, so do yourself a favor follow the link and try and win yourself a copy.


Bryon said...

I received my review copy too. I look forward to seeing your Study Bible spreadsheet when your done.

Anonymous said...

I would not read this version of the Bible. If you have a good look there is a strong possibility that it has been tampered with

Firstly let us make sure we are using the same bible, before you check up the Scriptures on things such as marriage, the Law Of Moses, and virginity.

Ed said...

Here we go again. Everyone prepare for another fruitless discussion. So, please explain to me 1 John 5:7,8? One of the worst translation errors in history, done by the so-called "inspired" translation of the Bible. Why do we have debates like this? Why do we insist on discussing trivial matters such as biblical translation? It is a given, the New World Translation is a murdered version of the bible. However, why don't we discuss more important issues like the fact that the church in the US is losing members by the millions? We are going to kill the church by debating these irrelevant issues.